A Merciful Series Of Events...

In this book I shall show you a world with no mercy... some may be slightly graphic,so you've been warned and I don't want the cowardice read this.... don't blame me for nightmares.
Hopefully these will be daily entry's... only a paragraph a day... I was close in on 'Cain's Story' but I would like some other evil mind to join in and write about other sinners... not needed to be from the bible, Eve, Adam, Samson, Judas ect...


5. Cain & The Long Street

The street ahead of Cain seemed to go on for miles. He was drenched in dark crimson blood holding a  dagger that looked to heavy to hold in his withered hand. At least he was free, at least he now could run at least... Cain looked to his broken cage, the door hanging lazily open. He stopped to stare at it, he, himself, had been left in that cage... he had anticipated to die in there, the planned on the ways to crush, kill, burn, gut, sever, his own brother. And now he'd finally put it into action. He thinned his eyes in focus at the road a head of him, it went all through the center of the town, leading to brides of roads but something else he noticed. A white crescent smile heading towards him fast, very fast... Cain began to run.


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