Riddle Me This

Try your luck at the test of your mental skills with these riddles! In rhyme, free verse, and occasionally, just a bunch of letters, they will keep you on your toes! If you get it right, you will get your name in the chapter saying that you solved it! All of these are written originally by me!


11. Riddle #11- New Year!

A/N: Here's another riddle, you might need a history book (hint hint)! Just so you all know, if you get a riddle right, I reply, but then delete your comment so no one can copy. If you go back to previous riddles, your name will be under the list of people that got it right!
Happy New Year to you all! 2013, here we come!

I first am something that has 3 varieties, and is never found without something else
Next, I am nothing, but I am one of the most important things in the world
Last, I am the supposedly Anti-Tyche and Anti-Fortuna
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