One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


14. Love you more then anything~ Harry for Maddy

"BABY PLEASE STOP" your boyfriend Harry yelled chasing after you threw all the people but your legs wouldn't stop.

Harry had invited you to a party with his friends which you guys were having an amazing time dancing, kissing jut enjoying each others company.

  But when you went to use bathroom you came back to see Harry inches away from some blond slut laughing with her hands on his chest.

Your stomach drooped instantly tears streaming down your face as you watch him pull her closer and closer.

The next thing you new you were sprinting away.. 

You keep running you were so confused why were you so angry why were you so hurt he wasn't doing anything wrong.

He was just talking to her, for some reason that hurt worse.

He had a huge smile plastered on his face and it hurt to know you wasn't the reason for it.

And the way that dumb slut had her hand on his chest made your blood boil.

  You finally made it outside where You  finally stopped running to catch your  breath.

Questions like how you were going to get home, Did you even have a reason to be made at him, were you over reacting ran threw your  mind until your  thoughts were broken by two strong arms wrapping around your waist from behind.

"baby it's not what you think" he whispered out of breath you didn't know what to do, you tried to move but your body was froze , you tried to talk but nothing came out.

I heard him sigh loudly "she's just a friend" he mumbled on your neck sending shivers down my spine.

He gently turned you around so you  was facing him.

"I- It didn't look like it" you finally spoke up but in a very low whisper.

"I swear it was nothing I haven't seen her in awhile and was just saying hi" he paused pulling you closer.

You shook your head slowly trying to escape from his grip but he had a tight hold on your small body.

"your the only girl I want baby i love you" he whispered tightening his grip around your  waist.

"Harry, you were all over her to i saw, you were smiling like an idiot" you hissed  pushing his chest back.

"Maddy, baby I'm stupid" he mumbled his hand still resting on your hips.

"you think" you whisper looking up in his eyes.

He smiled lightly looking into your eyes "Your so beautiful" he says moving his hands from your hips to your cheeks gently moving his thumbs.

"Your the only girl for me, i know i mess up sometimes but Maddy i cant live without you, Baby i love you more than anything." he whispered pulling you into a kiss.

You couldn't stay mad at him, you loved him more then anything and truthfully you couldn't live without him either.

(I hope you like it Maddy, sorry it took so long been busy. Thanks for being patient !! : )  

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