That One Night

Lilly Henley was your average american high school student. She was in AP classes and competed competitively in the throwing events for track and field. One night when she's out practicing by herself a certain boy band shows up to have some fun playing soccer after their long day at a signing in the local mall. Lilly doesn't have any idea that its the international boy band One Direction. Find out what happens That One Night and if their will be more nights to follow.

*Harry Fanfic*


6. Chapter Six

After ringing up the boys purchases of junk food (More like mountains of junk food.) Harry at the last second decided to run back down an isle and come back with a bag of pretzel rods to add to the pile of food. As he placed them down he looked me square in the eye,

“And you can’t have any.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and reached for the pretzel rod bag on the counter and took one out and stuck it in my mouth. He in turn stuck his tongue out at me. The rest of the boys just stared back and forth at us confused by the little exchange that had just occurred.

 “Alright, I trust you won’t break anything while I go back and sign out but just in case,” I pointed at Liam. “You’re in charge.”

He saluted me and said, “Ey Ey Captian!” I laugh and started making my way back to Stan’s office where I would punch my time card out and call Annie. I heard Louis say “Daddy Direction once again.” The boys laughed again but I didn’t quite understand the joke.


I picked up Stan’s office phone and dialed Annie’s number. It went straight to voicemail; typical. “VAS HAPPENIN’ this is Annie’s phone! Sorry I missed your call, leave a message at the beep.”

 “Would it kill you to pick up your phone for once? I didn’t call to complain. I actually got sick at work. You know that stomach bug that’s going around? I think I’m just going to head home. Sean is going to give me a ride so you don’t need to pick me up. Call me tomorrow on my house phone. Loves you, bye!”

 I’m kinda relieved she didn’t pick up cause I’m not the best liar. I either end up laughing or saying something that doesn’t make sense and the whole lie gets ruined.

 When I got back Louis was on Zayn’s back holding the bags of groceries. I eyed the two up and down. Louis caught me looking

“He’s my horse,” with a childish grin on his face. I looked to Zayn and he rolled his and chuckled.

 I giggled, “I can see that.”

 “Ready to go?” Harry asked. “Um yeah just let me tell Sean I’m leaving.”


Harry clamped his hands over his ears “Oi! What are you doing?”

“Saying good bye to Sean.” I shrugged my shoulders and followed the rest of the boys out the door.

“There was no need to yell.” I heard Harry mutter from behind me.

“He wouldn’t have heard me if I didn’t.”

"Bye Lilly! Be safe! Use protection!" I heard Seans cackle echo throughout the store. I'm going to kill that man. Harry looked at me horrified and began to laugh after seeing me shield my face so the boys couldn't see me uncontrollably blushing.

 As we made our way out side I decided it might be time to tell them I know who they are. I mean I’m going to be riding on their tour bus so I guess it would be a nice thing to tell them so they don’t have to try to explain. But they beat me to it.

As I trailed behind the group of boys I watched as they begin to whisper to each other and eventually broke apart after Louis exclaimed “ALRIGHT! I’ll do it!”

He turned around and made his way over me.

“Yes Louis?”

“I’ve got some news to break to you.” I knew immediately what he was going to address but decided to joke with him cause that’s who I am.

“Your pregnant?! Oh Louis congratulations!” He looked at me and chuckled.

“Oh a comic are we? You’ll fit right in.”

I shrugged. “I try. You were saying?”

“Right right. So we’ve been meaning to tell you. Well actually we weren’t like planning to tell you cause it did matter at the time but seeing as your coming over it does now. We aren’t just your typical 5 lads from England.”

Niall whipped around from were he was standing with the other boys a few feet in front of us.

“HEY! I’m from Ireland you nitwit!”

Louis waved him off and Niall turned back to the boys. After his little outburst I realized that the boys were probably listening in our conversation.

“As I was sayin-“ I cut him off.

“I know who you are.” The boys all whipped around this time and Louis stared at me wide eyed but he wasn’t the first one to speak; Harry was.

“You do?”

“Yup. You’re One Direction. My best friends obsession.” Liam was the next to speak.

“But when we we’re at the field you seemed completely oblivious."

"Oh I was. But earlier when Harry was being a nuisance and I think doing what his idea of flirting was my best friend called." I went on to explain the rest of the story to the boys being the great listeners they were not a single one interrupted me. When I was done Harry seemed a little annoyed.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" I shrugged.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he narrowed his eyes at me and have me a head nod "Touche"

 I couldn't help but giggle.

"Alright are we going to get on this thing or what?" I said while motioning towards the big gas guzzler on wheels that stood a few yards away from me.

The ride to the hotel was a bit awkward. It took about 20 minutes to get there because they are staying in Boston and I live in a suburb just outside of it. Me, Harry, and Louis sat at the table that had two booth seats on either side. I was on the isle side and Harry was next to me while Louis sat across from us. The rest of the boys had gone in the back to play video games or something. At random points various obscenities in a very clear Irish accent could be heard coming from the back of the bus. Harry and Louis ignored it so I decided to just ignore it too.

 “Is it all right if I use someone’s phone to call my mom and say goodnight?” Harry started to reach in his pocket.

“Yeah, of course love. Here you go.” He handed me his Blackberry and to be honest I had no idea how to use the thing. Blackberry’s always confused me. My brother has one for work and I tried to make a call on it once but I couldn’t even figure out how to dial the number. I took the phone in my hands and stared intently at it. I began to try to dial the number but instead of the numbers appearing on the screen it went to some menu thing. I was in full concentration mode now. I am going to master this thing no matter how long it takes. I clicked the red end button and got back to the home screen. Hmm what to click next; my thoughts were interrupted by a question from Harry.

“What did you say?” I was still looking at the stupid phone. Oh excuse me I mean SMART phone. I heard him chuckle.

 “Need a hand?”

“No. I can do it by myself.”

“Don’t be a child. Let me see it.” I looked up as went to grab it and was able to swat his hand away.

“I said I can do it.”

“Alright. If you say so.” I tried again but with no avail. I looked across the table to see Louis happily sitting typing away on a Blackberry. I slid out of my side and went and sat next to Louis.

“How do you work this ridiculous device?” He laughed and I heard Harry scoff.

“I offered to help you!”

“You did. But you called me I child.”

Louis nodded in agreement. “She’s right mate. I wouldn’t take being called a child.”

I must admit the man was sassy, he is defiantly on my good side.

Louis helped me dial the number and once he handed me the phone I got up and made my way over to the couch across the way and sat down on it criss cross apple sauce style. Yes I just said that and no I don’t regret it. It rang a couple times before someone picked up.

“Hi sissy!” It was my older brother George. I miss him so much he only loves a state away but it’s hard to visit him cause we’re both so busy. He was “always” my favorite because I’m closest in age to him; him being only 9 years older than me.

“Hi Georgie! How’s everything going? Mom being a pain yet?” I glanced over to the table and saw Harry playing with a jar of Playdoh. Ummm alright. He looked up and smiled at me before returning to his sculpture, which had yet to take a defined shape.

“Mom a pain? Never! Well she has already rearranged the furniture in my apartment and complained about how I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Not to bad. And why don’t you have a girlfriend? I want another sister!” Tom and Pierce, my other brothers, have girlfriends and I love them to bits.

“Cause I don’t need no girl to tie me down.” He started saying something else but I got distracted when I looked up and saw Harry using his Playdoh as a mustache. He had his lip pouted and he shot me a wink. I began to giggle.

“Hey! Chunky butter muffin! You listening to me? Who are you with?”

“Oh um just some friends. Listen can I just say good night to mom.”

“No boys I hope.”

“Yes George. No boys. Now can I talk to mom.” George put my mom on the phone and I said good night and she told me she would be home around 9 at night on Saturday. I was completely fine with it I enjoyed my alone time. Once I hung up I looked up from my perch to see the two boys staring at me. Harry had a smirk on his face.

“You do realize the we are in fact of the male species.” 

 I nodded not quite understanding where he was going with this.

Louis butted in. “I think he is referring to the fact that you informed whoever you were on the phone with that you were not with any boys.”

“Oh that.” I let out an awkward chuckle. “My older brothers tend to be annoyingly protective so I just chose not to tell him that I’m hanging out with the worlds biggest boy band.”

Harry nodded in understanding,

“How many brothers do you have?”


“Three! That’s a lot and they’re all older then you?”

“Yessir. Oh here’s your phone. Thank you for letting me use it.”

I said tossing it to him. Suddenly there was some rowdy noises coming from the back and the dividing door was slid open revealing a very giddy blond boy.

“Guess who just beat Louis’ high score on Mario Kart!” Niall immediately broke out into an Irish jig as Louis flew out of his seat in a huff and rapidly made his way to the back of the bus. A few second later Louis came barreling out of the back and jumped on Niall’s back.

“It took me forever to get that time!” I couldn’t contain my laughter watching the two of them quarrel. Liam stuck his head out from behind the dividing door and seeing the boys fight began to try and get them to break it off. Zayn came out from behind the door and plopped down next to me.

“Enjoying the show?” I nodded and continued to giggle at the boy’s antics.


 We arrived at the hotel and made it to the room without getting mobbed by fans or paparazzi because we snuck in through the back entrance. After settling down in the living room of their massive suite it was time to initiate awkward small talk. Which ended up no being as bad as I thought.

"Have you ever heard one of our songs?" Liam asked.

"Uh I actually don't know. I mean I'm a normal person who listens to the radio so I've probably heard one once or twice. Plus my best friend is a directionator or whatever the hell they're called."

"Directioner." Louis said matter of factly.

I laughed.

“Okay "Directioners" I began to rack my mind for what their big song was. "Ooooo ooo I know!" I said while waving my hand in the air.

Harry laughed and pointed at me like a teacher "Yes Lilly?"

"You guys sing that song that goes... The sun goes down the stars come out and all at on-"

Before I knew what was happening both Zayn and Louis were flying at me and I felt someone's hand clamp over my mouth. Zayn looked me right in the eyes and simply stated "No."

I looked at him wide eyed and when he didn't remove his hand from my mouth I licked him. He flew backwards.

"Your gross!" he yelled.

"Aw don't be a baby I lost my cooties awhile ago." That earned some laughter from Niall.

"Alright so what’s the big hullabaloo. No one deserves to be attacked like that!" Harry looked at me and chuckled while shaking his head.

"That was the wrong answer." I gaped at him

"So! Last time I'm checked people don't go around clamping hands over innocent people's mouths and reprimanding them for getting an answer wrong! If that were the case school would be a lot more entertaining."

They all laughed a bit but Louis and Zayn still sat with slightly annoyed looks on their faces. Liam interjected and tried to explain to me what I did wrong.

"The song you just sang was "Glad You Came" by The-"

"DON'T SAY THE NAME!" Louis screeched.

Liam abided Louis's request. "By those who shall not be named."

"Oh. Oh it's by The Wanted right?" I said as realization hit me. And then another realization hit me and my hands quickly flew to my mouth before someone else’s could and sunk deep back into the couch.

"Sorry sorry sorry. Please don't attack me." It sounded muffled cause I still had my hands over my mouth. The boys erupted into a fit of laughter and Harry managed to squeak out "You are adorable." between his laughs.

I don't think he meant for it to have a deep meaning but it did. No guy had ever called me adorable. No guy had ever really called me anything before. Well actually that’s a lie my brothers used to call me chunky butter muffin. What? I was a fat baby. Harry looked over and saw me blushing from his statement. He reached over and poked my cheek. I pretend to go and bite his finger.

"Feisty, I like it."

"Shut up Styles." He wiggled his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes back at him and turned my attention to Liam. "So, what did I do wrong again?"

"Well the lads are a bit immature when it comes to, those who shall not be named, because they too are a British boy-band that just happened to release their album the same week as ours. We like to play nice when in font of the press but in reality we don't really like them. They're not nice to us so why should we be nice to them."

 I sat and contemplated the information I had just been told.

"So basically its like when you’re a sports team and they’re that one team that are your bitter rivals and whenever you play them the stakes are higher and such."  He nodded along with my statement.

"Yeah! I never thought it that way! Smart girl you are."

"I'm bored" Louis sat up from the lying down position he had taken on the other couch. "I say we play truth or dare!"

"I thought we were gunna watch a movie?" turns out I needed that pep talk I gave myself earlier.

"It's only 10:00 we can start the movie later! We've got time to kill." sheesh these guys really new how to wear a girl out. This is going to be long night.

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