The end of the road.

Taylor, Jack, Emma and nikki grew up here. they lived on this street, walked to school every day, were bestfriends. Their last day of yr 11 is different. their last week will bring emotion, love and passion.


1. Monday.

Friends, such geat word. Usually took for granted. You never realise how much you life would suck would out your bestfriends until you are this close to loosing them for what seams like forever.

Nikki was sittion on the bench - the famous bench, where her and jack made out. Emma became her best friend. yep everything happened at this bench. She had a small purple bok, decorated with green glitter and gold stars. Filled with 100 photos, capturing memories of 17 great years. Could everythign really end ?? like this ?? with a goodbye ??

Todays the last week of school, end of yr 11. Next year is college. And only Emma is going to the same school. This though brough a smile to nikkis face, she loved emma. Even as little babys they would spill their hearts content to each other. Nikki could see jack purple porshe driving up. Thears are ending. Time for an unforgatable week.

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