A Merciful Series Of Events...

In this book I shall show you a world with no mercy... some may be slightly graphic,so you've been warned and I don't want the cowardice read this.... don't blame me for nightmares.
Hopefully these will be daily entry's... only a paragraph a day... I was close in on 'Cain's Story' but I would like some other evil mind to join in and write about other sinners... not needed to be from the bible, Eve, Adam, Samson, Judas ect...


2. Cain & Demon

In the dimly lit room it only showed two glowing yellow circles looped around deep red pupils close enough to black...
"Cain" the soft shaky voice soothed. Cain could not see very much but a girl with her hair tied back, wearing a dress to short to cover her entire legs, like she was a harlet none the less. She blinked at a ever so fast pace.
"Cain" She called again, his eyes were open and he was staring
"Cain, whatever could it be so wrong?" She stared in amazement... She lifted her marked hand to wards her face 'diabolus' was written up her arm. And from the look for it it seemed it had been engraved using glass or a knife, something sharp. it was scarred over but showed signs on infection and puss.
"Oh this?" She gestured to her arm using her head and nodding, her pale face wasn't like the rest of her skin, she appeared to have a different shade of skin, like her face was sewn onto the a different body, but she showed no signs of stitches, although she did show signs of signs of whip marks.
"This is a sign of who I'am...diabolus is latin, I suppose you'll never know what it says" Both her and Cain seemed so young, she might have been ten at most and Cain looked just over twelve.
"You know Cain, they did punish me for what I did, you're death was in vain, there is no need to be so stubborn with me, just speak...speak to me Cain... You were so tasty"

1996...05:12am... Culprits: Caught

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