Over Again

"georgia?" that irish voice sent chills down my spine, i thought last summer was the last time i would ever see him, the one i loved, Niall James Horan.
Georgia Roddam moves to Ireland with her aunt after her parents get a divorce. Thats where she meets Niall Horan. When Nialls ex turns up on the scene how will she react to Niall being best friends with Georgia, or does she get the wrong idea and think its something more?.


9. Nialls house...

i would like to apologise now for any spelling mistakes as I'm writing on my ipad:), sorry for the really long wait, anyways.. Back to the story..
Niall's P.O.V Yes, she's coming over, I can't wait! I'm going to make this girl fall in love with me, just like I have with her. *DINGG* that was the bell for next lesson, it's art. I'm no good at art really, a few sketches here and there but who doesn't?. I'm sitting waiting for Georgia to come in and she does, looking beautiful she takes the seat next to me as the teacher talks but I'm not really listening. I'm just sat here focusing on Georgia, how beautifully her blonde hair complimented her blue eyes and rosy cheeks. I heard the teacher mention that we're going to do whatever we want today, as she's lost the plan or something. Georgia grabbed a piece of paper and started drawing, I tried to look but she wouldn't let me, so I just sat and sketched on my piece of paper, I drew a guitar and that was it. Georgia cleared her throat and I turned to face her and I swear my eyes popped out of my head. She had sketched me, and it was amazing, the highlights of my hair, everything was just amazing.
"Georgia that's amazing, honestly your an amazing drawer, an amazing singer and your bea... Your just amazing" I didn't even realise what I was saying I now look like a freak and she's going to think I'm weird, nice one Niall.
Georgias P.O.V did he really just go to say I was beautiful? Niall thinks I'm beautiful
"aw thanks Niall, you're so cute what time will I come to your house tonight, cause I want to go get changed first?"  
"Erm, is half 4 ok?"
"Yeah, that's fine" and with that the bell went, on the way out of school we bumped in to Harry and we exchanged numbers so we could meet up sometime, I guess since him and Niall are close ill see a lot of him, which is good because I've missed him.
once I get home I run straight upstairs as my aunt is probably out as a I can't hear her, I run a brush through my hair and apply powder, mascara and some blusher. I decide to wear black leggings and a pink polo with some white converse.
Nialls P.O.V I get home and change into black skinny jeans, a white polo top and put my red supras on. Go on Facebook and twitter for a while. I check the time and its 4:15 I text Georgia to ask if she's ready, while I'm waiting for a reply I quiff my hair up *BEEP* new message Georgia: I'm ready now, I'll walk over if that's okay? x
Niall: yeah that's fine x
I don't know why but I feel so nervous when I'm around her, like I have those butterfly's that everyone talks about, I've never had the, before but ever since I met Georgia yesterday they won't go away *KNOCK KNOCK* she's here.
"Niall it's for you" I hear them laughing so i sprint down the stairs before my mam says anything embarrassing. She looks stunning it makes my heart skip a beat just looking at her, never mind when she smiles at me.
"hey Georgia, come in and we'll sit in my room for a bit, that okay mam?"
"yeah, that's fine just shout of you need anything, it was nice meeting you Georgia"
"you too" Georgia's so sweet I don't understand  why she's spending time with me?.
Georgia's P.O.V  Nialls mam seemed nice, his house is so cute and warm, family pictures on the walls as we walk upstairs, at the top of the stairs there's a bathroom and next door is Nialls room, dark blue walls with pictures of him and his friends, one I realise is of him and his bad, one direction I think it was. Him and Harry with 3 other boys with microphones and Niall holding a guitar. A black double bed in the far corner of the room with his guitar lying down on top of it.

"you play?" Niall asks as he notices me admiring his guitar

"yeah, Harry taught me when we were younger, I haven't played in ages though"

niall starts smiling as if he has a plan and grabs the guitar and hands it to me

"show me" he says pulling over a bean bag and sits infront of me smiling childishly.

i play the script break even, as I'm playing I start singing. A whole flash of memories to through my mind of me and Harry running along the beaches in newcastle skimming stones and telling each other what we would be doing this time in ten years. I forgot I was playing and singing, I was just finishing and Niall had already started his applause. 

"Enough of me playing, lets get to know each other better" 

"Well georgia, what do you want to know?"

"Just tell my stuff that I don't know about you that I don't know"

"well, I'm Niall james Horan, lived in Mullingar my whole life, I used to have brownish hair and died it lighter, I have the 4 best friends in the world Harry,Zayn,liam and Louis, we're in a band called one direction we all sing and I play guitar, I think that if a girl is funny with a good personality she is perfect, I'm not very clever, I'm just a normal person so I don't know what else to say, oh.. And I like food, especially nandos" 

"Omg Niall, I love food and nandos too" 

"yey, your turn"

"I'm georgia Louise Roddam, born in Newcastle England and lived there till 2 days ago and I moved here, I used to live with my mam and dad until they got a divorce and I decided to move here with my aunt, Niall Horan is the closest o have to a best friends along with Harry aswell, I love music, art and dancing and its the only thing I'm really good at, I've been bullied since a young age but let's not go into that as we already have, I like boys with blue eyes and who can sing and who are just all round fun and sweet" 

Nialls P.O.V I'm going to show this girl what its like to be happy.

"Georgia, do you want to go for a walk?"...

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