Riddle Me This

Try your luck at the test of your mental skills with these riddles! In rhyme, free verse, and occasionally, just a bunch of letters, they will keep you on your toes! If you get it right, you will get your name in the chapter saying that you solved it! All of these are written originally by me!


8. Riddle #8- I Am

A/N: Another riddle! You will need some background knowledge for this one, *hint hint*! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR SOLVING IT!
Musical Megster
Creative KC Cookie:) 2p (had acceptable answer, but not correct one)
Kierstinnn (same as Creative KC Cookie:) 2p)
Sphynx (had acceptable answer, but not correct one) 

I am the light in the dark
I am the sparking ember
I am the guiding hand
I am the saviour and protector
I am the destroyer
I am the mourner
I am the conqueror
I am the lover
I am the hunter
I am the bird
I am the nutjob
Who/what am I?

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