That One Night

Lilly Henley was your average american high school student. She was in AP classes and competed competitively in the throwing events for track and field. One night when she's out practicing by herself a certain boy band shows up to have some fun playing soccer after their long day at a signing in the local mall. Lilly doesn't have any idea that its the international boy band One Direction. Find out what happens That One Night and if their will be more nights to follow.

*Harry Fanfic*


5. Chapter Five

I swung the door to the back open while calling out Sean's name. "Seeeaaaaannnn."

"What the matter dear?" Sean is one of the kindest people I know. He's a portly fellow and is slowly going bald. I have never once seen him without a smile on his face. He also is great with advice and just happens to be Cory's uncle. He thinks Cory is an idiot for never asking me out and I just tell him to hush up most of the time.


"Some British boys made a mess. Well actually they’re a British boy band but they don't know I know that. They’re actually quite popular. Annie is OBSESSED with them so are a lot of the other girls at our school. Anyway they’re the guys I was telling you about from a few days ago. Remember? The ones who kicked me off my field. Then one of them had the balls to ask me out. I mean who does that! I mean I didn’t even know the kid! British people are weird. No one in America would do that, no sir we have boundaries. I mean for all I know he could be some serial killer or worse! Like one of those freaks who gets high off bath salts! Seriously! You don’t just go around asking people on a date. "

My little rant was full of hand gestures and left me a little out of breath by the end. 

"Lilly breathe darling."

"Sorry about the word vomit. So they’re out there right now and just made a huge mess of the seltzer cans. Also about the seltzer cans do you think its okay just to restack them or do we have to get rid of them cause they'll go flat?"

"How about I go out there with you and asses the damage. But I bet we can just restack them. What Stan doesn't know won't hurt him."

"Okay great! Thanks a buzunch!"

He chuckled and led the way back out to the storefront.
 As we came around the bend I heard a bunch of hushed whispers and someone say "Just ask her!" and another but in and say "He's right lad we do owe the poor girl we seem to keep ruining her nights."

The boys were still standing by the seltzer cans and as we walked down the isle they quickly dispersed from the huddle they had formed. Louis had a big mischievous grin plastered on his face and Niall was giggling like a little girl.

"Hello there! I'm Sean" Sean extended his hand and each of the boys introduced themselves. Sean looked around at the cans on the floor and back at me.

"Aw Lil their was no need to fret silly girl. We can just restack them." Stan said bending down and scooping the remaining cans on the floor and putting them into place.

"They’re all set. Well it was nice to meet you boys. Stay out of trouble." Liam went up to Sean and apologized again and gave him a formal good bye while the rest of the boys chorused a good bye. I turned to walk back toward the front. I felt the Advil start to kick in but I knew I should put some icy hot on it. I was turning the corner when someone grabbed by hand. I turned around to see Harry with the other boys standing behind him with smiles on their faces. He took his hand back and brought it back around his neck. I turned around fully so I was facing them.


"Um well we were wondering if you would want to come over to our hotel for a movie night when your shift ends." Harry said a little shyly.

 It was kinda odd cause he seemed like a confident guy but I guess I bolstered it when I rejected his date offer.

"We feel really bad about the misfortune we've caused you and want to repay you with a night of fun with the worlds big-" Liam was cut off by Louis elbowing him in the ribs. Louis quickly covered up Liam's mistake

"With the worlds biggest group of..." Niall jumped in and yelled "Awesomeness!" I laughed not only because I knew the truth but also because watching them interact with one another was quite funny. No wonder Annie is always laughing her ass of watching their interviews.

"I actually can't I already have a movie night planned with some friends." The boys all looked generally disappointed especially a curly haired one in particular. All the sudden Sean emerged from behind the other isle and wrapped his arm around my solders.

"She would love to come!" The boys all lit up again. "If Cory can't see what a catch you are then let one of these fine British lads take a go." Sean whispered into my ear. I giggle and blushed uncontrollably. My blushing has always been a problem cause I constantly do it and it is a very deep roses blush. The boys seemed curious about what Sean said but none of them asked.

"Alright it's settled your going! Now get on your way."

"But Sean my shift doesn't end for another half hour and I told Cory I'd be there and he seemed a little interested today more than usual." I said the last part a little more quietly so the boys couldn't hear.

"Quit worrying. The place is dead go sign out and call Annie and tell her you got sick. See it all works out.” he said patting the top of my head and turned around and headed to the back.

That man is manipulative.  Nonetheless I love him like a dad.
 Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis all spread out again and began collecting their choice of junk food. Harry was left standing there with his hands in his pockets.

"So... Your coming?"

"I guess so. Once you guys get your food I'll ring you up and sign out in the back then we can go."

I began to feel a bit awkward because I realized I was going to be in a hotel room with five hot British guys who just happened to be in the world’s biggest boyband. What was I going to talk to them about!? Oh cool your jets Lilly your going to be watching a movie they’ll be no need to talk. Perfect now I’m giving myself pep talks. That’s it I’m crazy. Of all the days to dress down I chose today. My mom was right I should’ve looked nice today. Damn that woman. The guys have only seen me in sweatshirts and leggings; they must think I’m a hermit or something. Whatever who cares what they think. I’ll probably never see them again after tonight. I think I just word vomited in my head. If that’s possible. Like I said I’m crazy.

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