Little Things

Ella, she's 17 and a lost spirit. At the age of 6 she lost her mother to cancer and ever since then never really found her place anywhere. She now lives with her step father, Bill whom her mother married before she was diagnosed.

This winter holiday Ella gets into a fight with her step dad where he abuses her and she runs away. With only her guitar and a couple dollars she heads out into the world alone, busking for money on the streets of London.
What happens when an unexpected boy lets her into his world, a world where she for once in her life, feels like she belongs. What happens when she finds out soon enough she is this boys world- when she broke her promise to ver speak of love if it does not exist.


3. White Sheets

My eyes squint shut trying to ward off the filtered sunlight drifting in, the inevitable dread of opening them to the sudden glare of a dimly lit room. I open only one quickly feeling the burn in my shocked retinas, before slamming it shut again. The burn all i can think of at the moment. I wrap my palms around the white cotton sheets in the guest room. I then turn on my side and see a lavish bouquet of flowers on my night stand and a warm cup of coffee with a note left beside it. 

It read "Good Morning Ella! I know it's quite informal to be doing this but I got a call from my management and I had an urgent meeting to attend, so I'm sorry I couldn't be there to rightfully wake up you but I do have a surprise in store for you! 

Cheers, Harry .x"

I placed the note back onto the stand picking up my cup of coffee. I was curious as to what the surprise could be and being curious about the surprise blocked out the fact and thought that i had never had such a peaceful morning. I would usually wake up to the sound Bill yelling, and for the first time in a while I felt rested. I sat in bed for a bit before getting up to wash my mug and put on some clothes. Normally, I would sleep in my bra and underwear but now i thought i might aswell put something on because its not just me in my basement anymore, so I searched through my bag. I only really packed a pair of pants so i decided to stay in my lace undies and just wear my oversized sweater. I made my way to the bathroom. Harry's flat was so elegant and clean cut. The blue walls made me think of the calming vast seas that would relax someone. The base boards and shutters are white which remind me of the pure white clouds in the sky. The white in the bedrooms give someone such clean thoughts. The love seat are the colour of crisp green celery, just splashing the pastel colour pallet. The wooden pecan colour floor are a soothing earthy soft colour that would keep someone grounded and humble. The decor was chosen as though for deep thoughts, planning for life and positive thinking. When ever I leave a room, I am relaxed and prepared for life's uncertainties. The vibe is really like no other place i'v been to. I feel more at home at a place iv been to for one night that the place i lived for my entire life. 

I made my way in the shower. It felt so good to be embraced in my own thought. The hot water stream collided into my skin, releasing tension. I closed my eyes, and the hot steam enveloped my body. As I wash the shampoo suds off me, i felt them roll down my spine. The warm droplets formed streams as I stood there without moving at all, my skin was burning from the mellow droplets morphing into sharp little blades running down my body. All I could think about was that kiss. No matter what I tried to trace my mind to i always found my self at the same point. Harry's lips pressed against mine- like i had never been loved. I coulden't take it anymore- I felt like i was trapped in my own thought. I quickly turned the shower off and dried myself. I massaged the towel into my hair just enough that it would be dry enough to tie up. I walked into the guest room, rushing to put on my undergarments just of how cold it was. Searching for my sweater i realized i had left it in my washroom.  Opening the door in merely my bra and underwear was not the smartest idea though.

"Ella! You're up!" I heard a voice say from just around the corner. And before I could even say anything Harry was standing in front of me. For a few seconds we both just stood there before Harry broke the silence "I-I-I'm so sorry" he finally said with forced breath. I ran to the washroom and came out with a shirt on. Slipping it over my head I replied "It's alright- not a problem. Its not like i was naked or anything" Harry nodded his head- still looking like he had a loss of breath. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to be embarrassed or not, but for some odd reason I really wasn't. Promptly changing the subject I said "so...I got your letter! It was very sweet" and without hesitation Harry replied 

"Why thank you babe! Now about your surprise.."
"I'm so excited to see what it is!" I said as I grinned
"And I'm very excited to give it to you, I think you might really like it"
"Well, what is it then!"
"it's outside- so I need you to get ready and ill meet you in 20?"
"make it 10!" I rushed to my room and changed into a pair of jeans and the Urban Outfitters Pink Floyd sweater. I then brushed my hair, and put on a bit of eyeliner and my favourite lipgloss.

"I'm ready!" I yell as I put on my coat.
"here- let me help you with that" Harry says as he held up my coat for me, ready to slip on. 
"Thank you" I say blushing and turning around just to face him again as close as we were yesterday.
Harry was looking right into my eyes. Hesitating and not knowing what to say or do i managed to get the words "shoes...I should...over there.." out of my mouth. Harry smilesd as I walk toward the door and slip on my combat boots. "Come on then, what are you waiting for?" I said to Harry as he stood in the same position, eyes set on me. Neither of us are the same after what happened last night. 

We walked out to the front door to see Harry's black Audi. Opening the passenger door for me he pretend curtsys "my lady" he says. "Oh why thank you my kind sir" I giggle. He holds up his nose in a playful manner "my pleasure". 
In a few short minutes we were parked out on Oxford Street. 
"what are we doing here?" 
"Why this is where your surprise is!" 
I tilt my head and raise one eyebrow
"Oh don't you give me that look" Harry laughs. "I just thought that any proper house guest should have just a proper wardrobe" And before Harry could say anything else I walked up to him holding him close and giving him puppy eyes.
"Harry no- its too much. You're already giving me somewhere to stay and I just don't think that-"
Harry placed his arm around me also, embracing me in them. "Non sense- don't you 'Harry please' me. It won't work. Just until you go to Dublin, remember? Hold tight though- cause I have a little picnic in store for us after also"

That was the thing though. Iv known harry for a mere 2 short days and i already felt like i didn't want to let go. 

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