One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


19. One condition~ Niall for Vall

"VALL, BABY" you hear someone scream.

You turn around quickly to see Niall the love of your life running after you with tears in his beautiful blue eyes.

"HOW COULD YOU" you yell starting to sob.

He moved closer but you instantly push him away. "NIALL DON'T TOUCH ME" you scream in his face, a look of pure pain washed over his face.

All you thought to do is run far away not looking back.

He Cheated  . .

He Cheated  . .

He Cheated . .

The thought keep ruining through your head over and over again. You didn't understand. You thought he loved you, you thought you guys were happy together but obviously he wasn't.

As you made it down the street of your and Niall's shared home you quickly called Harry. He's been your best friend for as long as you could remember, he actually introduced you to Niall. He was the only person who you actually trusted.The phone ringed a few times until Harry answered.

"Hello" his cheerful voice filled the phone.

"Harry" you mumbled out of breath.

"Vall, is that you" Harry asks sounding a bit worried.

"Yes, can you please come an get me" you asked trying to hold your self together.

"What, why where is Niall" he asks sounding even more concerned.

You felt weak as you heard his name, It almost like your heart  hurt worse when you heard his name he was the first guy you ever loved the first guy to ever say he loved you. And of course he cheated on you an  broke your heart into a million pieces.

"Just  please come get me, I'm down the street from my  flat" you begged wanting nothing more then to get away from all the memories you both shared here.

 When Harry finally made it, he suggested you stay at his house for awhile since he caught on about you and Niall you gladly excepted it.

 . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . . ..  ...

It's been a you week since your brake up with Niall, during those long painful days you manged to never leave the room once.

You stayed in Harry's guest room crying yourself to sleep every night,eating lots of chocolate and watching stupid sappy love movies that only made you ten times worse. But the last few days Harry's been begging you to get out of the house or at least take a shower, he keeps saying it will make you feel better, but the only thing you new that would make you feel better was no longer there. .


It hurt so bad to think about living without him, you didn't know if you were strong enough to keep ignoring his calls or when he comes over you hide in your room. You weren't strong enough anymore you just needed Niall.  Your thoughts were broken as you heard a knock at the door.

"Uhhhh Harry I told you a thousand times I'm not leaving, GO AWAY" you scream getting off the bed going to the door ready to yell at Harry, but when you opened the door it wasn't Harry.

It was the love of your life.

It was Niall.

But it wasn't your normal Niall, his beautiful blue eyes were gone they were now red and puff, it looked he hasn't sleep in days. You looked down at his hands which were all read an swollen, he also looked skinny. He looked horrible, but you probably looked worse.

"Vall" Niall exhaled

You sat there in complete awe "Leave me alone" you finally say snapping back to reality shutting the door but was soon stopped as Niall put hiss foot in the way.

"Just please hear me out" he begged opening again.

You look down at you feet realizing you have nothing on but your bra and underwear. You quickly walked into the room grabbing one of Harry's shirts slipping it over your head, you felt a bit uncomfortable being half necked in front of Niall since you were no longer together.

He smiled lightly " Its not like I've never seen it" Niall said nervously running his hands through his messy hair.

"You have five minuets" you say sitting on the bed crossing your arms staring at him.

A small smile came across his lips knowing you gave him time to explain.

"Vall I made a huge mistake ,shit I've made the biggest mistake of my life I'm so very sorry" he cried.

"But baby you have to understand I'm not perfect I make mistakes and that's what that was a big mistake , I'm not saying theirs an excuse for what I've done because there isn't, but I'm asking for you forgiveness I love you more then anything in this world. The last few day have been complete hell, I cant sleep, eat , Icant even think straight baby I cant live without you" he starts to sob  you see the sadness in his eyes.

You believed him when he said he loved you and you new he was sorry. "Niall" you whisper looking into his hurt eyes.

"Y-Yes" he answers. He looked like hes lost all hope, it looked like his heart was broken and for some reason it made you feel worse.

You didn't know what to say , to do. You head was telling you to shut the door ad move on. But every thing in you heart was telling you to latch on him and never let go.

You walked slowly up to him wrapping your arms tight around his waist taking his husky sent that you missed almost as much as him.He was shocked at first but quickly hugged you back resting his head on your shoulder. It felt right to be in his arms again you felt complete, like the whole in your heart was finally gone.

"I promise I'll never hurt you again if you just give me one more chance, I promise I'll never let you go ever again" he whispered kissing your neck gently making you go week at the knees.

"Promise" you whisper looking into his eyes.

True fully you couldn't live without him either, you've been miserable the last week and he was the only thing that could make you feel better.

"I promise  under on condition" he mumbles taking your face in his hands gently rubbing your cheeks with his thumbs.

You look up at him with questionable eyes.

"Marry me" he mumbles resting his forehead on yours.

"I promise to marry you under one condition" you whisper back your lips brushing against his.

"Whats that beautiful" he says kissing your nose.

You look up in his eyes "You never hurt me again" you say crashing your lips to his.

"Wouldn't dream of it Miss Horan" he says kissing your lips again, you couldn't help but smile at the thought of being his wife.


(Hope you like it Vall, sorry it took so long thanks for waiting, Thanks !!!)








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