Over Again

"georgia?" that irish voice sent chills down my spine, i thought last summer was the last time i would ever see him, the one i loved, Niall James Horan.
Georgia Roddam moves to Ireland with her aunt after her parents get a divorce. Thats where she meets Niall Horan. When Nialls ex turns up on the scene how will she react to Niall being best friends with Georgia, or does she get the wrong idea and think its something more?.


6. Old Fears

Nialls P.O.V:

We chatted for the next half an hour until the bell rang. She went to see the teacher at the front when a pair of hands covered my eyes.

"Guess who" laughed the evil voice of Melanie

"Get of me, you make me feel sick" I spat back 

"You know there is one way i would leave her alone" she states smiling smugly

"What would that be?"

"A kiss"..

 i swear my eyes jumped out of my head, sprung to the moon and bounced back


"Kiss me and i'll leave her alone"

i thought about it, i thought Georgia had left the room so shrugged and leaned in as did she. I went just for a peck on the lips but she turned it into a snog. Her grip was to tight and i couldn't break free. I heard a gasp, she finally broke away. All i saw was Georgia stood their tears dripping down her face, and hurt in her eyes. Why did she care so much if i was just a friend? did she like me? I guess so.. I'm such a dick, I've messed everything up..

Georgia's P.O.V:

I had just finished talking to the teacher when I was going over to talk to Niall. I gasped at what I saw, Niall full on snogging Melanie, and he seemed to be enjoying it. Tears spilled down my face. Georgia, stop it, its his choice if he loves the class bitch. I mentally scolded myself until the stopped kissing. His eyes widened as he saw me. He tried to talk but i just turned away, i ran as far as I could. it wasn't like I was missing school or anything, I had a free lesson next. I found a small park nearby. I sat on the bench and cried. I heard a faint sound of music from next to me, I shifted my eyes to the boy sat next to me. He looked about my age. He had emerald green eyes, and a mess of 'I just got out of bed' sort of curls. He smiled sheepishly at me and removed his headphones.

Harry's P.O.V:

I had 2 free lessons this morning so i decided to sit in the nearby park and listen to some music. A girl came running towards the bench where i was sitting crying her eyes out. My heart instantly melted for 2 reasons 1. I was a sucker for seeing girls cry 2... She was beautiful. She noticed me, i smiled stupidly. Guess thats my chances gone. I guess i looked rude with my headphones in, I took them off and put the in my pocket

"Hello, i'm Harry, Harry Styles"

This girl looked really familiar, I mean REALLY familiar. Where did i know her from.

"HARRY?" she yelled, thats it! When I was 10 i moved from Holmes Chapel to Newcastle. While I was there I met a girl, called Georgia, We instantly became best friends. We spent the next 4 years together forgetting everyone around us. In those four years I fell in love with her, I've never loved a girl like that again. No, i'm not going to say i waited, I did try to go with other girls but nothing ever felt right. I never got butterflies when she spoke. Those butterflies returned for the first time in 4 years, I knew she was the one..

Georgia's P.O.V: 

OMGG!! Harry, He was my only friend in Newcastle, Until he moved when we were 14. None of that mattered though. I've got my Styles Back. I met him when i was 10, When i was about 11 i started to fall for him but i guessed he would never love me like that. I felt all light inside when i was with him. That feeling returned for this first time in a LONG time. Maybe too long. I almost forgot. Niall. My face suddenly turned sad as tears filled my eyes. Harry obviously noticed this.

"Whats wrong babe?" he asked, his voice full of worry.

"Well theres this boy, you probably know him, He's called Niall Horan. He lives across the road from me and we got really close even though i've only known him for a day. I started to fall for him, until he kissed his ex after I had just had an argument with her. She tried to bully me like everyone else but i wouldn't stand for it and slapped her. Niall was so angry, but I turned away for two seconds and he was snogging her AND ENJOYING IT!." I cried into Harry's chest as he just drew circled on my shoulders which he knew relaxed me. I guess he never forgot. 

"I do know Niall, actually we're sort of best friends, well. Him, me, Louis, Zayn and Liam. I'm sorry for what hes done and how its hurt you, I can't stand to see you cry, i'll talk to him and see what the story is, because that doesn't sound like my Nialler. He's normally so sweet and caring. Something doesn't seem right"

I shrugged and hugged him tight. It was so good to have him back..

Nialls P.O.V:

Georgia just ran when i tried to speak to her, I turned around to face Melanie 


i didn't wait for an answer, I just set out to find Georgia, she doesn't know her way around and i would never forgive myself if something happened. I looked for over an hour when I was just about to check the park. i stood at the gates and watched her cuddle up to my best friend. My heart felt like it ripped out of my chest as my eyes filled. I took a minute to compose and ran over, I coughed for them to notice me. Harry smiled at me awkwardly, Georgia just stared at me

"look, if you don't believe me its okay, I did that for you"

she laughed and shook her head.

"Melanie said that if I kissed her then she would leave you alone, lke stop bullying you and get everyone else to leave you alone, i gave her a little kiss but she wouldn't let go of me and i couldn't let go, I saw you run away and i've been looking for you"

I suddenly felt a pair of arms embrace me in a warm hug, She forgave me, thank god. I was never going to loose her again..

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