Over Again

"georgia?" that irish voice sent chills down my spine, i thought last summer was the last time i would ever see him, the one i loved, Niall James Horan.
Georgia Roddam moves to Ireland with her aunt after her parents get a divorce. Thats where she meets Niall Horan. When Nialls ex turns up on the scene how will she react to Niall being best friends with Georgia, or does she get the wrong idea and think its something more?.


3. School

Georgia's P.O.V:

I told him, he seemed so upset. He seemed like he really cared. He called me beautiful&asked why i was insecure. He's so sweet, caring and just amazing. I bet he's the most popular person ever, as soon as we get to school he's not going to want to be my friend anymore, he'll just forget about me. I was brought out of my thoughts when we  ended up standing in front of a small building with two doors and a sign saying 'RECEPTION' on it.

"well, this is it" i say sighing

"you'll be fine, honestly, everyone will love you, just watch out for my ex Melanie, she's the jealous type and might get the wrong idea about us" says Niall, i wonder what Melanie is like. Its what he says next that shocks me the most "but that wouldn't bother me" he mumbled it under his breath hoping i wouldn't hear, but i did. What does he mean? he wouldn't mind us being together?.

He cant feel that way i mean, c'mon, i'm not amazing, extraordinary in any way, shape or form. I'm just me, if Niall does feel that way,which i hope he does,this is going to be the best time of my life.

As we walked into the reception, there were a few people there who just turned and looked at me. Some glared but some smiled, it didn't seem that bad, but there was still a lot to come.

I walked up to the desk "Hello, I'm Georgia Roddam, I'm new could you please give me my timetable? "

She smiles broadly at me "Yes, here it is, I see you've got Niall to help you"

"Yes, i'll take good care of her" He says grinning at me childishly

"Thank you" I say whilst examining my timetable, The bell rings and it turns out that me and Niall are in all of the same classes. He leads me to a long classroom with 2 people on a desk, Niall sits down and gestures for me to sit with him. We sit for a few minutes talking while the rest of the class enters. A tall brunette girl enters. She's extremely pretty

"Thats' Melanie" Whispers Niall

She notices me, glares at me long and hard then just laughs to herself. I thought that was it, but when she walked past me she said "ugly whore" but trying to disguise it in a cough.

"Please Melanie" shouts Niall "Try and be siville, You don't even know Georgia, she's amazing just like i said this morning when you text me.

"Your obviously the only person who likes her Niall" Melanie says laughing "I hear she's here with her Aunt because even her parents don't want her"

that was it.

I stood up and shouted "You got something to say, say it to me! Calling me a whore, please pet, you cheated on Niall which just proves 2 things, 1.your the whore and 2.Your stupid, why would you cheat on Niall, He is the sweetest person i've ever met and doesn't deserve your shit.

"fuck off"Melanie says thinking shes the big man.

I hate that word 'fuck'  its so aggressive, she was pissing me off so bad laughing at me, I wasn't being bullied again, I found a new found strength and..

"No, you fuck off!" and slapped her across the face.

She just looked at me with her mouth shaped like a perfect 'O'.

She then just sat down, and started talking to her friends.

Niall was laughing uncontrollably

"Nice one, i wasn't expecting that" Niall states inbetween laughs.

"Well expect the unexpected from now on Mr Horan"I say smiling

"I will Miss Roddam" he says winking.

The teacher enters the room and everyone quietens down, today i felt good, like all those bullies were just memories now, i wasn't scared anymore, but that was just Melanie and that was just name calling.  



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