One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


10. Pregnant~ Harry for Dana

You have no idea what to do .

No idea what to think . 

The only thing you seem to do was read it over and over again, praying the next time you read it the answer would change.

But it never did . 

There you stood, holding the small white rectangle staring at the little screen scared to death.


You felt your stomach drop again as you read it over aging for the hundredth time.You were 18 years old and now pregnant. But not with just anybody, you were pregnant with Harry Styles baby.You guys have been dating for about 2 years now and your completely head over heels in love with this boy, he's your everything and you cant picture life without him.So when you did picture life without him you found yourself falling to the bathroom floor hugging your knees tightly balling your eyes out.

What will happen when you tell him.

Will he leave you, say he wants nothing to do with this baby or you, would he walk out and never come back leaving you both alone. Just the thought of losing Harry, not having him there to make you feel better when you were down , to love you and make you feel special you felt broken. You needed him more then anything and now so did your unborn baby.

 Abortion never crossed your mind, you loved this baby already you just hoped so did Harry.Your thoughts were broken as you heard the front door open and close, your heart stopped beating you have never been so terrified in your life.You didn't move you couldn't even if you wanted to, your breath hitched as you heard foot steps closer, closer, closer until the door opened reveling your absolutely perfect Harry.God he's perfect in every way,  which made you feel even worse to the thought of him leaving you. Harry noticed you balled up in the corner and  quickly came to your side knelling down to your height.

"Baby" he whispered lightly sitting down in front of you pulling you in his lap, which only made you cry even more "Whats going on" he asked still whispering lowly as his mouth right next to your ear.

The only thing you could do is wrapping your arms tighter around his neck, crying harder into his chest.

"Shhh, baby calm down ,shhhhh"  Harry repeated in your ear rubbing your back gently trying to calm you down which was actually working. After about 10 more minuets of letting everything out, you finally caught your breath calming down a bit. You pulled out of Harry's chest to see confusion written all over his face, just looking at him made you want to burst into tears but you new you had to be strong.

"H-Harry" you mutter looking up into his emreled  green eyes, seeing nothing but concern and confusion.

"Yes love" he says grabbing both your cheeks pulling you closer to his face so your noses brush against each others.

"ummm, I-I " you paused almost felling sick.

"Dana, you need to jut tell me" he says sounding a bit serious moving your head making your ocean blue eyes connecting with his emreled green eyes.

You swallowed deeply letting out a loud sigh as you lift your self of the ground deciding showing him instead of telling him was a better idea.You walked over to the bathroom counter taking one of the three test you took.You turn around to see Harry directly behind you with the most confused look on his face. You pass the test to him no matter how scared you are, you had to tell him.

"What is this" he asked looking at you then back down the back to you.

"ummm Harry I'm p-pregnant" you mutter as low as you could.

You look over at Harry, to see him sitting on your bed with his head in his hands "When" he whispered running his hand's through his curls ruffly.

You walk over sitting next to  him " I found out today" you mumble the tears poring down your face.

Harry sighs loudly getting up from the bed walking towards the door, you quickly jump up running after him. "Baby please don't leave me" you beg grabbing Harry's cold hand making him turn around facing you. "Please Harry I need you and so dose this baby" you add looking right into his eyes.

"I'm not leaving either of you love, just need to think is all" he explained kissing your forehead walking out the door.

When the door shut you instantly drooped to the floor, even though he said he wasn't leaving you new he was lying, His life is to busy for a baby he's gone all the time you barely see him what makes you think he'll have time for a kid. 

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

An hour later.

You moved your self to the bed bundled up in your blankets trying to fall asleep so the pain would go away but you couldn't, you were waiting for Harry to come home even if there was a possibility he wouldn't. After another hour you couldn't keep your eyes open and you drifted of to sleep.

You were awoken by Harry sitting on the end of the bed taking his shoes of. You quickly sat up moving towards him snugging into in his back wrapping you arms around him from behind "I thought you weren't coming back" you whispered resting your head on his back.

He turned around so he could see your face "No matter how messed up things are you and that baby are the only things that matter nothing else, It's not going to be easy but will figure it out love together  promise"  he said pulling you into his lap.

You couldn't help but cry but not from sadness from pure joy. You were speechless, he wanted you and this baby and that made everything better, you would still have Harry and you've never been happier.

You wrapped your arms tight around his neck pulling him close. "Dana, i love you more then anything baby" he whispered kissing you head.

"I love you" you whisper back kissing his lips.

You both know its going to be hard to raise a child, but you didn't care you love each other and that baby and that's all that mattered right know.

(Hope you like it Dana, thanks : )







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