Little Things

Ella, she's 17 and a lost spirit. At the age of 6 she lost her mother to cancer and ever since then never really found her place anywhere. She now lives with her step father, Bill whom her mother married before she was diagnosed.

This winter holiday Ella gets into a fight with her step dad where he abuses her and she runs away. With only her guitar and a couple dollars she heads out into the world alone, busking for money on the streets of London.
What happens when an unexpected boy lets her into his world, a world where she for once in her life, feels like she belongs. What happens when she finds out soon enough she is this boys world- when she broke her promise to ver speak of love if it does not exist.


4. Checkered Sheets and London Streets

I placed my multiple shopping bags on the grass. "Close your eyes!" Harry exclaimed and I did as he said. " peeking!" This was something I obviously couldn't do. The last few days with Harry have been the pinnacle of my entire life. Iv never known what it felt like to be in such a trance with someone- movies and romance novels always taught me that you never know what you've got until its gone, but in this case I feel like its reversed. I know what I have got, and i'm not willing to loose it. I loved Harry. I was overcome by his emerald green eyes, the way he flicked his hair when ever it fell in his point of view, how he would handle and grasp his sleeve cuffs in his hands when ever he got nervous, the way he would tilt his head to an 80 degree angle when he was trying to decide on something. The little things about him were the things that compelled me- I only wish that we could share the same feelings toward one another. Moments passed before I would feel a soft breeze in my hair and I laid in the grass trying to soak up as much sun as I could, my pale skin could use some colour.

"Ok! Open your eyes!" Harry said, with a childish smile on his face. I looked up to see him standing in front of me, pigeon toed with his hands behind his back. Before me he had laid out a wide picnic spread with a bottle of wine, and a picnic basket. "You shouldnt have.." I was in awe from his kind deed. 
"It was the least I could do. I just thought I could use some alone time to get to know you, and were else to do it but at a nice quite picnic" Harry put his hands through his front bangs and whipped them back and forth across his face adjusting to just the right amount of volume. I bit my lip and smiled trying not to look as childish as I normally would. "Red wine, my lady?" "Why yes, thank you" and Harry poured me a glass, handing it over with a shy smile. Neither one of us knew what to say- but I could see it in his eyes. Just like me- he was thinking about the kiss. 

"Ella,  I hope you like it all. I really wanted to impress you." Harry said breaking the silence.
"Impress me? Why me? Harry i'm beyond impressed.."

"Ella- all i'v wanted to do for the past few days was impress you. I don't know how to put this- when I look at you i'm lost for words. I really, really like you Ella."

"I like you too Harry" was all I could get out of my mouth 

"When ever I look at you I'm stuck in a trace because of how beautiful you are. When i'm with you, for a moment, just a moment I feel like it's a dream. I feel like we're the only people alive and ever since you told me about your step father, I feel like I need to protect you. I want to love you Ella. When ever i'm with you I get butterflies in my stomach. At times, i long to just hear your voice and when ever you're near my heart skips a beat. Last night- when you kissed me I felt bliss and I can't stop thinking about you and I know you feel the same. I see it in your eyes."

And before I could even say anything back I felt his hands grasping my sides and my eyes shut. The euphoria of his cologne filled my nose and I felt enchanted. 
I couldn’t help feeling the adrenaline of my heart when he first took my hand in the sunlight. I felt so protected and secure in his presents, that I hadn’t taken much notice of where he was leading me. The scenery was so exquisite, that it left me breathless to the shimmering of the water, left with the sunlight ray as it painted a precise picture of the perfect scene. I was seventeen, and he was eighteen, there was no doubt about that; but when he leaned down to my ear and recited one of the most romantic poems, I couldn’t help the blush and the sound of my heart pounding inside my chest, to hide the fact that I was falling head over heals for this guy. He was my salt, and I was his pepper. We made the perfect couple. He spoke every word with affection; ‘love’, would make my hands go numb, ‘you’re my’ would set off my heart as a ticking bomb, and ‘I Love you’ meant the world to me. I love you, was the only words I wanted to hear in the world. I love you, was the message of bells that rang in my ears, as I had become one of his to cherish. 
He looked into my eyes, our heads were the same level. His eyes were the colour of a fresh moist grass. They emphasized on the freshness his appearance gave to his beauty; but in the light, they looked almost blue. From the pressure of his hands, I could tell he was as nervous as I was. Especially when he leaned in, so close I could spell the flouriest scent coming from his breath, which I knew I would never forget this moment. 
His lips reached my jaw, tracing the lines of my ear to my collarbone. They were so warm against my skin as they reminded my of soft fluffy pillow. And the blades of grass rubbing against my skin as I lay on them with Harry over top of me for that moment, reminded me of fairy floss. I couldn’t stop my heart from pounding in my chest. My blood flowed rapidly in my cheeks, making my face as red as ever. I lifted my hands out of his, and pulled them up high to his shoulders, where I entwined them with his soft light brown hair. He put His hands down at my waist while pulling me closer to his chest. I was his, and he was mine; and so the bowl ran away with the spoon. Our lips touched, at first just teasing and then more and more. It was magical and I felt like we were one, and the only ones. And before I knew it our magical moment was over with the flash of a camera. 

"HARRY- OVER HERE! This is going to be front page gold" a middle aged man with a large black camera said inching closer to get a shot of my face. Harry quickly unzipped his hoodie handing it to me so i could have the hood to shield my face. Rapidly, one by one, more and more people started to crowd around snapping pictures of us.  Teen girls, boys, men, woman, and even more pap's. 
"You don't deserve Harry!" one girl shouted from across the crowd
"YEAH!" multiples of her friends yelled in agreement. Harry enraged with fury grabbed hold of my waist and covered my head more so I wouldn't be able to be identified. "Don't listen to a word they say- come on lets go before more come." Harry gripped onto my hand now leading me toward the bushes. We ran for what seemed like an hour until we reached the  look out point where his car was parked. "Sorry about that...I wish we could just have a moment alone" I stood silent. "Are you alright Ella?" He placed his hand on my arm. "Yeah i'm fine..."
"You don't look fine. Please tell me whats wrong" Harry darted his eyes up to mine, giving me his puppy face. "It's just..those girls and what they said." I hung my head. "Those girls!? Ella I told you- don't ever listen to them. Not for a second. Ella I chose you. I chose you over everyone else because you are the one. I'v known you for three days yet iv never felt like this with anyone- certainly not anyone iv known longer than you either." Harry said reassuringly. 
"But that's just it. Why me? I'm the girl you saw busking on the streets. You're the boy with a bank account that has as many 0's in it as cheerios. You are the boy on the front cover of literally every magazine- who's face is on the walls of girls all over the nation, who's gone to red carpets and has multiple #1 singles. You could have virtually any girl you want but you chose me."

Harry sighed. "That's just it Ella. I chose you. Not the fashion models, not the actors or the singers but you. Because you're not like the rest. I could be starving, homeless and broke and I would still choose you. Because you make me feel alive. All those holly wood plastics just make me feel dead- like i'm owned by the companies but its you thats able to bring me back to life. I don't love them, I love you"


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