One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


26. Drak Angel ~ Harry for Morgan



You wait outside the bakery that you work at till your boyfriend Harry came to pick you up. He's way to over protective and would never let you walk even though the bakery was only ten minuets away from you house. He still would not allow it.

As you were waiting for Harry you were startled as you heard steps behind you. But soon relaxed as you soon found out it was only the new guy Max who just started working at the bakery today.

"Sorry didn't mean to scare you" Max quickly apologized.

"No, No its okay you didn't scare me" you assured giving him a little smile.

He stood there for a few seconds "Do you mind if I sit" he asks awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. You couldn't help but notice how nervous he looked. He was cute " Yeah, sure" you say moving over a little making room.

 He sits down next to you "Thanks"

"No problem"

It was quite for a while until he broke the silence "So what are you doing sitting out here" he asked.

"Umm I'm just waiting on my boyfriend" you answer. As if right on cue Harry's black Range Rover pulls up across the street.

"Well Max it was nice meeting you, see you in work tomorrow" you says standing up picking up your bag.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow"

You smile at him walking away until you fell him grab your hand turning you around "Do you think maybe I could get your number, I'm new around here maybe you could show me around" he ask with an innocent smile. You new Harry would be pissed but he was nice, you were aloud to have friends.

"Sure" you agree handing him your phone. After you two exchange you say bye walking over to Harry's car.

You open the door to reveal an pissed off  Harry "Who the fuck was that" Harry hisses pointing to Max who still was sitting on the bench.

"Hello to you to Harry" you tease placing a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm not kidding Morgan who the fuck is that" He snaps again his knuckles tightening into a fist.

"Harry calm down he's just a new guy at work" you say trying to calm him down. Harry's very overprotective of you. He'll get upset if a guy even looks at you.

"Why did you hand him your phone" he questions again ignoring your request.

You sigh loudly resting your hand on his thigh "Baby, just stop" you plead kissing his neck knowing that always relaxed him but you only got pushed away.

"WHY" he yelled hitting his hands on the steering wheel making you jump in fear.

Harry's never hit you but you've seen what he's done to other guys and the thought made you want to run away from him.

"He's new,  he asked if I could show him around" you mumbled scared of his reaction.

"Your not showing him around" Harry hissed quickly pulling out of the parking lot. The hole ride to his house was quite. You sat there staring out of the window wanting nothing more then to go to bed.

You finally made it to his house quickly jumping out of his car trying to avoid him as much as you could. When Harry was mad he was terrifying. He had a very bad temper and even though you new he would never hit you, he still made your skin crawl in fear..

As you made it down the hall to the bathroom you heard harry call your name. Your body froze scared to turn around.

"Come here" Harry ordered the angry look in his eyes finally faded away.

You moved slowly to Harry who was leaned against the kitchen counter. You stopped a few inches away from him still scared. Your body flinched as Harry's cold big hand wrapped around your small hand pulling you towards him.

"I don't want you talking to him" Harry says calmly.

"Why not, hes a nice guy" you say trying to defend your self.

Harry's grip around your hand tightens "Because I said so" he says his eyes turning angry again.

You push his chest with your other hand "I can be friends with who ever the hell I want and theirs nothing you can do about it" you snap back pulling away from his hold walking away. You were surprised from you sudden courage but you were sick of Harry being such an jerk.

You were soon stopped when two strong hands wrapped around your thin waist turning you around to face him. You don't say anything just standing there looking up in his eyes. His hand moves up to touch your cheek but you flinch at his touch making hurt  wash over his face.

"I wont ever hurt you baby" Harry whispers softly placing his hand on your hips. "Ever"

You lean into his chest taking in his husky sent. You didn't understand it. How could someone look so much like an angle but be so angry. One second he was your amazing boyfriend who would do anything for you. Then the next he was this evil monster who you didn't know.

"I'm sorry" Harry whispers kissing your forehead  running his fingers up and down your back."You know how I get when I see you with another guy" he adds wrapping his arms tighter around your small body.

"Your mine and no one else"

"I know" you whisper quietly pulling his body closer to you.

"I love you"

"I love you" you say back stepping up on you toes kissing his soft sweet lips that you couldn't live without. Harry was your everything and being without him made you feel weak inside.

You needed him. He was your Dark Angle.

(HOPE YOU LIKE IT MORGAN, I took your request having you and Harry fight hope its what you wanted !! anyways I made a twitter follow me @EricaRoseBff  Thanks !!!)









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