Little Things

Ella, she's 17 and a lost spirit. At the age of 6 she lost her mother to cancer and ever since then never really found her place anywhere. She now lives with her step father, Bill whom her mother married before she was diagnosed.

This winter holiday Ella gets into a fight with her step dad where he abuses her and she runs away. With only her guitar and a couple dollars she heads out into the world alone, busking for money on the streets of London.
What happens when an unexpected boy lets her into his world, a world where she for once in her life, feels like she belongs. What happens when she finds out soon enough she is this boys world- when she broke her promise to ver speak of love if it does not exist.


5. I'm your choice, and you're my only exception

He chose me. Plain Ella, the girl who use to sit alone at break and write stories about people who would swear they would never fall in love. Stories that were basically reflections of her own thoughts and feelings. I was the little girl who promised to never speak of love if it doesn't exist mutually after witnessing her mother get beat before her eyes. How was I, a girl who had never even seen a functional relationship in her entire life suppose to build on one now. It was obvious none of Harry's fans liked me. A few weeks had passed ever since my disasteris  picnic surprise with Harry and slowly over the coarse of those few weeks more and more magazines and news paper covers were beginning to have my face plastered all over them. Multiple headings read "MYSTERY GIRL: HARRYS NEW ROMANTIC INTEREST?". Everyday new twitter accounts opened, some supporting the unconfirmed relationship and some there to simply trash talk me, Harry says its in spite of their jealousy though. Honestly, I can see where some of them are coming from. I'm not like his past girlfriends. I'm not Tall, not skinny, or beautiful, and certainly not rich- I'm an average girl and before a couple weeks, an absolute no one. No matter what Harry says to try and convince me I still am not able to fathom the idea of him being with me. I am Harry Styles' girlfriend- It all seems like such a dream. 

 My mind is fuzzy, the last remnants of a dream being chased away by the realization that I am awake again. It was a nice dream, something about sitting in a big oak tree in meadow full of flowers but the details are fading fast even as I try to recall them. With a mental sigh I allow my brain to focus and cautiously open one eye. The bright spring sunlight cuts the room in half and I see dust-motes dancing in the wall of light. I pull the duvet up over my head to keep it out. It's not going to work, my brain is awake now and all I hear is the sound of Harry's heavy breath. The way it is in motion with the beating of my heart warms me. I rub my eyes and feel his bare palm touching my left forearm and I grab onto it. "Morning, sunshine" Harry says and he smiles his dazed-half awake smile with his eyes barley open. I roll over to face him with just the tip of our noses colliding. The radiance in his natural beauty astonishes me as I realize that a million girls would die to be in my place- waking next to Harry Styles. Although, the sad thing is those girls just see him as Harry Styles from One Direction- I see him as Harry, plain old Harry. The Harry that cried harder than I did when we watched Love Actually, the Harry that tripped over his own feet while dodging down the stairs the other day, and the Harry that came to me in my time of need. If I was a religious person I would say that he was a miracle that I needed in my time of need or a blessing but for now since I am not that religious i'll say he was a gift. A very, very well wrapped gift. 

With barley any force and my morning fatigue I set my feet on the hardwood floor and gave Harry a peck on the cheek.

"Fancy some french toast?" I say. Harry nods and a wide smile of appeal whips across his face "Yes please!" He says raising both arms in the air. I smile and slip on my pink bunny slippers making my way to the kitchen in my light blue lace panties and Harry's oversized 'Hipsta Please' t-shirt that falls just below my cheeks. As my morning routine I start by washing my face and brushing my teeth and soon making my way into the kitchen just across the hall. This particular morning though was not like any other, there was a stillness in the air that had not been there before, and so to lighten up the mood  I thought I would turn on the radio to maybe hear a tune or two. I then opened the oak wood finished cabinets and began to set the table prior making any food of course. The radio kept playing.

The radio frequency waves were coming in quite oddly and fuzzy this morning on the particular channel I had set it to so i decided to tune into the next one.

"And as police protocall we were ordered to bring you this breaking news piece. Here is Lou Vattmon, department head of London's missing persons inquiry. We have you on live Lou." The radio went a bit fuzzy as they tuned him in. "Yes, hello Patt- first off I would like to thank you for allowing me to make this announcement publicly. Recently, we have had a very peculiar case on our hands. Bill Olivlinson a local man had recently called in stating an under 18 runaway, found but reported not returning. 17 year old Ella Olivlinson-" As soon I heard those first few words and the name of my step fathers name being announced and then post mine i feel to the floor dropping the china plate in my hand, shattering it into pieces. Chills ran down my spine and my fingers trembled. Shards of broken china jabbed into the side of my leg stinged as i collapsed onto the floor in tears. I could hear Harry running down the steps in a panic yelling my name. I didn't have it in me to reply, but I laid there as he approached me and fell to his knees cradling me in his arms.

"Ella?! Love? What has happened?!" Harry said, his voice shaking in fear.

"He's looking for me...they're after me..." I said with my fists held up to my face. I felt the arm feels flooding my eyes and Harry's cold lips pecked my cheek. 

"I will never let them have you. I will never let you go Ella." Harrys hand ran across my face and I held onto it. I didn't want to let go. 


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