A Merciful Series Of Events...

In this book I shall show you a world with no mercy... some may be slightly graphic,so you've been warned and I don't want the cowardice read this.... don't blame me for nightmares.
Hopefully these will be daily entry's... only a paragraph a day... I was close in on 'Cain's Story' but I would like some other evil mind to join in and write about other sinners... not needed to be from the bible, Eve, Adam, Samson, Judas ect...


3. Cain & Laughter

Cain stood in front of a crowd of only a few people, ten to nineteen children. He stood in a stolen cage with a  so said 'broken lock'  all staring, pointing...laughing. But he still continued to pretend it was all in kindness that he allowed them to pelt him with rocks, rotten fruit. He knew they could see his pain, or they wouldn't be laughing. The person he called his brother... Abel, was the so called 'ring master' in this place. Everyone loved him, he wasn't a nice person, he was more a devil than Cain and Cain was terrible himself. People were cussing hateful names at him and laughing, spitting, throwing and repeat.


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