Little Things

Ella, she's 17 and a lost spirit. At the age of 6 she lost her mother to cancer and ever since then never really found her place anywhere. She now lives with her step father, Bill whom her mother married before she was diagnosed.

This winter holiday Ella gets into a fight with her step dad where he abuses her and she runs away. With only her guitar and a couple dollars she heads out into the world alone, busking for money on the streets of London.
What happens when an unexpected boy lets her into his world, a world where she for once in her life, feels like she belongs. What happens when she finds out soon enough she is this boys world- when she broke her promise to ver speak of love if it does not exist.


1. Street Lights


Ella's POV

"GET BACK HERE!" He hells as his arm thrusts to throw a china plate down the hall. I feel the shards hitting my raw skin where my previous bruise was healing and my fingers quiver. 

"STOP IT. THOSE WERE HERS AS A CHILD" I feel my stomach twisting because I realize I shouldn't have said that. It's better I don't say anything at all- maybe then I wouldn't have as many bruises.  How could I let him do that though..they were hers and they meant so much to her. 

"Do you actually think for a moment I care? They're meaningless. It's not like i'm throwing her ashes everywhere." 

So much anger was raging inside of me and without hesitation I said "I bet you would though if you could, huh?" quickly I put my hands over my mouth, the adrenalin rush got the better of me. I can't believe I just said that.

"Excuse me?" I could feel his warm breath hitting my neck and his hand inching closer- the blade just touching me.

I didn't say anything. I knew that if I were to keep my mouth shut anytime, it should be now. I closed my eyes and the tears rolled down my face hitting his hand that was placed on my mouth. I'm a prisoner in this house. 

"That's what I fucking thought. Now, if you ever slip up or make another move like that as to spend MY MONEY ON SOMETHING AS STUPID AS A PATHETIC BOOK AGAIN I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD." He released his grip on my neck and placed the pocket knife on the table where it originally was. I let out a heavy breath as I gasped for air. 

"That's what I thought. Don't you ever forget- I own you. You're mine. And until you're 18 and get your ass out of the house I inherited through your moms death you're living under my roof, you dog." Bill said as he walked upstairs.

As soon as I heard the door slam I hit the wall and sinked to the floor in tears, putting my arm over my head i began to weep. I felt each warm tear as though it were slicing through my pale skin and hitting each freckle as if tough it were a bump in the road. A bump in a road, that is basically me in a nutshell. Miss-treated, Miss-placed, Miss-understood Ella. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and acknowledge this is the life I live and forever will live. I shake my head in fury at the idea of this and wipe my eyes on my long black grunge sleeves. I placed my ice cold fingers on my heated face wiping the smudged eyeliner off. 

After half an hour I finally found the willpower in me to get up and make my way to the washroom to properly wash my face. 
Walking to the washroom my warm numb stricken feet hit the tile floors like thousands of screws jabbing into my skin. Nothing i'm not use to though. I turn the tap and the cool water splashed on my face as I massage the lavender soap into my skin making sure to get every spec of make up. The smell of lavender fills my nostrils and gives me chills down my spine. 
"Mom use to smell of lavender" I think. 

I dry my face and make my way to my room to change into something a bit comfier than my old combat boots, Nirvana tee and beat up stonewash jeggings until I hear foot steps running downstairs.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" A deep voice yells from the last step. My fingers begin to tremble. They always do when ever i'm scared. 


*bang, bang, bang* He hits my door with his fist as i fiddle the door just in time to lock it. He found the tickets i had bought for Tyler for his birthday. Lucky Tyler of course- moved out of here the second he turned 18.

I couldn't take it anymore. I eyed the window. Grabbing my knapsack I shoved my two Pink Floyd sweaters in it, a plain white tee, a pair of skinny jeans, and my cell phone. I picked up my guitar case and stepped on a chair unhinging the locks on the window . With no time to waste I pushed my self and my things through and ran as fast as I could before he could knock down the door and realize I had fled. 

"I'm insane" I think to myself. "If I go back now he might not have even realized I was gone- and sure i'll have to take the belt one more time but where else am I to go.?" I was hopeless and homeless. Still running, I could feel my legs loosing feeling. It has been over half an hour that I haven't stopped. FOr half an hour i'v just been lost in thought without even realizing i'm practically panting and loosing breath. I see a light flickering in the distance and realize its the Avon theatre. I might as well stop and rest on the steps there for a second just to be able to catch my breath and stay out of the rain. Holding onto the railing I pull my hoodie out of my bag. revealing my guitar pick that I had once left in there. I glance over at my guitar. I will need money soon..I could start applying for a job but for now I do need some pocket change. 

I slowly unbuckle the hatches on my case revealing my oak wood gibson. The smell of lavender once again filled my nostrils as i held the smooth guitar up to my chest  and wrapped the strap around me. Almost everything that my mom ever use to own smelled like lavender. I began to strum the strings on my guitar picking up the beat for basically the only song that I could think of at the moment.

"I know you never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you weigh" Strangers in the night passed by, each threw in some pocket change they had as I kept the beat going.

"You still have to squeeze into your jeans"

I heard a familiar voice from afar singing along in harmony with me. My eyebrows crossed in curiosity as I saw the shadow approach closer. 

"But you're perfect to me" we both sang in harmony. From just a few steps away already began to recognize the shining green eyes and the unmistakable hair. A smile inched on my face and I kept strumming my strings. 

"You have a beautiful voice.." the boy said smiling at the ground. "Thank you" I said sincerely, I really couldn't think of anything else to say. I put some on my hair behind my ear.

He kept looking at me- he wouldn't drop his gaze. At this point I had stopped hitting my strings realizing he wanted to talk to me. I smiled back at him. 

"What are you doing out so late singing in the streets?" 

"Nothing really. What are you doing out so late talking to people who sing in the streets?" I said playfully. 

"cheeky one you are" He laughed. It wasent what he said, or the tone of it that made me laugh either- but the sincerity and purity in his voice. 

"Nothing really" He winked, mimicking me. Putting his hands in his pocket "I'm Harry" he said.

"Ella" I said nodding and holding out my hand across my guitar.

"Ella, your hands are freezing! How long have you been out here?" Harry put his hood over head ruffling his ash brown hair and looking up at me at the rain began to hit harder. 

"Quite some time I suppose. I'v really just been walking around." I looked the other way, my cheeks turning an unconditional red. 

"Well i suppose your 'some time' would be too long. It's going to get even colder soon." Harry Remarked. I placed my hands on my guitar looking down not really knowing what to say back. Where else was I to go anyway? 

"Ella- I don't really have any money to give you, but I do have my credit. Could I treat you to something instead?" 

"Uhm- I don't really know see-" Before I could finish what I was saying he cut me off.

"D-do you believe in f-fate?" harry stuttered

"How so?"

"Do you think that things happen by chance or you can control everything around you?"

"I think everyone has the ability to control their surrounding by making decisions otherwise" 

"I couldn't agree more. I saw you in the rain, and now I really want to control my settings. Let me buy you a coffee?" His green eyes clicked with mine. I nodded my head in agreement.


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