One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


39. Always~ Louis for Jayde

“Lou” you call out as you tugged on your boyfriends hand trying to gain his attention as you two walk down the side walk in New York sight seeing. The boys had a concert at Madison Square Garden in a few days, so they had a free day today which Louis decided he wanted to shop around, spend some time together before you had to go back home.

He looked down at you with a smile on his lips “Yes baby”

“Lets go in this store” You pointed out excitedly. It was a fancy shop to your left the name way to complicated to pronounce making you giggle out.

“Sure love” he agreed following behind as you lead him into the shop.

The store was very nice. Tones of beautiful clothes and accessories hung on the walls in the giant building you having no idea where to start.

“Jayde I’m going over to the bathroom, Ill be right back alright” he informed kissing your forehead. You nodding in approval as he walked towards the bathrooms.

You began looking through some of the shirts that were hanging perfectly on the racks. They were all so stunning you were scared to look at the price. Yeah of course Louis would buy it for you but you liked buying things for yourself sometimes. Yeah you worked as a waitress while you were in collage and made no where near close as much as Louis did and everyone new that. But you were a independent person and liked taking care of yourself.

You continued looking while waiting for Louis to return. A voice calling out making you jump in fear.


You new exactly who that was. His voice sending shivers down your back, and not in a good way. You didn’t even pretend a smile as you turned around facing the person that brought you so many days of pain. There stood your Ex boyfriend Garret you hoped to never see again.

You dated him a while ago during your first year of college. He was the first guy you fell in love with the first guy you ever trusted but you quickly found out a few months later that was a giant mistake. He did nothing but brake your heart and you haven’t seen him since .

“What the hell our you doing here” you snarled at the disgusting jerk standing in front of you.

He chuckled running his hands through his blond hair. “If you forgot sweetheart this is a public store”

Your fists clenched in anger at his words “Well get the fuck away from me” you hissed turning away to as far away from him as possible you were stopped as his hands wrapped around your wrist keeping you from moving.

You snapped around glaring at him trying to snatch your arm away from his tight grip but he wouldn’t let go. “Let go of me you piece of shit”

He smiled evilly laughing out loud “And why would I do that love”

“Because if you don’t let go of her in the next three seconds Ill brake your fucking nose you stupid fuck” a deep voice roared making you jump.

You both snapped your heads to the side to see a very pissed off Louis with his fists clenched to his side a scowl on his face. You stood there in shock Garrets hand still around your wrist. “And what are you going to do if I don’t”

“You have one second left before you find out mate, choose wisely” Louis growled the veins in his nearly popping out of his neck confirming he was beyond furious.

Garret let go of your wrist fully turning towards Louis leaving you to stand alone frozen in shook.

“You must be that faggot in that girly boy band” Garret mocked laughing out.

“And you must be that piece of shit my girlfriends told me about” Louis said back with pure venom in his voice.

You new you had to do something. You new Garret would provoke Louis into a fight, Louis had to much to lose to he couldn’t fight. You wouldn’t let him.

You finally moved from your spot approaching your angry boyfriend taking his trembling hand in yours “Baby lets go” you whisperer kissing his neck lightly trying to calm him down. Sure Louis was a sweet person but once he was mad there was no stopping him.

“Yeah baby just go, don’t want you to get hurt” Garret mocked with a little girl voice.

“Shut the fuck up” Louis growled.

Garret looked you up and down with a smug grin plastered on his face. “You know Louis” Garrett started out walking closer to where you and Louis stood. “If you think about it, I had her first” Garret continued as Louis wrapped his arm protectively around your waist pulling you into his chest “I think In all fairness she’s mine don’t you think” Garret finished.

Before you could register in your mind what was happing, the next thing you new Louis lounged at Garret talking down to the ground his fist colliding with his face many times. After you finally realized what was going on one of Louis body guards came rushing in quickly pulling Louis off the broken guy underneath him.

Louis had a busted lip but that was it, Garret on the other hand looked awful. He had a black eye and a busted nose, blood was oozing out.


The body guard lead Louis out of the store you following right behind. I guess the store manger agreed not to call the police on either of them which was good.

You and Louis got into the cab, going straight to your hotel. For some reason neither of you talk, you didn’t understand way. You weren’t mad at him, you thought it was sweet he protected you. But Louis still had an angry face so you decided to stay quite. You to quickly made into the hotel trying your best to avoid screaming fans and cameras. You finally made to your falling on to the bed.

“Baby” Louis said sounding hesitant, scared of what your reaction might be.

“ Yes babe” You answered the smile on your face easing his nervous.

“I’m sorry I didn’t-”

You quickly interrupted him by smashing your lips onto his. “Thank you for protecting me Louis. I love you” you mumble on his lips.

“I love you to Jayde, ill always protect you baby” He informed pulling you onto his lap making you giggle.

“Always” he whispered reconnecting your lips.

(Jayde sorry if its not that good. I was busy last night and wrote it fast but I hope you like it! Thank you)

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