My Savior

Claire Westbrooke had always had a hard life. Her mother had left when she was little and now lived with her abusive father and his alcoholic wife. Her new stepmother Julia always sat there and watched and sometimes joined Claire's father by burning her with cigarettes. She never goes anywhere but school and can't wear shortsleeve shirts or shorts because she knows people will ask questions about her scars. Claire delt with the pain and scars to be strong for her younger brother who has no idea whats going on. Until one day her father does something so unfather like that she has to run away. Will she meet her savior? Read to find out more.

CAUTION: Contains sexual references! Only read if you are 13 & up!


12. A/N

Hello beautiful people!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I guess I' having a bit of writers block/: It sucks.

But I finally have ideas flowing through my mind so yeah and I'll be updating soon! I go back to school on Tuesday so I'm going to try and write the next 2 days(:

And who else is excited about the Kiss You music video coming out cause I'm sooo excited((((:

But yeah leave comments on what you think so far an if you have any ideas that you want to give KIK me @ SydneyCatherine


Thanks for reading! Love you all<3

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