Little Things

Ella, she's 17 and a lost spirit. At the age of 6 she lost her mother to cancer and ever since then never really found her place anywhere. She now lives with her step father, Bill whom her mother married before she was diagnosed.

This winter holiday Ella gets into a fight with her step dad where he abuses her and she runs away. With only her guitar and a couple dollars she heads out into the world alone, busking for money on the streets of London.
What happens when an unexpected boy lets her into his world, a world where she for once in her life, feels like she belongs. What happens when she finds out soon enough she is this boys world- when she broke her promise to ver speak of love if it does not exist.


2. Chai Lattes and White Walls

Fate. It's such a funny thing. The series certain events happen in can really change you life. Despite how overcome with sadness I am inside in just an instance my mood can shift. Just an hour ago I was running from the hands of the man who has left me stricken in basic poverty as he lives his lavish life and now, here i am walking the night streets with Harry Styles. I can't exactly say iv always been the biggest fan of their band just out of my pure taste for indies and swing but getting to know him has been magical.

Holding my Starbucks coffee around in the palms of my hands warmed my chill body head to toe. Like water running down a lake- in an instant i felt immersed. Smiling at Harry while he finished his story about the time Niall scared him  so hard on a plane to Canada he almost cried, I stared into his emerald green eyes. 

"So Ella, we've laughed a lot and chewed up basically anything moderately interesting in my life but I have barley gotten to know you! Who is the mysterious girl I talked to while she sang?" 
"Well, I'm just Ella. I mean..what do you want to know?" I shrugged
"Well for starters could I have a bio check?" Harry laughed, and I smirked.
"Of course you already know my name- Ella. I'm 17 I was born on a leap year, I love pink floyd, lavenders, and reading. Other than that theres really nothing behind the veil. What else is there to know?"
"There is one thing i'm kind of curious about though. Ella, why were you there so late?"
"Long story.." I sipped my coffee
"I have plenty of time"
"Hmm..not really" I winked and smiled
"and whys that?!" Harry said playfully
"Starbucks is closing in 5 minutes!"
"Oh shit! How long have we been sitting here?"
"My phone, and the look on the workers faces says a long long time.." I giggled noticing how annoyed the workers did actually look.
"We should get going...mind going out for a bit of a walk?"
"Not at all. I do owe you an explanation don't I?" I grab my things and head out the door, Harry opening it for me insisting he hold my guitar case also.

"So explanation?"
"oh...yeah" I looked own gripping the bruise on my left arm. "I don't even know where to begin" I pursed my lips.

"start at the beginning"

Harrys eyes were kind. Almost like that of a child- but less innocent. I could see myself in them and I felt at home. We walked all around london each step of the way piecing my story together. A points in time Harry stopped to hug me, rubbing my back- but never interrupting me. He was compassionate and understood. He was a stranger that I had just met but just in those short hours it felt like I had known him for years. He let me in, and for the first time in a long time he was someone I let in too. 

"...And so basically I ran and ran until I met you" I ended my story of sorrow from age 6 with a silent sigh of relief. It felt nice to open up to someone.
"Ella- I honestly don't know what to say"
"You don't know to say anything" I gave him a reassuring smile but he saw right through it.
"No I do, this is injustice. You don't deserve it. No one does. Where are you staying now?"
"Well, my current address is the streets of London and who knows where i'll go from there. I have my older brother who lives in Dublin so I think i might save some money and fly myself out there."
"No you won't" Harry said. I crossed my eyebrows. "You'll stay with me. I'm staying in my flat just in the centre of London, please stay with me."
"Harry I couldn't. I mean- we just met and.."
"Ella, do you remember what I said earlier? About fate? And do you remember how we both agreed that your fate is in your hands? I know we just met but i see something in you. I see comfort and i see home. I can't let you go, especially not alone" He grabbed hold of my hands "please" I was in a state of shock, it was like he read my mind. I forced out the only words i could think of
"Just until I have enough for Dublin"
"Just until you have enough for Dublin" He repeated.

In just one night I had met my fate. I had met Harry and i would be staying with him until I had enough for Dublin..or so I thought. 
In just one night I opened my heart to a boy band member who I met while busking on the streets of London. 

We made our way to Harrys flat.

"Here we are, what I like to call home" He shrugged

"Whoa...this" I took off my jacket and held it in my hand.

"Well my dresser Lou kind of helped me out with it" The crystal chandelier reflected all over the creme white walls and glissined in the night that the 4 wall sized windows allowed in "It's really nice"I said as Harry grabbed my hand and lead me toward the couch.

"Thank you, can I take your things?" Harry lightly giggled

"Whats so funny?"

"Nothing really.."

"Oh come on!"

"Well, it's just that you're the only girl i'v ever had in here...""Well you know other than my mum and stuff"
I was really lost for words. I didn't know what to say so I just smiled and put my hair behind my ear. Harry quickly walked over taking a thread of my hair he slowly said "you..missed a piece" 
"thank you.." I let my lips loose and looked up. I could feel his heavy breath on my cheek. Our faces were inches away and our eyes looking straight into each others. I couldn't help but stare hypnotically at his baby pink lips and in an instance without even realizing it I felt his hands holding my head pressing my hair and his lips on mine. With my eyes shut, I felt fire works and I put my arms around him. I had never kissed anyone up till that point, so i didn't know what to expect but as i felt his lips press and massage into mine i couldn't help but feel like in that moment we were the only two people in the world. And nothing hurt. 

Authors Note: She moved closer to him, looking up at his kind face that was now bathed in the glow of the midnight moon. She felt a powerful outburst of affection overcoming her. She compulsively reached out and placed her hands on his smooth cheeks. He didn't resist. Her heart beating heavily, she slowly elevated herself by standing on her toes and stared into his eyes, almost pleadingly, trying to communicate her desire to be consumed by him. He stared back, and apparently understanding her feelings, drew closer to her. She closed her eyes, her lips parted slightly, awaiting that which she had been longing for. A few seconds passed before she finally felt his warm lips brush against hers. At that very moment, she felt her passion for him course through her body, causing her to shake uncontrollably. She raised her hands above her head, allowing him to wrap his arms around her waist and hold her tightly as he began to kiss her lips. She moaned softly, kissing back to the best of her ability.  She wrapped her hands around his neck, they kissed passionately, holding each other in their warm embrace, expressing their unspoken love. After what felt like eons to her, their mouths finally parted, and their eyes finally met. They continued to hold each other, silently staring into each others eyes. After giving him a watery smile, she placed her head against his chest. The beating of his heart was audible, an indication that he felt the same way she did. He stroked her hair gently, planting a loving kiss on her head and then nuzzling his nose against it.

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