One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


17. Baby shower~ Harry for Chloe


You've been sitting uncomfortably around your close family and friends, as they all talked to you asking you about the new baby.

This was actually your second baby shower. You and your Husband of 4 years Harry already had a 3 year old daughter name Emma she was absolutely the most amazing thing that's happen to you and were so blessed to have her in your life you never new you could love someone so much . You and Harry were so in love with being parents you couldn't wait to have your second child.

You were excited to give Emma a little sister to play with, but Emma wasn't so happy.

Actually she hated the fact she would have to share with her upcoming little sister and she wasn't scared of telling us either. She would scream ad cry if anyone said anything about the baby, that's why Harry had to take Emma out for a little daddy daughter time while the baby shower went  on so she wouldn't have a fit.

You really wanted to go with them, to be honest you hated being the center of  intention and really wanted this party to be over so you could spend time with your family.

"So hows Emma, with the whole sister thing" your aunt asks.

You really didn't know how to respond, should you tell her how much Emma hates the thought of having a sister and wishes the baby would go away.

"ummm, she's fine just a bit upset she dose not understand whats going on shes only 3 but she'll be fine"  you explain making it a lot better then it sounded.

She was about to respond until the door flew screaming and crying came from the kitchen. You new that that cry from anywhere, it was your little princess.

"Excuses me one moment please" you say a bit embarrassed to the circle of lady's walking to the kitchen.

As you walked to the kitchen you could hear Harry.

"Princess can you please stop crying for daddy" Harry begged sounding a bit annoyed.

She only screamed louder "NO DADDY" she cried.

It really hurt you to see your baby this sad, it was hard for you to deal with especially sense this should be a happy time.

"Whats wrong" you walk in the kitchen to see your daughter, her small body cuddled up in Harry's strong arms as he tried to calm his daughter down.

Both there heads popped up as your voice filled the room the room, a look of relief washed over Harry's face as he saw you walk in.

"Love I'm sorry to interrupt, but Emma wouldn't stop crying so I brought her home hope you don't mind" Harry said with an tried look on his face. He had been working hard lately and he was so amazing with helping out with Emma, taking care of you since you were pregnant not to mention everything with his band. Harry was your everything and wouldn't be able to live without him.

"Its okay baby, I'm glad you both are here" you say kissing his lips quickly looking at Emma who had her face buried into Harry's chest crying.

"Why is mommy's angle so sad" you say taking her from Harry's arms cuddling her into your chest. "Its okay baby, Emma why are you crying" you ask rubbing her back gently kissing her head.

She brought her head up from your neck, "Mommy and daddy don't love me" she wined tears pouring down her cute little face.

It broke your heart to hear her say that.

"Of course we do sweetheart, just because you'll  be having a new sister soon dose not mean me or daddy love you any less" you explain kissing her head.

"The new baby take my daddy away" she wined "I WANT MY DADDY" she screamed holding her arms out to Harry.

He quickly reached out taking her in his big arms squeezing her tight.

Emma was definitely a daddy's girl, he would spoil her buy her what ever she wanted sometimes it made you mad how much he spoiled her but you loved how close they were.

"Daddy loves you more then anything in this world baby girl, and nothing will ever change that" he whispered kissing her head a thousand times making her giggle.

You couldn't help but laugh as you watched Harry tickle Emma her laughing uncontrollable, you new your family was perfect an you wouldn't change anything. You couldn't wait to add the fourth member to the styles family.

(Hope you like it Chloe, sorry it toke so long been so busy Thanks !!)


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