One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


40. Broken pieces~ Harry for Mia

“Mom is this necessary” you asked your mom as she ran around the kitchen like a crazy person making sure everything was perfect.

“Yes dear, now go set the table. They should be here any minute” she ordered sternly handing you four plates and silverware.

You sigh loudly reluctantly setting the table for four.

Today was the day your brother Liam was finally coming home to visit from a long five month tour and you’ve really missed him. You and Liam were only one year apart, while growing up you two were really close. So having him gone a lot is always hard for you to deal with but you understand this is his dream and he deserves this. You were just happy you got to see him today.

“Wait Mom why do we need four plates, threes only three of us.” You asked confused. Your dad was on a business trip. That means it would be only the three of you.

Relation hit you and you made a disgusted face. “Please tell me Liam is not bringing that thing with him” you snarled.

“Mia Lynn Payne” your mother scolded. “Amy is a very nice girl, and your brother seams to like her a lot so you nock it off”

Lets just say Amy Smith was demons off spring and you didn’t like her one bit. She was dating your brother and he was to blind to see how much of a bitch she is. She treated him like her slave, and you wouldn’t mind to punch her in her big fake head.

“And no she’s not coming” your mom said breaking your thoughts. You let out a sigh of relief glad you wouldn’t be charged with murder tonight.

“Harry is coming” she corrected with a smile, your body freezing up.

“W-what” You couldn’t believe what you herded.

“Harry is staying here for a few days Mia, I thought you new that”

You shook your head not finding words to say as the news set in you began to panic. Harry was coming here, to stay a few days. You keep thinking in your head.

Before you could make up a reason why you should not be here for dinner the front door swung open Liam coming in with a big smile on his face you waving at you. Your smile faded as you made eye contact with the curly devil.

Harry Styles.

If any other girl was in this situation they would probably past out by now, but you new another side to the cheeky famous guy everyone loved. You new the real Harry Styles. The one that left you alone when you needed him the most. The one who keep you his little dirty secret. You new the guy you were hopeless in love with who smashed your heart into a million pieces.

You meet Harry a little after One Direction was formed. After the X Factor before they become all big and famous Liam and Harry would hang out a lot. Which meant Harry was always at your house. It started off little at first. You and Harry would sneak off together, make-out behind the soccer felids, flirt when no one was looking.

But as time went on you two started to fall for each other becoming serious. After a few months of secretly dating you both were in love. Thats when things started to get complicated. You started felling guilty for going behind your brothers back lying to him, One Direction sighed a recorded deal with Simon and were about to launch off.

The next thing you new Harry was off to America with the band leaving you heart broken and you haven’t seen or spoken to him since. That was two years ago.

But it was your choose not to talk to him, the first few weeks he would call you at least ten times a day apologizing begging for you to let him explain but you never did pick up. You couldn’t bring yourself to answer, you wanted nothing anymore to do with him. He hurt you like no one ever has before, you new the second you heard his voice you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to forgive him. So you never answered.

But as you stood only a few steps away from him all the pain came crashing back. All the walls you built were crashing down, all the promises you made that you would never cry over another guy again were broken. As you looked into Harry’s eyes for the fist time in two years you felt helpless.

“Mia” your older brother said excitedly snapping you out of your thoughts. He looked down at you with worried eyes placing his arms on your shoulders “Are you alright love”

You smiled up at your brother quickly wiping a tear away from your eye kissing his cheek. “I’m fine Liam. Just really happy your finally here” you laugh engulfing him into a bone crushing hug.

“I missed you Mia” Liam says kissing the top of your head.

“Missed you to Li” you giggled as you ruffled the little hair he had left.

“Did you miss me” a low raspy voice spoke up from behind you making you cringe. You could recognize that voice anywhere.

You didn’t have the courage to turn around. You were thankful as you saw Liam and your mother walking in to the kitchen her arm clutched to his dragging him with her. You didn’t want to cause a scene in front of your family. No one new about you and Harry and you wanted to keep it that way.

“Well aren’t you at least going to say hello” Harry spoke up again his voice still sounding foreign.

You still didn’t respond or turn around to face him because you new if you did you would brake and you had to stay strong.

“Please turn around for me baby” you heard him quietly beg. Your heart throbbing at the use of the unfamiliar name. He hasn’t called you that in so long it literally hurt for him to say that. He had no right to call you that.

You snapped around glaring at him. “Don’t call me that” you hissed. ”You lost the right to call me that when you left me” you said the last part softer looking down at your freshly painted toes not wanting to meet his gaze.

”I know” he sighed loudly “I whish you still were my baby” he confesses running his hands through his thick curls you’ve missed so much.


“S-stop” You beg barely audible your eyes beginning to water. “Stop saying things like that” you tell him.

“No Mia” he blurted out catching you by surprise “I know what I did was awful and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you, but I was scared” he admitted stepping closer as he went on “Your so fucking perfect Mia I got scared you would realize how awful I was for you. So when I found out we had to go to America I panicked, I did the first thing I thought. If I was to brake up with you the feelings I had for you would stop and I could just forget about you.” he explained grabbing your hand intertwining your fingers. The felling of your hand in his felt so right it scared the shit out of you.

“I realized how much of a mistake I made but you wouldn’t answer, you were always in my head always” he mumbled very slowly moving towards you until your foreheads touched. You just stood there shocked, not knowing how to respond.

His hand gently made it to your left cheek lightly brushing his thumb on your soft skin your body relaxing at his touch.

“I’ve missed you so much” he whispered you barely hearing him. “I’ve missed looking into your beautiful brown eyes” He smiled adding his other hand so know he was holding your face between his hands your foreheads still toughing. “Your eyes were always my weakness” he lightly chuckled making you smile.

You were confused. You’ve spent the last two years learning every hateful word in the dictionary to call Harry, you’ve been wanting nothing more then to yell in his face and tell him how miserable he’s made you, how much pain he caused. But as you stood there looking into his eyes it was like all the pain had gone away. Like some how his touch glued the broken pieces back together. You didn’t understand but all you new for the fist time in two years you finally felt whole again.

“I love you so much Mia if you just give me another chance I can prove it to you. He begged moving his hand to your waist pulling you closer. “Please let me be what you need”

You swallow your tears wrapping your arms around his neck “You are what I need Harry” you choke out with a smile.

Relief washes over his face at your words a smile over taking his sadden features “I love you so fucking much it hurts” he mumbles on your neck as he hugs you tight.

“I love you to Harry” you confess holing onto him tighter never wanting to let go again, It felt so right to be in his arms.


He places gentle kisses from your shoulder up to your neck making you moaning out in pleasure as he found your week spot him lightly chuckling “I know you’ve missed me baby” He murmured in your ear kissing it softly. He continued his torture until he finally found were you wanted them most, your lips . The kiss held so much passion and lust you felt like you were about to faint.

Much to your despondent he pulled away with a cheeky smile plastered on his face making you giggle. “I think we should get to dinner, there probably waiting for us” he points out you nodding your head in approval not trusting your voice at the moment.

He leaned down giving you a quick peck while intertwining your fingers as he started walking into the kitchen. Your eyes widen as you two became closer to the kitchen. You quickly stopped pulling Harry to you/

“What are you doing Liam’s in there” You whisperer scream at him. He only laughs in return tightening his hand around yours “Don’t worry love” he said kissing your head as you two walking into the kitchen your hands still conceited.

Your heart stopped in your chest as Liam’s eyes fell down to your hands them back up to Harry. You were just waiting for Liam to start screaming and freak out but it never came. You were taken back as you saw Liam smile. “I see everything worked out” he chuckled as he stuffed green beans into his mouth.

You looked at your brother shocked. “W-what”

“Harry told me about some stuff thought I would help him out” he said shrugging his shoulders.

You looked up at who had a big smile on his face. “You told him” you whispered as you both walked to your seats at the table.

“Yes, it was the only way I could get you back” he answers bringing your hand to his mouth lightly kissing it as he sat down.

You had no idea what to say, what to think. The whole thing went by so fast it felt like a dream. Harry coming here apologizing, you forgiving him, Liam knowing about you two. Everything seamed to good to be true, but it was.

You sat next to Harry hands still locked together eating dinner with your family there couldn’t be any other place you’d rather be.

“But let me tell you one thing mate, you hurt her again I’ll kick the shit out of you” Liam teased but still being serious. You couldn’t help but laugh at your over protective brother.

Harry laughed wrapping his around your shoulders kissing your head “Wouldn’t dream of it lad”

That night you finally realized why’d your heart never healed, because Harry was never there to but the pieces back together. But tonight he had and that was all that mattered.


(Hope you like it Mia!! thank you)

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