My Savior

Claire Westbrooke had always had a hard life. Her mother had left when she was little and now lived with her abusive father and his alcoholic wife. Her new stepmother Julia always sat there and watched and sometimes joined Claire's father by burning her with cigarettes. She never goes anywhere but school and can't wear shortsleeve shirts or shorts because she knows people will ask questions about her scars. Claire delt with the pain and scars to be strong for her younger brother who has no idea whats going on. Until one day her father does something so unfather like that she has to run away. Will she meet her savior? Read to find out more.

CAUTION: Contains sexual references! Only read if you are 13 & up!


14. Chapter 13

Niall POV

They rushed over. Liam took her out of my arms and rushed down the stairs, Zayn and I following.

Liam and I got in the back as Zayn sped down the road. I looked at Claire in Liam's arm. She was limp but her chest was slowly moving up and down. "Zayn! Can you drive any faster!" "I'm already going 10 over!" I started to panic a little more. I could feel Liam's eyes on me but I just kept staring at Claire. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I wiped it away."She'll be okay mate," Liam must have seen the tear. Was I really falling for her? I just met her and I don't know anything about her. A soft voice snapped me out of my thoughts, "W-where am I?" Claire's eyes fluttered open. "We are on the way to the hospital," she stared at me. Fear in her eyes again "No no no no no no no." She started to freak out, swinging and kicking her legs, "Calm her down!" Zayn was panicing nowand had to pull over. He got out and opened the door on Liam's side. She jumped out. Zayn grabbed her and they both fell. He now had her legs pinned down with his and her arms with his hands. She was crying and kept trying to get away. "Please your hurting me," she choked through her tears. I could see thee pain in her eyes. "Zayn get off of her!" He stayed on her, "Zayn!" He just looked at her. She was crying harder now and I noticed he had his hand on her wrist. He was squeezing it so hard it started to bleed. "Zayn!" I yelled again and pulled him off of her. She curled up and Liam took Zayn away to talk to him and I could here them yelling at each other.

I walked over to Claire and put my hand outfor her. She was holding her stomach and didn't move her hands. She looked like she was in so much pain and it killed me. I picked her upand her ace turned white. "N-niall p-put me d-down," I didn't, I just walked towards the car. "please put me down.""Why?" I looked her right in the eyes. She looked like she was going to vomit so I quickly put her down. She sat on a rock and turned away from me.I rubbed her back as she vomitted. It was a good five minutes till she lifted her head up, "do you have any water?" She still looked scared. "Yeah I'll be right back, stay right here," I tried to say it seriously but the look on her face made me say it softly.

I went to Zayn's car and found a bottle of water in the floor. It was already open but it's just Zayn. As I walked up to Claire I heard Zayn and Liam coming back. She took a sip and immediately spit it out."What's wrong," I got worried. "Niall what did you give her?" Liam said. "It's water," I said it unsurely. "That's definatly not water," Claire was literally gagging. Zayn took the bottle out of her hands and smelled it, "It's not water Niall, it's vodka." "What the hell are you doing with that in your car?" "It's in there from the other night. I guess I forgot to take it out."

"Claire are you alright you don't look good?" she was staring off somewhere. She nodded and got up. She walked towards car, but before she could even open the door she fell to the ground with a screech of pain.


Claire POV

One of the other boys were ontop . It brought flashbacks of my dad and it scared me. Niall finally pulled him off of me. They boy had been sitting on my lower abdoman where it had been hurting ealier. The pain was almost gone and now it's back at full force. I felt arms wrap around me and my stomach turned. I was lifted off the ground, "n-niall p-put me d-down," he didn't and kept walking. "Please put me down." "Why?" I knew right then and there I was going to throw up. Niall set me on a rock and I turned away from him. I didn't want him to see me like this. As I threw up I could feel Niall rubbing my back. I finally sat up, with a nasty taste in my mouth, "do you have any water?" "Yeah I'll be right back stay here," he was serious but his face soon softened up. He walked around the car and soon came back with  a bottle of water. I was so disgusted with the taste in my mouth that I chugged the water, or what I thought was water. My throa burned and I immediatly spit the liquid out. "What's wrong?" he sounded worried but my throat was burning so bad I didn't answer, I just tryed to keep the liquid from coming back up. "Niall what did you give her," one of the others said. "It's water," he sounded unsure. "That's definatly not water," I said reassuring him. The one with the quiff, who they called Zayn, took the bottle out of my hand and smelt the liquid, "It's not water Niall, it's vodka." "What the hell are you doing with that in your car!" "It's from the other night, I-I guess I forgot to take it out."

The boys were still arguing and I just sat there, I million things were going through my mind. I just chugged vodka and my stomach was till churning. I felt dizzing like I was going to pass out. "Claire are you alright youl don't look so good?" I was snapped out of my thoughts and nodded. I stood up and the dizzyness got worse. I walked to the door of the car and a sharp pain went through my abdoman. I screeched and fell to the ground.

Darkness surrounded me. I found myself in a field. There was a figure at the edge of the field, I ran to it. "Hello?" whoever it was turned around. It took me a second to tell who it was because the face was so disfigured. Then it hit me, "Ethan!?" "Sissy help me. You have to get me away from daddy. He keeps hurting me. I don't know why. Please sissy please save me."


Niall POV

At first  Zayn, Liam and I didn't know what to do. I think we were all frozen from the screech that Claire let out. It broke my heart to heart to hear that, so full of pain. "Niall I don't crae what you say we are taking this girl to the hospital," "B-" "NOW!" I couldn't say no to Liam when he raised his voice. He rarely raises it and when he does that mean we are doing what he says, no matter what.

***Skip car ride***

When we arrived at the hospital Liam carried her in. They put her on a stretcher and I ran beside it the whole tim. "Sir you need to go wait in the waiting room," a nurse said while pushing me out of the room. I looked through the window in the door, "Please don't leave me." I sighed and walked to find the boys. By the time I found them Louis and Harry had shown up. I sat down and felt all there eyes on me. I could feel tears well up in my eyes so I looked at the ground. "Niall she'll be okay," Harry said while patting my back. "She'snot okay though, she might think she is but if you look at her, I mean ask Liam," I paused. I was trying to figure out if I should tell them about the scars. I decided not to, "Someone really hurt her guys, I don't even know her but I fancy her guys, I really do and I want to protect her from whoever is doing it," I had to pause again. I had a lump in my throat the size of a softball. "She's really hurt," was all I was able to choke out before I broke down. Liam wrapped his arm around me and I just cryed into him. Soon all the boys were crowded around and hugging me, except for Zayn.



Zayn POV

I've seen Niall like this before but only once. I should have been more supportive. Seeing Niall cry hurts, he's never been in love. Even though he said he only likes her, I can tell he loves her. He looks at her like I look at Perrie. "Niall I'm so sorry," all I could do was apologize. "I shouldn't have have said that I should have been supportive, I was drunk and I-I'm sorry."

He stood up and came and gave me one of his Horan hugs. "It's okay, I forgive you."


Okay so I couldn't think of chapter titles so I'm gonna start just calling them like Chapter 13. So yeah Hope you enjoy(:


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