That One Night

Lilly Henley was your average american high school student. She was in AP classes and competed competitively in the throwing events for track and field. One night when she's out practicing by herself a certain boy band shows up to have some fun playing soccer after their long day at a signing in the local mall. Lilly doesn't have any idea that its the international boy band One Direction. Find out what happens That One Night and if their will be more nights to follow.

*Harry Fanfic*


3. Chapter Three


Harry's POV
"You should go out with me sometime." The words escaped my mouth before I could stop them. I didn't regret saying it though. This girl was special. She had something others didn't but I just couldn't put my finger on it. 

She looked up at me with the most horrified expression I had ever seen. It kinda hurt a little.

"Excuse me," she managed to sputter out. Her face still set in the horrified expression.

"You heard me." I said with a cheeky smile.

I wasn't expecting what happened next. Girls usually just fell into my arms. Not her. She just climbed into the front seat of her car and slammed the door.  She stared at me through the glass with an odd expression on her face and then proceeded to shake her head while sticking the keys into the engine.

The engine slowly started with a brief hesitation before fully coming to life. It was an old car, piece of junk to say the least but it had character just like the girl behind the wheel. 

"I do believe I deserve an answer." I said while tapping on the glass with my charming smile displayed on my face. The girl just shook her head and laughed and proceeded to pull out of her parking spot and drive away. I watched as her car left realizing that would be the last time I ever see her. Oh well, you win some you lose some. 

I took off back toward the field where the lads were. As I rounded the fence that led to the field I looked up to see Louis sprinting straight at me. Oh god. I braced myself for the attack. I loved my best mate but sometimes he was a little much. 

"HARREH!!!" Louis screeched while clobbering me to ground. "Oof get of Lou will ya? Let's go have us a game of footy."

"Piggy back ride first," he said whilst hopping onto my back. "Onward my noble steed!" I began to run as fast as I could at Niall who was kicking around the ball. He looked up just as I was about to tackle him. Of course he erupted into a fit of laughter despite being the bottom of a rather heavy pig pile. Zayn and Liam looked up from where they were talking and exchanged a glance before full on sprinting at us. I quickly rolled myself out from underneath Louis before I could get sandwiched.

I looked up from where I rolled to see Liam on top of Zayn on top of Louis on top of Niall. Liam looked over at me "Oi how'd ya get over there Hazza?" 

"Magic" I stated with a shrug. I jumped up and went over to grab the ball while the boys disentangled themselves from one another. 

Niall came up to me and clamp his arm on my shoulder "What happened to the girl?" 

"Oh uh she left."

"I know that ya idiot. I mean watcha say to her?" 

"Nothing. I just apologized for booting her off the field and said that it was nice to meet her."

"Sure Lad, whatever you say." he said making his way over to the rest of the boys.

*******Two Days Later*******

Lilly’s POV

I managed to clear things up with my mom pretty quick. She was very eager to hear about this mystery boy I was with. I shrugged off her questions and she understood that it wasn’t something I didn’t want to talk about. She also is aware about the boy Cory whom I’ve liked since freshman year. To say it’s a crush is an understatement of the century. Natick is a small town. Nothing much happens and the people rarely change. I know every single person in my graduating class. We’ve all gone to school with each other since 1st grade. Like I said small town.

School just got out and I impatiently waited on a bench out front. It was Friday so lots of kids were piling into buses with friends and cars passed by overflowing with hormonal teenagers. Typical high school scene. School gets out at 2:30 and I have to be at my job by 3:00. I don’t know why I accepted a Friday shift, I guess I was kind of desperate for the money and it’s good to have on college applications. That’s one of the reasons Cornell likes me, I’m well rounded. The only problem with my shift is that I miss practice time but coach usually lets me practice on my own on Saturday so it isn’t too bad. My group of friends passed by waving saying they’d see me after work. My crush, Cory, broke away from the group and came and sat next to me on the bench. I looked over to the group and saw Annie gave me a big thumbs up as my other friend Haley rolled her eyes and dragged her over to her car while giving me a wave.

“Hey Lilly! Your mom late again?” He leaned back on the bench and pushed his wavy brown hair out of his eyes. He always reminded me of an overgrown toddler. His hair was always a little messy but at the same time it was placed perfectly.

“But of course, I wish she would just let me drive my car to school and then I wouldn’t be late… to well everything.” I realized I was tapping my foot quickly on the ground I did this when I was nervous. So pretty much whenever Cory was in a close proximity of me. I’ve known him forever. I’ve been friends with him since PreK but I didn’t really start liking him till Freshman year, I’m a senior now and still no progress in the relationship department. I must be repulsive to the male species. Well not completely repulsive cause that Brit from the other night seemed to like me. But that was just weird, I barely know the guy and he wants to go out with me? Hah. However he was extremely gorgeous. Oh well I’ve got Cory to focus on. 

I’m rather average looking, except for my curly hair I guess you could say that it is what make me “special.” I have long dark brown ringlets and deep hazel eyes. My body is pretty normal. I have a strong upper body because I do the throwing events for track and field (discus, javelin, shot put)

“Well I’m sure she’ll be here soon.” Cory said with a reassuring smile. God he was gorgeous. He cleared his throat, clearly having something else to add.

“So, um are you going to um Haleys tonight?”

“Yeah, I get out of work at eight so I’ll probably get there by eight thirtyish? Its just a movie night right?” My friends and I liked to keep our hang outs simple, we weren’t really the party hard crowd.

“Yeah just a movie. Its my job to pick it this time. Any suggestions?”

I hunched over into a thinking possession making Cory chuckle.

“This is a very tough thing to answer Cory. It’s harder than any SAT question I’ve ever been asked. Ooo I know,” I said shooting up. “Oh shoot I lost it. Guess you’re on your own.”

“Haha very funny. I’ll just get a rom com. Make the girls happy.”

“Oh you’re too kind!” I said standing up seeing my moms pick up truck come into view.

2:55 on the dot. That leaves us 5 minutes to get across town. My mother isn’t the most punctual person on earth; because of her I usually arrive to work about ten minutes late. I hate being late. It’s mostly because I like avoiding conflict. Arguments suck.

“Well my mums here. Best be off. See you tonight!” I said slowly walking backwards towards the car.
“See ya!” Cory said with a wink and a smile. Ew gross, how cheesy. Oh well I still like him anyways.  


“Jesus Lilly would it kill you to at least try looking nice for school.” My mom said with a huff when I threw myself into the truck. And I literally mean threw. I’m only 5’3” and the truck is rather big plus there is no step up. It always takes an extra effort for me to get in. I prefer my little compact car to her truck any day. It may be a piece of shit but it’s got character.

“Mom I’ve worn nice clothes all week can’t a girl let loose.” I looked down assessing my outfit. I had on my BayState champs track and field sweatshirt and a pair of legging with my grey knit Uggs. I left my hair be its crazy curly self for today with only a colorful madras headband to hold it back off my face. All in all it wasn’t that bad. At least I wasn’t wearing sweatpants and my hair wasn’t in a messy bun. I didn’t feel like looking nice today. My shoulder has managed to get significantly worse over the past two days. Each morning I literally douse it in IcyHot just to make it through the day. Mom is still oblivious of course.  

“Also your one to be calling people out Ma, I’m going to be late! Again!”
“Oh hush up. Stan won’t mind.”

Stan is my boss; I’ve known him since I was little. Stan’s son Tyler is one of my brother Toms best friends. The boys both played hockey together so they became family friends. I know Stan won’t mind but it’s always good to be on time. I clicked on the radio and slowly relaxed as John Meyers voice filled the car. She’s a good girl loves her momma… One of my favorites. I quietly sung along and my mom looked over at me and smiled.

“I love your voice sweetie. I wish you’d realize you have a talent. You should be singing not throwing around ridiculous metal objects!” I smirked. Simple compliment a mother is supposed to provide. I never really take the compliments she gives me to heart because; I mean, parents are supposed to say that stuff right? Be supportive and all. That’s their job.

We pulled up into the parking lot of The Farm, where I work. It’s the towns local little grocery shop. It’s like a mini supermarket. Stan gives it a really good atmosphere. Its very townie, and most of the employees are high school kids. Girls work the cashier while the boys work in the back stocking stuff. As soon as the car was parked I quickly jumped down out of the truck trying to maintain my balance. I didn’t really see it necessary to bring my purse.

“Bye mom love you! Remember Annie is picking me up and then we’re going to stop by the house to pick up a few things before heading to Haleys house. I’ll probably end up sleeping over.” I shut the door and stood on my tippy toes to lean in through the window to hear her response.

“Alrighty honey, then I’ll guess I’ll see you tomorrow night. I’m heading up to New Hampshire to visit with George (my other brother).” I gave her a nod and began walking towards the entrance

“Bye Sweetie be safe and I love you!” I heard her call from the truck. I waved her off as I stepped inside. I instantly turned on my charm. For the next five hours I would fake a smile and maintain painful small talk with people I barely know.

“Liiiilllllllyyy!!!” someone sang. I turned toward the back of the store to see Stan walking out of his office.

“How are ya honey?” I  walked up to him and he gave me a high five

“I’m good! Sorry I’m late!!! My mom was-“

“Its all right Lil just go sign in and get down to business.”

“Yes sir” I said with a salute and a laugh.

“Hi! How are you?” I said while quickly looking up and making eye contact then looking down and continued to punch in the prices and bag up the groceries. I half listened for the response, it probably went along the lines of “Good how are you” which I countered with “Fine thanks” we then parted with a “have a nice day and thank you” This was my life for five hours. Faking friendliness. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a cold-hearted person! Its just kinda typical you know? It got quiet for a bit so I checked the clock for the time. 6:15 one hour and forty-five minutes left. You can do this.

I began to zone out a bit. Thinking about tonight. Not even realizing the line beginning to form. I snapped back to reality when a stern old woman cleared her throat loudly. “Oh I’m so sorry ma’am!” I said with a chuckle. “Just zoned out for a second there” I plastered my fake yet genuine smile onto my face, she wasn’t having it. “Get on with it” Sheesh someone’s cranky I began to ring her up and finished quickly. I plowed through the line rather quickly. And once again it was quiet.

Stan left at 6:00 so it was just Sean the butcher and me but he was off in the back so I was by myself in the empty store. Or so I thought.

I began to sing along with the radio softly. Tiny Dancer by Elton John was playing. Another one of my favorites. Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man… Once again I zoned out and didn’t notice the five rowdy teenage boys that had entered with an official looking man trailing behind them. Wait, five rowdy boys. Oh great.


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