One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


36. Irresistible~ Niall for Jessy

“OMG Jessy, I can’t believe were here waiting in line to actually meet freaking One Direction” Your best friend squealed as she hoped around like a little girl on Christmas. You could help but laugh as she was acting worse then your eight year old sister Emily who stood by your side holding your hand as you to watched Liz have a stroke.

“Yeah I know Liz, Calm down a bit people will think your crazy or something” you said making your little sister laugh,

Liz stopped fan girling for a second to give you both the evil eye. “Were only about to meet the biggest boy band in the world and you want me to calm down” she scoffed sassily placing her hands on her hips as she went on. “ I’ am about to meet Harry Styles the man of my dreams. I will not calm down”

You put your hands up in defense laughing “Sorry, don’t rip my head off women”

She shook her head laughing out loud. “Your off the hook this time Jess” she teased wrapping her arm around your shoulders giving you a squeeze.

You three were patiently waiting in line at the meet in greet to meet the one and only One Direction. You and your sister have been begging your parents for months to get tickets to see One Direction. Finally after endless chores and good grades they finally gave in buying you the tickets. Liz found a way to convinced her parents also so here you guys were standing in line. But much to your despondent you guys were last in line, there were five girls in front of you. On the bright side they looked like they were all together so after them you guys were next.

You were next.

You couldn’t help but fan girl in your head as you keep saying over and over again in your head that you were next. You would be in the same room as Niall Horan. And to make your nerves worse you had this foolish idea that during ‘irresistible’ Niall was looking at you as he was singing, but of course that was so unlikely out of 30,000 screaming girls why would Niall Horan sing to you. You couldn’t help but giggle at your ridicules assumption.

“AHHHHH, WERE NEXT” Liz screamed smacking at your arm obnoxiously breaking your from your thoughts.

You looked in front of you to see Liz was right. The five girls that were once in front of you walking out of the room screaming and crying.


You felt your stomach turn as your nerves got the best of you. The big body guard stopped in front of you three checking your passes. “Okay girls you can go on in” he said moving the rope that was blocking your way to the door.


You three very slowly walked a little ways to the big doors that behind held the five most incredible human begins in the world. For some reason neither of you three moved, just standing there staring at the door none of you having the balls to move. Your legs literally would not move that’s how nervous you were. Your little sister had a death grip on your arm and you could of sworn Liz was drooling as her mouth was wide open. You all three were brought out of your trance as the body guard spoke up.

“Excuse me ladies, you all can go in now”

“ Umm yeah thanks” you mumbled taking a deep breath before you turned the door handle. The sight in front of you almost knocking you down.

There stood One Direction staring at you with big smiles on there wonderful, sexy faces.

“Hello there ladies” Harry spoke up first nearly giving Liz a heart attack, her grip on your arm tightening by the second making you laugh.

“Hi” your little sister Emily said quietly waving cutely.

“Hello cutie, and what’s your name” Louis asked getting down on his keen in front of her so he was level with her.

“I’ am Emily” she answered. “And this is my big sister Jessy and her friend Liz” she said introducing you both.

You and Liz were very thankful your little sister introduced you guys so you could save the awkward greetings.

“Hey” You awkwardly say waving, (well there goes not trying to be awkward) you say in your head.

“Hi” Liz says smiling.

“Well nice to meet you Emily, Jessy and Liz” Liam says nicely. “Yeah, hey girls” Zayn adds smiling.

But your heart stops as Niall approaches you. His perfect smile melting your heart.

“Hello beautiful” Your favorite Irish accent fills your ears as he wraps his arms around your waist pulling you into his chest hugging you tight.

Your body froze. You didn’t understand what the hell was going on. Niall James Horan was hugging you. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happing. You didn’t want to pass up a chance to hug Niall freaking Horan so you slowly wrapped your arms around his neck hugging him back.

After a few more seconds of hugging him, to your despondent he slowly pulls away you moving your arms him still only a few inches away. His arms still loosely around your waist.

“You look even better up close” He whispered his arms dropping from your waist giving you a cheeky smile.

You stood there dumfounded. Did Niall Freaking Horan just say you look better in person you thought in your head. That means he would of saw you from a distance. That means you weren’t imagining it. He did see you in the crowed, he did sing to you. You felt light head.

“You okay Jess” Liz asked as everyone stared at you.

“Umm, yeah I am fine” you answer lying laughing nervously. How could you be alright if Niall Horan noticed you in the crowed, hugged you and then called you beautiful. They should be lucky if you don’t pass out.

Liz and Harry were in a conversation laughing and smiling like idiots. Emily was Kicking the soccer ball around with Liam, Zayn and Louis having the time of her life. And there you stood standing in front of Niall most likely looking like a complete idiot.

“Hey lads I’ am going to show Jessy something, well be back in a few minutes” Niall told the boys them all smiling and nodding.

I turned to Liz who smiled “I’ve got Em go” she said waving.

Niall intertwined your fingers giving you a sweet smile as he lead you out of the door down the hall.

“Where are we going” You asked quietly.


He keep going a little farther down the hall.  He stopped in front a door quickly opening it. “Somewhere privet”

His answer made your palms sweet. Being in a room alone with Niall Horan there was no way this day was real.

He lead you into the room. It was a decent sized room, had two couches along the wall with a table in the middle and a T.V. It looked similar to the room you were just in. You followed him to one of the couches sitting next to him the silence killing you.

“I saw you in the crowed tonight” Niall pointed out breaking the silence. “ I couldn’t get you out of my head the whole concert” he admitted your eyes widen at his words.

You sat there speechless as he went on. “I thought I would never see you again, when I saw you a few minutes I haven’t been that happy in a long time” he confessed intertwining your fingers again for the second time tonight. You hand felt so right in his, you like holding his hand. You smiled up at him blushing lightly.

“Really” you asked completely shocked at this whole thing.

He moved closer, now your knees toughing. “I don’t understand it either” he chuckled. “But I just know this feels right, the way I felt when I saw you is right, the way I feel when I touch you is right” he went on his thumb lightly tracing your hand.

“I just feel this connection that I’ve never felt before with anyone”

You smiled looking up in to his ocean blue eyes squeezing his hand tighter. “I know what you mean” you giggle biting your lip.

His smile grew as he leaned closer placing his over hand gently on your cheek. “Good because I’ve been wanting to do this all night” he says quickly before crashing your lips together. You felt like your head was going to explode. As the kiss heated up Niall moved you to his lap making you straddle his hips. You quickly moved you arms around his neck. After a few more minutes of your intense make out you both pulled away for air.

“Holly shit” He mumbled on your lips making you laugh.

“That was amazing” you choked out as you gasped for air.

He nodded chuckling resting his forehead onto yours his hands resting on your bum giving it a squeeze making you gasp.

“Niall” you scold hitting his arm trying to hold your smile in but it didn’t work.

“Sorry love ” he laughed out kissing your nose. “Your so incredibly sexy, its hard to keep my hands to myself” he whispered in your ear lightly kissing down you neck.

You cheeks turned bright red at his complement, you hiding your head in his chest making him laugh.

“Hey you have no room to talk” you say back moving back up facing him. “Your sexy to” you teased placing your hands on his cheeks pecking his lips.

“Then its settled, your sexy I’m sexy we belong together”

You laughed placing your hands on his chest paying with the buttons on his white polo shirt still straddling him. "Well then”

His hands find there way under your shirt lightly tracing your back. His touch sending shivers down your spine.“ I want you” he says pulling you closer to him so your noses our touching.

“Is that so” you tease.

“Yeah it is” he answered with a smug smile. “Baby your irresistible” he mumbles on your lips making you smile as he kisses your lips.


(Hope you like it Jessy, I didnt know your best friends name our your sister so I mad it up hope thats okay. Sorry if you dont even have a sister it went good with the story. Anyway keep requesting and dont forget to like and favorite!! thanks : ) 




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