A Merciful Series Of Events...

In this book I shall show you a world with no mercy... some may be slightly graphic,so you've been warned and I don't want the cowardice read this.... don't blame me for nightmares.
Hopefully these will be daily entry's... only a paragraph a day... I was close in on 'Cain's Story' but I would like some other evil mind to join in and write about other sinners... not needed to be from the bible, Eve, Adam, Samson, Judas ect...


6. Magdaline

Magdaline woke up that morning at 6am. Like any other morning and looked at herself in the mirror. She combed her long blond locks and filled them with bands and clips. She moved make-up onto her face and puckered her lips to them mirror- Perfect- she thought, winking in the mirror and strolling over to her school uniform.

The clothes were a bit tight but that just showed her curved, bulging chest and perfect figure. Her shirt flapped around her upper thighs and if she moved to much you might have been able to catch a flash... She checked this until it was full-proof and then headed downstairs for a meal. Her family always made her something to eat. Something yummy.

But they weren't in the kitchen when she appeared. She heard screams and bangs from upstairs.

"If you're going to have sex please leave it till I'm /OUT/ of the house." She looks to the kitchen before commenting in disgust, "I guess I'll just leave with an empty stomach then!" She screams in one of her trademark tantrums and slams the door, storming out. Vaguely aware that the noise had gone quiet... and too quiet at that.

She jogged to school, making sure to give the local boys a jiggle or two before winking at them and then got onto the train, standing up and enjoying the many faces of the guys enjoying the view. She stuck headphones in and as the train lurched slightly at every stop she was giving the boys a good look and she smiled greatly, most of the population of this train were boys and of them none complained.

Then the train stopped very abruptly, she found herself being thrown askew onto the cart's floor and on her hands and knees, struggling to get up as the lights flickered and the power died down. She know found herself in the fragile situation of being in a dim room with guys in an unsupervised room.

Though she may act like one, she wasn't an all-round slut. And this certainly was not the best place to be. She got to her feet and heard the padding of someone else's behind her. The lights flashed on and she backed away. She let a scream escape her.

The boys eyes had become black pits, even the older men. Their faces showed signs of want and lust and the women were entered into a deep sleep. But the most disturbing was a young boy, innocent and sweet  now rendered her completely defenseless. It was his aura, his gaze with eyes that seemed to go on forever that made her.. stick to the ground; That made her body stiffen. 

He pushed her with his delicate hand and she felt an incredibly painful force echo throughout her chest and she was sent onto the ground, legs apart and still, to her utmost fear, unable to move. The little boy crawled up to her ear.

"You will be punished for your pride," His voice changing from an innocent little boys to a deep demonic tone as he disappeared into smokey black wisps. She struggled once more and still to no avail....

And then the lights went out. 

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