One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


29. Mend your broken heart ~ Zayn for Lexi

The last few days have been complete hell.

Filled with endless crying, no sleep, eating nothing but chocolate and everything else that's bad for you. Anything to make you feel better but nothing seamed to work.

You felt empty, like nothing mattered anymore. Ever since you and your boyfriend Zayn who were together for 2 years broke up you felt lost.

The night just keep replaying over and over agin in your mind haunting you every second.

It was the night of Harry's New Years party. You and Zayn were having a grate time. But when Zayns Ex Perry showed up your mood quickly changed. You new she was no good and you trusted her no where near Zayn. Later you had to use the bathroom. The next thing you new you saw perry clung to Zayns side her dirty hands resting on his chest. You felt your blood boil. You were about to walk over there and kick her ass until her next move made you stop walking.

She crashed her lips onto his wrapping her arms around his neck. You waited for him to pull away and freak out but seconds went on and he did nothing.

You felt your heart brake into a million pieces.

You go to the bathroom for 2 minuets and when you come back your boyfriends all over his ex letting her kiss him. You felt sick.

You rush out of Harry's running to your car. You and Zayn came separate since he had to record. Which now your were glade you two did. You slide into your range rover slamming the door. You couldn't hold it anymore. Tears fall down your face. You couldn't believe it. You dive to your best friends house not wanting to go home since you to shared a house. You explain everything to her. She says you could stay as long as you wanted.

And that's where you've been the last few days curled up in a ball balling your eyes out. Zayns called at least 100 times begging for you to talk to him but you never answer. You didn't feel like hearing his stupid excuses.

But you never new it would be this hard. It was almost like you couldn't live without him. You couldn't get him out of your mind. You wished everything would just go back to the way they were. They way he would hold you in his arms. They way he would make you feel. Just being able to call him yours. You missed him more than anything. Sometimes you regretted leaving him. But you new that's what you had to do.

It made it ten times worse that your relationship was all over every channel on every gossip site, all over twitter. You couldn't get any privacy. Which made it harder to get over.

You laid sprawled out going through your twitter on your phone reading all the things people were saying. It was amazing what people could up with and it made you laugh. But one tweet caught your eye making your smile faded away.

It was a tweet from Zayn.

@zaynmalik "Rex and I miss our lady, hopefully she'll come home soon. I miss you baby ill be waiting" . The tweet had a picture attached to it. It was a picture of Zayn and your puppy Rex.

Zayn got you Rex about 4 months ago so when he was away on your you wouldn't be as lonely.

You couldn't help but notice in the picture how sad Zayn looked. His hair was messy, eyes red he was laying in bed with Rex on his chest. You couldn't help but tear up. The picture broke your heart. They both were you everything and you missed them both so much.

You needed Zayn.

Without thinking you jumped out of bed slipping on your boots running outside to your car. You didn't care how horrible you looked all you cared about was seeing Zayn.

As you drove you began to think about how maybe it wasn't a very good idea. You had no idea what to say.

The next thing you new you were standing out side your shared home scared to death. After about 10 minuets of standing there you finally grew the courage to knock. You heard Rex barking and you couldn't help but smile.

Your smile quickly faded as the door opened revealing Zayn. He looked worse then he did in the picture. You looked down at your feet not wanting to meet his sad eyes.


You looked up to see a confused Zayn.

"H-Hi" you whisper quietly playing with your fingers.

It was quite for what seamed forever. just you two looking into each others eyes seeing the hurt in them.

"Please don't leave" Zayn begged intertwining your hands.

You shivered at his warm touch. No matter how much you tried or wished to get over him you just couldn't you were in love with him and there was nothing you could do.

You snuggled up in his chest as he wrapped his arms around your body.

"I love you I don't know what I was thinking. It was a mistake baby I promise. I have no feelings for anyone but you. Please come home. Me and Rex our lost without you."

You look up in his pleading eyes. You couldn't resist any longer. You stand on your tippy toes connecting your lips. Warmth filling your body.

As zayns hands found there way to your face kissing you back your felt your heart being pieced together.

"I'll mend your broken heart" he whispered kissing your lips again.


(Hope you like it Lexi , Thanks : )

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