My Savior

Claire Westbrooke had always had a hard life. Her mother had left when she was little and now lived with her abusive father and his alcoholic wife. Her new stepmother Julia always sat there and watched and sometimes joined Claire's father by burning her with cigarettes. She never goes anywhere but school and can't wear shortsleeve shirts or shorts because she knows people will ask questions about her scars. Claire delt with the pain and scars to be strong for her younger brother who has no idea whats going on. Until one day her father does something so unfather like that she has to run away. Will she meet her savior? Read to find out more.

CAUTION: Contains sexual references! Only read if you are 13 & up!


6. Flats and Names

  Niall POV

She stared up at me me still, "Love come wih me, I'll keep you safe. I promise." she looked at me and didn't know whether to take me seriously or if I was going to hurt her. She put her head back between her legs. "Please," she looked at me again. I held my hand out and she finally pushed herself and grabbed my hand. She shivered and stumbled a little bit. I took off my hoodie and handed it to her. After she got it on I put my arm around her so she wouldn't fall. I had to get her to a doctor cause something was definatly wrong with her, she didn't look good at all.

She still wasn't talking. I glanced at her and noticed she was staring at me. "By the way I'm Niall and I going to take you to my flat and get you warm and then I'm going to call the doctor and have her check you out." thats when she flipped. She jumped out of my grasp and fell to the ground. She curled up into a ball and cryed. "Love are you okay, I'm not going to hurt you! Whats wrong?" I could hear the worry in my own voice. Then it hit me, she didn't want the doctor, maybe she needs some time. "Love, please get up, I won't call the doctor, okay?" she looked up and nodded in approval.I helped her up and we kept walking.

When we got to my flat she calmed a little. Right before I opened the door I turned to her, "I forgot to tell you I live with 4 of my mates," that seemed to make her tense up a little again. "You'll be okay, there just a bunch of kids stuck in mens bodies," I laughed a little and a saw a very slight smile on her face but it soon faded.

I opened the door as quiet as I could so the boys wouldn't come running to the door and tackle us, but it was to late. "NIALLER!!!" they all yelled as they ran towards us. She backed up fairly quickly and started to shake. She just stared at the boys with fear. "What's wrong with her mate?" Zayn said and pointed at her. She was frozen with fear and a tear slid down her cheek. "Come with me love," I led her up to my room. "Here take these," I handed her some of my boxers and a t-sirt. She kept staring at me. "Erm. I'll be back in a little bit," I closed the door behind me and walked downstairs. All the boys were standing there like they had been waiting for me, "Who's the girl mate?" "Yeah what's going on?" "What's wrong with her?" "Yeah seiously mate" all the boys said there questions at once and it was kind of hard to register everything. 

"Listen that's the girl that ran into me in the park earlier. I went for a walk because something was pulling me there and I knew if I told Liam then he would have made me come back to the flat with him. I found this really cool waterfall and a path that led to a cave behind it. She was sitting more like hiding in a crevice. She was crying and looked really scared. I reassured her that I wasn't going to hurt her and I told her I'd keep her safe, and when we were walking back here I told her I would call a doctor to check her out and she freaked. She doesn't want a doctor but I have a feeling that someone did something really bad to her, I don't even know her name because she's to scared to talk." they all stood there and it took them a minute to take in what I had jusst told them.

Claire POV

As we walked up to Niall's flat he stopped me, "I forgot to tell you I live with 4 of my mates," I felt myself tense up and he must have sensed it, "Don't worry they're just a bunch of kids stuck in mens bodies." He giggled and it made me smile a teensy bit. He opened the door slowly but then it creaked loudly. Niall cursed under his breath. "NIALLER!!!" a bunch boys came running at us. I knew what Niall said was probably true but I'm to scared to trust anyone. I felt a hot tear come down my face, I hate crying. It makes me look weak. "What's wrong with her?" the one with the quif said while pointing at me.

"Come with me love," he led me up to what I excpected was his room. He wet into a closet and came back, "Here take these," he handed me a pair of boxers and a light blue t-shirt. I can't wear these they'll show off my scars and I don't want the boys to see them. Niall went out of the room and I could hear all the boys argueing/talking about me.

I walked over to the window seat and sat down.  I looked out the window and wated the cars pass.

I must have fallen asleep cause I woke up to footsteps and talking. How long was I asleep? The door opened and Niall came in with some water. "Here you go I thought you might be thirsty." he handed it to me. I drank it and stared back out the window. "Listen, erm I don't know your name, and it'd be nice to know it. I don't wanna keep calling you 'the girl'," I could feel his eyes one me. I turned to him, I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out. I closed my mouth and looked at the ground. "I know you're scared, but I really need to know your name." he pleaded.

"Claire," i whispered.


(A/N: Okay so what do you think so far cause this is my first fan-fic(: I'm going to try to make the chapters longer but ya know haha Please comment and give me some feedback)







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