My Savior

Claire Westbrooke had always had a hard life. Her mother had left when she was little and now lived with her abusive father and his alcoholic wife. Her new stepmother Julia always sat there and watched and sometimes joined Claire's father by burning her with cigarettes. She never goes anywhere but school and can't wear shortsleeve shirts or shorts because she knows people will ask questions about her scars. Claire delt with the pain and scars to be strong for her younger brother who has no idea whats going on. Until one day her father does something so unfather like that she has to run away. Will she meet her savior? Read to find out more.

CAUTION: Contains sexual references! Only read if you are 13 & up!


7. Doctor

Niall POV

I woke up on the couch and I decided to bring some water up to the girl. I walked up to my room, and she was sitting at my window seat. She looked like she had just woken up as well. "Here you go I thought you might be thirsty." I smiled at her a little bit. I felt bad for her, she was terrified of something and I wouldn't be able to help her because she so scared of it. She took the drink and gulped it down and then stared back out the window. "Listen, erm, I don't know your name, and it'd be nice to know it. I don't wanna keep calling you 'the girl'," I stared at her. She turned to me and opened her mouth but nothing came out. She closed and turned to the ground. "I know your scared but I really need to know your name," she looked up at me.

"Claire," she whispered.

"Well Claire would you like to come downstairs and meet me mates officially?"

She looked at me and shook her head no. I got up, "Niall?"


"Can I um take a shower and stuff? Umm I was kinda in dirt all night and I kinda erm like to clean myself up a little," she sounded a little more comfortable with talking with me. "Yeah, sure my bathrroms right there and soap and stuff is in there. If you need a toothbrush I have an extra one under the sink."

"Thank you,"she smiled a little bit. She had a beautiful smile. I heard my shower start up and I walked back downstairs.

"How is she mate?" Liam he was always concerned. "Umm I think she's okay she's talking now she told me her name, it's Claire, and she asked to take a shower so I let her. So nobody go in my room for a while," I pointed at all the boy and they nodded in agreement. "Well at least she's safe now," Liam said, "I really think we should still call the doctor though."

"Yeah I guess I probably should. Where's the number?"

"It should be in there up on the refridgerator," Louis yelled.


Claire POV

"I would like you to meet my mates officially, is that okay with you?" I shook my head no. He got up to leave, "Niall?" I said it kinda quiet and I didn't expect him to hear me. "Yeah?"

"Can I um take a shower and stuff? Umm I was kinda in the dirt all night and I kinda erm I'd like to clean myself up a little," I was getting comfertble talking with Niall, I just met him but I felt safe with him. "Yeah, of course. My bathrooms right there and soap and stuff is in there. If you need a toothbrush I have an extra one under the sink."

"Thank you," I gave him a little smile and walked into the bathroom. I undressed and looked at my bruised body in the mirror. 'Ugly' I whispered to myself. The word echo in my head and as I jumped into the shower. I looked at the cut and the scars and bruises all over my body. That monster did this to me. He took my innocence. He took everything away from me. I started to cry.

When I got out of the shower I noticed that I had been in there for a while. I knealed down to reach under the sink and found the toothbrush. I brushed my teeth then used Niall's comb and combed through my hair. My whole body still ached and my arm started to bleed a little. My eyes were red and swolen. I couldn't go out there right now but I had to, "Claire, you've been in there for a while. Are you okay?" Niall was standing right outside the door. "I-I'm fine I'll be right out," I sniffled a little bit. I put my jeans and Niall's hoodie and walked out. Niall and the boys were all standing there with an older woman. "What's going on?" I tryed to act like I didn't know so I wouldn't break down and cry or run out but I knew what was going on. Niall broke his promise and called a doctor.

"Claire," the lady stepped forward, "I'm Dr. Hein and I'm here to make sure your okay."

I couldn't say anything. I glared at Niall and then ground. "Claire, we just want to make sure your okay," one of the boys, I think Liam, stepped forward. I nodded my head, "okay."

"Okay Claire I'm going to need you to undress and put this on," she handed me a little gown and I looked at all the boys. They just stood there. I cleared my throat a little bit. "Oh right, um c'mon boys lets go downstairs." Niall leaded the boys out of the room.

After the boys left I stood there, "Claire, I really need you to undress and put this gown on now," the doctor smiled and turned around. "I won't look until your ready, okay?"


I pulled off the clothes I was wearing and stood there for a second. I really didn't want anybody to see me like this. "okay, i-i'm ready," she turned and looked disturbed. I suddenly felt self-concious and I closed myself in the bathroom. I put my clothes back on. "Claire, I'm sorry I didn't mean to look at you like that could you please come out here so I can make sure your okay and nothings infected."  I never thought that something could be infected. I undressed again and put the gown back on and walked out. She looked at me and turned and went to her bag. "Now I'm going to need you to sit on the bed and I'm going to check your vital signs." she took out a thermometer and stuck it in my mouth. "Your temperature is normal, that's good,"

"Now I need you to lift up the gown and lean back," she put on a different pair of gloves. "W-what are you doing now?"

"I'm going to do a regular pelvic exam to make sure everythings okay,"

No. I couldn't do that. I couldn't she'd find out. I don't know how but she would. "I'm going to go wash my hands and warm up my tools so stay here okay?" I nodded and she walked into the bathroom. I quickly threw on my jeans and my long-sleeve shirt and ran out the door. I heard the doctors voice. "Claire come back here!" I felt a pair of strong arms around me. "Please! Let me go," I screeched, but the arms stayed there. "Louis! Let her calm down! Just let her go." I heard Niall say behind me. Louis put me down and I ran. I didn't stop, just kept going.




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