One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


31. Abussive~ Niall for Iovenialler143


'NIALL STOP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" you scream as you watch your husband of two years and father of your child throw a lamp across the room smashing against the wall shards of glass flying everywhere.

You were scared. You've never seen him act like this. It started while you two were out celebrating your two year anniversary with a few friends. some guy  came flirting with you then asked for your number. Niall accused you of flirting back which was not true but he didn't believe it.  Niall completely lost it throwing practically everything he could around and screaming.

"NIALL" You yell again finally getting his attention. He turns around looking over . His eyes were no longer the beautiful ocean blue, they turned dark with anger. You slowly walked toward Him. He was standing up, his hands on the wall once in awhile slamming his fists hard against it. 

"Baby" you whisper stopping next to him. "Please calm down" you beg gently grabbing his arm pulling it towards you but were shocked as he quickly pulls it away.

"How could you fucking embarrass me like that in front of my friends" Niall asked threw his teeth grabbing hold of your wrists. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU" he screams in your face still a tight grip on your writs. You tried to pull away but that only made him hold tighter making you wince out in pain.

"P-Please, stop" you beg tears streaming down your face. It was like he wasn't Niall anymore he was a monster.

"YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH HIM RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, WHAT AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU" Niall screamed throwing your back into the wall making you cry out in pain. He slammed your wrist on the wall above your head.

"Niall, get off of me" You cry prying one of your arms away from his tight grip punching his chest few times. The next thing you new Niall's fist collided with your face making you fall to the ground screaming in pain. You had no idea what to do. You couldn't believe what just happened. The man you were madly in love with just hit you how were you suppose to comprehend that. You laid there yelling out in pain watching your husband walk to the front door slamming the door not even thinking twice about what he just did.

What were you going to do. The first thing that came to mind was Olivia. Your two year old princess who was your world. Your smile dropped instantly as you began to think. Would Niall hit her. The question brought tears to your eyes. Olivia was definitively a daddy's girl, which made you feel a lot better. He would never hurt her. You new she was safe. You remembered she was at your brother Liam's. He was watching her so you and Niall could go out  which now you were very grateful. She didn't need to see her dad like this.

You finally get of the floor going to the bath room washing the blood of your lip. You cried even harder as you looked at the marks he made . Your lip was busted and a big bruise on your cheek. You tried your best to cover it up with makeup not  wanting Liam to see. He was a protective brother and would lose it if he new Niall hit you. You grabbed your purse walking out of the house walking to the car driving away.

You knock on Liam's door seconds later the door swings opened reviling a smiling Liam.

"Hey Sis" Liam says letting opening the door. He closes the door walking into the living room "Your a bit early" he adds

You look own at your feet trying best to hide your face "Ummm,ended early" you say quietly.

You could tell he wanted to ask questions but decided not to. "Well livs in the kitchen she coloring" Liam chuckled.


"What happened to your face" Your brother asks stopping you.

"Ummm, well I fell"

Liam walks closer to you grabbing your face examining your face "Don't lie" Liam warns "I can tell someone hit you" You push away from his grip tears streaming down your face.

"Did Niall fucking hit you" He growled clenching his fist.

You stayed quite sobbing like a child. He took that as a yes. " I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS"  Liam screamed running his hands though his hair. "THAT FUCK THINKS HE CAN HURT MY SISTER" he screams slamming him hand against the wall.

"Liam stop please" you beg following him around like a lost puppy.

Liam storms out of the living room coming back in with a coat on and his shoes. "Liam what are you doing" 

"I'm going to kill that prick" he growls grabbing his keys.

"No don't" you beg not wanting to get him involved.

" I told him if he ever hurt you I would kill him, he didn't obey" Liam explained. "Go home, Ill sort everything out"  with that he walks out driving away.

You walk into the kitchen to see Your baby girl sitting on the kitchen table coloring on a big sheet of paper. She looked like an angel. So sweet and innocent , She looked just like Niall. Golden blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, she was perfect in every way.

"MOMMY" you hear a sweet little voice call out braking you from your thoughts. You smile as you walk to the kitchen table "Hi my baby" you say grabbing her in your arms squeezing her tight.

"Mommy, you see I color" Olivia said pointing down to her art that was practically squribels and different colors. Well what do you expect shes two.

"I see love, Its very beautiful" you say kissing the top of her head. she laughed hiding her head in your neck yawning."Lets get you home" You grab her bag and her drawling walking outside placing her in the car seat falling asleep as soon as you sat her down. You kiss the top of her head slipping in the front seat driving away.

As you walked into your house you were scared You had Olivia safely in your arms as you stepped in the living room. Your jaw dropped looking  around the house. The living room was a disaster couch flipped ,table shattered. what the hell happened it wasn't this bad when you left. You jump as you hear foot steps Niall walks in with a busted lip and knuckles  all bloody. You hold Olivia tighter as he walked close. Olivia looked up at her dad smiling.

"Hi daddy' Olivia squealed reaching out her arms to him. He smiled pulling her into his chest. "Hi princess" Niall sad  kissing her head.

"I'll put her to bed, well talk then"  I nodded kissing Olivia's cheek "God night my angle" she giggled as I tickled her "night mommy"  with that Niall carried her up the stairs to her room . You sigh loudly as you look around you house. Liam must have came that's why Niall looked like that. You jumped as to strong arms wrapped around you waist from behind you

"Shes so precious" Niall whispered kissing your neck from behind. "I know"  you respond knowing hes  talking about Olivia.

"I'm so sorry, I have no clue what got in to me. I love you" Niall said grabbing you tighter.

"I love you to" you say back turning around in his arms hiding in his chest.

"Please don't leave me baby" Niall begs hiding his face in your neck. You wrap your arms around his neck kissing his jaw. 

"I'm not going to leave you Niall' you say kissing his lips.


(Sorry it took so long, You didn't leave a name so i just used your username Iovenialler143, hope you like it. Thanks)

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