Over Again

"georgia?" that irish voice sent chills down my spine, i thought last summer was the last time i would ever see him, the one i loved, Niall James Horan.
Georgia Roddam moves to Ireland with her aunt after her parents get a divorce. Thats where she meets Niall Horan. When Nialls ex turns up on the scene how will she react to Niall being best friends with Georgia, or does she get the wrong idea and think its something more?.


7. I... Ithinkiminlovewithyou...

Georgia's P.O.V:

We all walked to our next class to find everyone there except the teacher, we went in and took our seats. Minutes after the teacher walked in and introduced herself.

"Hello class, I'm Miss Smith, as I don't know any of you, I'm going to give the girls a part of a song and the boys the other, learn your part and I will pair you up at the end and you can perform it"

Oh no! I'm a really bad singer, I'm going to make a massive fool of myself, what will Niall think?!. I can't do this!

Niall's P.O.V:

We were singing stereo hearts, my favourite song, I was excited... I mean not bragging or anything but I am a good singer.

I practiced over the song, until Miss Smith told us to come forward. Harry went first, I knew he would be good, I mean we are in a band, it's just small and we have never played anywhere, we're called one direction.

"Next up is Niall Horan and Georgia Bennett"

Omg yes!
I grabbed my guitar and nodded to Georgia, signalling I was ready and she did so too.
She sang and I felt like I had been taken to heaven I really was in love with angel, wait.. I'm in love with her? Huh.. I guess so.

I sang my part and she stood their with her mouth shaped into the perfect 'o'. I smiled, we carried on the song and sang the bridge together. I finished off and put the guitar down. I turned to Georgia

"Wow, I mean.. Just.. Like.. You.." Deep breath.. "You were amazing! I mean I didn't know you could sing? You never said"

She blushed, aw cute! "I wasn't even good Niall, you don't have to comfort me because I was bad"

"What?" I was honestly shocked that she didn't think she was good "you were amazing Georgia, leprechauns honour!" She laughed at the last part, her laugh.. Just melted my heart.


Georgia's P.O.V:

He said I was amazing, pftt, I wasn't!

"Georgia, you wanna come over to mine tonight" Niall whispered sending a shiver down my spine.

"Yeah, I'd love to".
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