My encounter with a Superhero in a bakery

Donna is a party girl and everyone knows it.
She spends the majority of her time partying with her friends and avoiding all school commitments.
Then one day something unusual happens...

She meets a superhero.

And her life changes forever.


1. The guy at the bakery


I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand and let out a great big yawn.

I felt terrible. My vision blurred and my head ached.

 But I guess it was kind of my own fault that I was feeling like this. Partying pretty much every night after school probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

And especially if you’ve got to go to the Saturday job your father has forced you to have the next day.

And especially if your father is the boss.


The sound of the doorbell’s sheer cry echoed through my eardrums as the guy entered the bakery. He stood tall, not slouching and he even had to duck under the door to get in because he was that tall.

 The demin of his jeans clung to his legs like a second skin not leaving much to the imagination and his dark sandy brown hair was perfectly gelled into artistic looking spikes on the top of his head.

This guy looked like a god.

 He had it all, the dark brooding eyes, the perfectly rounded lips, and even the ideal sure-footed walk. You could tell that this guy knew what his purpose was in life. You could tell he knew exactly what he was destined for.

Destined for greatness.

I don’t know what I’m destined for. I don’t even know what my purpose in life is.

Oh wait; yeah I do know what my destiny is.

My destiny is to stay in this bakery day in, day out; serving people fresh doughnuts and cheese and onion pies till my hair’s gone grey and mattered and my face is as shrivelled up as a prune according to my father.

 He says I’ll never get anywhere in life. He’s been telling me that ever since I failed all my SAT’s when I was 11, and do you know what the scary thing is? I’m starting to believe him. He was a fabulously famous chef when he was younger. Winning all these fancy awards for his great pastry and pies.

The only award I’ve ever won as far as I can remember was for the skipping competition in primary school on sports day. You had to see how many skips you could do in a minute. I did a total of 31. Probably the most proudest moment of my life; standing up in front of assembly clutching my plastic silver cup to my chest and grinning wildly, as sad as that seems. I was only 9.

I think I still have that plastic cup somewhere back at my flat. Probably at the back of my wardrobe behind the many screwed up t-shirts and pairs of jeans I haven’t gotten around to ironing yet.

 The overhead lights flickered as he slowly sauntered towards where I was standing behind the cash register, my mouth gaping open as he walked over. My heart hammered in my chest. Was he really paying attention to me, of all people?

Had he saw me from outside the glass window and fell in love with me right there on the spot and come in to whisk me away unto the sunset? Had my luck finally turned around?

“Oh my God, he is unbelievably gorgeous.” A high pitched squeal of a voice said from beside me.

I turned my head to see Anna, my work colleague, fanning herself with one of the white paper bags we serve the pastries and pies in. Not very hygienic. I’d have to make sure we chucked that bag out afterwards.

“I knew they said he was hot…” Anna breathed, her face turning a dark unnatural shade of red and her blond locks swaying around her pixie shaped head as she nodded her head from side to side in wonder, “…and I mean, he looked hot in all those pictures in the magazine’s but I didn’t really believe he could be that hot. I mean, no-one is that hot. It’s not normal.”

 She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She then hitched her pencil skirt right up (like any normal girl would when in the presence of a super-hot famous, available guy) and throwing her blond hair over her shoulder, threw the paper bag at me and shoved me away from the counter. I nearly fell over backwards from the sheer force of her push, but at last minute I managed to grab onto the edge of the table behind us.

 When Anna sees something she wants, she doesn’t hang around in the background like me. Oh no, she goes and get it.

And the thing is; she normally gets what she wants.

 The guy had reached the counter by now and casually looked Anna up and down, his lob sided sexy mouth smiling at her beautiful beaming face.

“Hey gorgeous.” He grinned, his eyes sparkling green in the light.

This only made Anna blush more. She lifted one of her small dainty hands to her hair and played with her hair. Wrapping a golden strand around her finger and then suddenly letting it go; the strand bouncing away from her head like a coil of wire, only to bounce right back into place perfectly. She did the same again with another strand and then another, batting her eye lashes at him.

“Shouldn’t you be out saving us all from the bad guys right now?” She smiled her hazel eyes twinkling as she flirted with him.

He leant against the glass counter, toying with her as he reached across to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “Oh saving the world can wait for a while… as long as I can carry on talking to you.” His voice was deep and rich and would make any girl swoon at the sound of it.

Seriously? Did he really just say that? Oh my God. I think I just puked in my mouth. Like that chat up line hadn’t been used before.

And all that talk about him being a really nice guy as well as a hero?

 Absolute rubbish. That’s the media for you. He’s obviously no different from the rest of the guys I know. Stupid, arrogant and full of themselves. They only want girls for one thing.

“What are you doing in here lover boy?” Anna leant towards him, breathing heavily. Lover boy? They’ve only just met! I wouldn’t go around talking to guys I’ve only just met like that.

“Well, I just happened to be nearby and I was walking passed this bakery shop when I saw this beautiful girl shovelling sugar onto some deep fried doughnuts…” He ran a big muscled hand threw his sandy brown hair casually, “…and I thought to myself, ‘I’ve seen a more beautiful intelligent girl in all my life.’ So I decided to go and find out more about her.”

 Intelligent? Beautiful yes, but not intelligent. Anna didn’t even know what a bar chart was. I’m sorry for insulting her intelligence, but it’s true. I once was showing her some of the figures for our sales in the shop I’d put into a bar chart and she’d pointed to the graph and said ‘What’s that?’. At first I’d thought she was trying to inquire about why the sale figures had dipped down a few years ago but she went on to ask me what kind of diagram it was.

 I then took the next forty-five minutes trying to draw out and show her how to design a bar chart on the back of a cardboard McDonald’s happy meal box.

 And the thing is, I bet if you asked her what one is now, she’d still not know.

 However after saying that I can’t boast about being much cleverer than her, because I’m really not, as my father daily reminds me.

 Anna nearly fainted at the comment the guy had made.

Clearly the heat of the conversation had gotten to her. Her knees started to buckle from under her weight and as they did so I threw my arms around her waist and dragged her over to the nearest chair; where she sat hyperventilating as I went to go and get her a pack of frozen peas from the freezer.

When I got back I handed to her the pack of frozen peas, which she pressed to her forehead and she then started practising her breathing exercises which she does when she gets too excited.

I scurried back over to the counter.

“And who the hell would you be?” The guy frowned, his eyebrows lowering over his mysterious green eyes.

Great. So Anna got a ‘Hey gorgeous’ and I got a ‘and who the hell would you be?’ Fab. Just fab.

I hid behind the barricade of dark brown hair that I just let fall in front of my face. “Anna’s work colleague.” I replied.

He sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Is she alright?” He inquired.

I raised my eyebrows at this. “Does she look alright to you?” I glanced in her direction, to see her with her head between her knees taking deep breaths.

I leant across the counter towards him and said quietly “She has CHVS.”

“What the hell is that?” He said loudly.

“Keep your voice down!” I frowned at him.

I sighed. Not many people have actually heard of it before.

 Hell, I only knew about it because when she had just started working here (three months ago) she had to fill out a job application form and on the ‘health problems’ section, she had scribbled down the letters ‘CHVS’.

 I’d had no clue what it was at the time so when I’d gotten home that day I went and typed in ‘CHVS’ in Google.

“Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome.” I whispered under my breath. “It’s when someone has a respiratory disorder and when they become overwhelmed or under pressure, they breathe too rapidly or too deeply and become dizzy or form a chest pain. Or sometimes both.”

“You’ve done your research well.” He muttered.

 I smiled tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “I like to be well informed on day to day problems around the world so I can help if necessary.”

Maybe he goes for clever girls as well as pretty ones. I know I’m not clever and all but he doesn’t know that does he?

“Aaah, in that case you’ll know all about the global sheep crisis.” He smiled.

“Yes… in fact I do.” I pasted a fake smile on my face.

What global sheep crisis? Were sheep like taking over the world or something? Were there too many of them? Too little of them?

What were sheep useful for? They churn up the land and all that, so maybe there aren’t that many around? Maybe the land isn’t being churched up and therefore all our crops aren’t growing?

Yeah, but that can’t be right. I went down to the market the other day and as far as I could tell the veg and fruit there were just as good as normal. So what is this global sheep crisis about?

“So what do you think about it?” He said his eyes dancing with laughter. I was gunna wipe that smile right off his face right now.

“Well…” I bit my lip, “It is a very global crisis. Very global. Incredibly global. In fact, getting even more global by the minute.” I said in the most knowledgeable voice I could generate.

He leant across the counter towards me, his lips inches away from mine. I felt my heart in my mouth and I couldn’t stop staring and his perfectly rounded lips.

 “Yes, very global indeed.” His eyes still laughing, “Yes, but what do you think about the situation we are in? Financially because of this global sheep crisis?”

Financially? “Urmm… the financial side is very urmmm….” I rapped my brain for an answer, “…complicated.”

“Yes very complicated indeed.” He laughed and took a step back. “So very complicated.” He was choking back laughter by now. What was so funny? Did I have flour on my face or something?

The sound of a whaling police siren vibrated through the glass window from outside.

The guy glanced at his wrist watch. A golden Vacheron Constantin wrist watch, the numbers around the face embedded with millions of tiny diamonds. Being a hero I see did have its benefits.

“I gotta go. The world needs saving again I see.” He reached for the handle of the door to get out, but the door jammed as he did so.

“Wait, if you’re patient and turn the door knob slightly to the right before you…” I took a step around the counter towards him, but it was too late. He ripped the door off its hinges and threw it out into the street. One thing for sure is he isn’t famous for his patience.

It’s going to cost a fortune to get it fixed now! My dad’s gunna kill me.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” I screamed at him.

He just shrugged and ran out the door.

 I ran to the door (or at least where the door should have been before he destroyed it) and then I peered down the street to see where he’d gone.

But he was no-where to been seen.

All I could hear was the distant rumble of thunder and the sound of rain splashing on the cobbles of the street.

“Did that really just happen Donna?” Anna’s squeak of a voice asked from behind me.

“Yeah it did.” I looked up and down the street to double check to see if he was there.

But again nothing.

“Are you really telling me that Austin Coal walked through into this bakery, flirted with me, argued with you and then ripped the door off its hinges and ran out?” She breathed heavily.


“So you are telling me that Austin Coal, I repeat Austin Coal, son of millionaire Howard Coal, came in here to buy a pastry?”

“He didn’t actually buy…”

“You get the point.” Her mouth widened into a treasure cat smile, “Oh my God! My friends are so gunna be jealous! I flirted with a superhero!”

Yeah. And I discussed the ‘Sheep global crisis’ with one.

 Which sounds pretty stupid.

Probably because it is, stupid I mean.

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