That One Night

Lilly Henley was your average american high school student. She was in AP classes and competed competitively in the throwing events for track and field. One night when she's out practicing by herself a certain boy band shows up to have some fun playing soccer after their long day at a signing in the local mall. Lilly doesn't have any idea that its the international boy band One Direction. Find out what happens That One Night and if their will be more nights to follow.

*Harry Fanfic*


2. Chapter Two


I stood their dumbfounded staring at the phone in my hand. What the hell just happened? That kid just completely saved my ass. I looked up to see that the boys had broken off into two groups. The one wearing the onsie or Louis I guess and the blond one Niall were playing with my equipment. Niall was trying to throw the discus like a Frisbee. Louis, on the other hand, was trying to get Liam's attention because I think he wanted to try and throw the shot put to him.


I chuckled to my self despite the anger that had grown inside me. I put my phone into my pocket of my sweatshirt before making my way over to where my equipment was. I realized I would have to look awkward carrying all the stuff over to the shed. Awesome. Another embarrassing moment for Lilly. 


As I walked up to my stuff both Niall and Louis looked up at me beaming. 


"Looks like I'll be taking that." I grumbled as I began to grab my jav, 2 discus, and my shot-put. Louis was still holding the shot and Niall was fiddling with the discus. 


"Awwww please stay! You can teach a how to use these silly thingys!" Louis exclaimed with a childlike tone. Niall stared at me with his two bright blue eyes with a puppy dogface on. 


I was tempted to stay for just a second but then realized I needed to go home and patch things up with my mom, as well as ice the hell out of my shoulder. 


"Not that you don't seem like lovely people but for all I know you guys could be a gang of murders or something!" I said a little too sarcastically.


"But seriously, I gotta get going" I grumbled again reaching for the shot and discus that were still in their hands. I put the shot in the pocket of my hoodie realizing at the last second my phone was in there. 


"Crap!" I yelled dropping the disc in my hand. 


"Are you all right there?" Niall asked with a confused look. I ignored his question and took the shot out of my pocket and plopped it on the ground. I then stuffed my hand into my pocket again praying my phone wasnt dead. I grabbed it and pulled it out. All that was left was a squashed little silver flip phone. 


"Fuck" I muttered under my breath. 


"Ooooo. What a shame." Niall said with headshake and a tsk at the end. 

I threw the phone back into my pocket along with the shot again. My tolerance for anything had reached its limit. I grabbed my jav and discs and started marching to the shed.


I walked pass the group of Liam, Harry, and Zayn. "It was nice meeting you love!" Liam called out. I gave him a head nod and continued my march to the shed. 


"Fuckity fuck fuck. My moms gunna kill me." I threw my stuff on the ground one more time and grabbed the key off the top of the door where I had put it earlier. I jiggled the lock and grabbed the equipment to put inside. I then made my way over to the back of the shed where the ice machine was.  I filled 3 bags of ice, tossing each one out the door when I was finished. As I stepped back outside the shed and locked the door I felt the presence of someone next to me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a mop of curls. 


"Can I help you?" I asked rudely as I picked up the bags of ice. 


"Being a little mean to someone who saved your arse." he said with a toothy grin plastered on his handsome face. He clearly thought he was the greatest thing since slice bread.


"I'll have you know I had everything under control." I began to make my way over to the parking lot praying he would stop following me and go back to his friends. No such luck. 


I turned around quickly causing him to almost bump into me. "Alright buddy I gave you your stinking field now go play your little game of soccer"


"Football." he stated simply. 


"What?" I asked a bit confused.


"It's called football. Not soccer. Football." Again with the smirking.


I didn't bother to go along with the argument he clearly wanted to make.


"Okay what ever floats your boat Brit." I finally reached my car I dropped the bags of ice and took out my car key to unlock the door. 


"You should go out with me sometime."


I almost dropped my keys. I turned and looked up at him. Who the hell did this guy think he was? I was taken aback once more at his beauty and how oddly familiar looking he was.


"Excuse me" I nearly spat at him. 

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