My Savior

Claire Westbrooke had always had a hard life. Her mother had left when she was little and now lived with her abusive father and his alcoholic wife. Her new stepmother Julia always sat there and watched and sometimes joined Claire's father by burning her with cigarettes. She never goes anywhere but school and can't wear shortsleeve shirts or shorts because she knows people will ask questions about her scars. Claire delt with the pain and scars to be strong for her younger brother who has no idea whats going on. Until one day her father does something so unfather like that she has to run away. Will she meet her savior? Read to find out more.

CAUTION: Contains sexual references! Only read if you are 13 & up!


1. Wake up

Claire POV


"Claire, Claire honey wake up, you have to get up and go home now,"

I woke up my teacher or should I say my Aunt Sarah was standing over me.

"Claire, you used to be so envoled never falling asleep in class, is something going on at home that I don't know about?"

"No, everything's fine, thanks Aunt Sarah I'll see you tomorrow, I promise I won't fall asleep."

"Okay, don't forget to do your homework!"

She yelled after me as I walked out of her room. I want to take a walk through the park but I know if I do my punishment would be twice as bad when I get home. I take my chances though. The park to me is the only place I can escape everything. It's the last place I went with my mom before she left. I miss her so much, but yet at the same time I hate her for leaving me with this monster I have to call my father.

The park is quiet today.  I walked to where me and my mom always sat; behind a waterfall. There was a bench behind the waterfall where me and my mom always had lunch. I always leave my guitar there, I've been working on a song, a song that descibes what I've been through m life. My music is the only thing that keeps me going. Other than my little brother, Ethan, he's 8 and has no idea what my dad does to me, my dad loves him.

I worked on my song a little bit and then looked at my phone. 'Oh-No!' I muttered to myself. I must have lost track of time cause I had been sitting there for over an hour. I put my guitar back in it's secret little place and ran as fast as I could home. I wasn't looking where I was going cause the next thing I know I'm on the ground, right ontop of a boy with the most amazing blue eyes.


"Sorry!" I yelled and I kept running turning back to make sure he was okay. I rounded a corner and turned back one last time. He had five other boys around him now helping him up. He was looking at me. I kept running.


Niall POV

What a wonderful day to take a walk in the park. We were all walking when the boys and I saw an ice-cream stand. We all sprinted toward it until out of the blew some girl ran into me.


She had beautiful green eyes and lusious black hair. I could see fear in her eyes, she quickly shot up and kept running. "Sorry!" she yelled. She kept turning around the same fear in her eyes.

"Niall are you okay mate!" Liam said as he came to come help me up along with me other mates; Harry, Zayn, and Louis. "What was her problem!" Harry said "People these day need to watch where they're going!" Louis snapped. "It's okay mates, I'm fine. But did you guys see the fear in her eyes she looked like she was running from something."

"You must have hit your head on the way down cause she was probably person running for the bus," Liam said.

"Yeah, probably," I said, "lets go get some ice-cream."

They all agreed and we went over to the ice-cream stand, I couldn't get her off my mind.








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