One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


23. First date~ Niall for Isabelle

Today was your first date with this really cute Irish guy named Niall that your bestfriend introduced you to at a  party.

You both seamed to just get along really well. He was really sweet and not to mention very good looking so when he asked you on a date you couldnt wait. You never had good luck in picking guys but for some reason you had a good felling about Niall.


After hours of searching for the perfect outfit you finally decide on a cute blouse, your favorite jeans and your toms. You looked really cute. The next thing you new there was a knock at your door. You almost ran to your door knowing it would be Niall. Before you opened it you quickly looked in the mirror making sure you looked okay. You looked fine so you opened the door to be greeted by Niall with a big smile on his face.

"Hello Isabelle" Niall greeted handing you a beautiful rose.

You felt your heart begin to melt. He was perfect in every way.

"Aww Niall its beautiful, Thank you"

"Your beautiful" he whispered shyly looking down at the ground. You couldn't help but notice how cute it was that he was nervous.

You didn't respond only laughed softly looking down also.

"Well we should get going" Niall pointed out looking back up.

"Yeah, just let me get my purse" you said grabbing your purse walking back out side following Niall outside to his car.

He grabbed your hand as you walked to the car. You couldn't hold in your smile.

You and Niall had an amazing time on your movie date. Which started into a wonderful relationship.

(Sorry if its not very good. Trying to make them a bit shorter so I can write more. Thanks for being patient sorry it took so long. THANKS :)


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