That One Night

Lilly Henley was your average american high school student. She was in AP classes and competed competitively in the throwing events for track and field. One night when she's out practicing by herself a certain boy band shows up to have some fun playing soccer after their long day at a signing in the local mall. Lilly doesn't have any idea that its the international boy band One Direction. Find out what happens That One Night and if their will be more nights to follow.

*Harry Fanfic*


1. Chapter One


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My Name is Lilly Henley.


School today was typical. My AP classes were unbearable to say the least. Seeing as it was the middle of the year I had my midterms coming up. SO everyday consisted of my teachers lecturing us on how important these exams were. Like I didn’t already know. I was already accepted early admission to Cornell University but they could easily revoke the acceptance as well as my full ride. I was the best javelin thrower in New England. This helped with the whole college process. I constantly had scouts coming to watch my meets. Harvard invited me to join their program but Cornell was my dream. My father went there and same with his dad and so on. It was tradition. I would be the first girl in my family to go.


I originally thought I would not be able to go to Cornell. Seeing as its an Ivy league school and lets just say my family isn’t the Rockefellers. When my dad died my mom had to take on a job and my three older brothers who are already off on their own, living their own lives, often help with the bills. I have my own job at the small local grocery store. I mainly work there just to have pocket money for myself. 

I had to miss track practice after school today because I had a MRI for my shoulder. I technically wasn’t supposed to be throwing at all. I supposedly have a torn rotator cuff as well as a torn labrum but I’ve learned to live with the pain. Javelin is my life. If I stop I can’t go to Cornell. Which means I cant get a good job. Which means I cant help my mom pay off all our debt and get her a nice house to live in. That was always my dream. To buy my mom a nice house to live in on Martha’s Vineyard.  She’s always been their for me and I wanted to eventually be their for her. I was always the one to be taken care of because I was the baby of the family. I was 17 and my brothers were 28, 29, 31.  So as you can see I was the one who always had to be looked after and to say my brothers were protective was a big understatement.


I talked to my coach in the morning telling him I wouldn’t be able to go to practice because I had a dentist appointment. I couldn’t tell him the truth about my shoulder cause he defiantly wouldn’t let me compete. He gave me the key to the storage closet for the javelins, discuses, and shot puts. I had told my mom that after my appointment I was going to the library to do homework. This is the lie I have been telling her for the past 3 months. She thinks I haven’t been going to practice and that my full ride to Cornell was simple because of my brains. Yeah right. I’ve been basically been living a double life. No one knows really what going on with me. My brothers are never home cause they live in various places around New England. Plus, my mom is never home cause of her crazy work schedule. 


After leaving the hospital I hoped in my car and made my way back to the high school. The dashboard clock read 7:00. Great the appointment took longer than planed. At the read light I grabbed my Advil from my glove box a dry swallowed a couple. Hoping that it would make practice more bearable. It was beginning of March. The dashboard said it was 38 degrees out. Typical New England weather. I hated throwing with my sweatshirt on but I knew I would have to because I’d freeze without it. When I got to the field the lights over the football field were on. The grounds keepers kept them on till 9 just in case there was anyone who wanted to walk the track. This usually wasn’t the case in the winter. I had the place all to myself, perfect.


I threw on my sweatshirt as I hopped out of my car. I grabbed my phone and the set of keys coach gave me before locking the door. I had one new text message from Annie, my best friend. She had left school early today (along with basically every girl in the school) to go see some British boy band that was at the mall doing a signing.


From Annie:



I opened the message to see a picture of a boy with curly hair and dimples smiling at me. He was rather cute.  I laughed at my best friend. God she was crazy. She had begged me to go with her but I told her I had a doctor’s appointment then needed to practice. She understood, but still continued to complain.


From Lilly:

Yes Ann he is very cute. I gtg practice though! Cya in homeroom!


I put my phone in my pocket and made my way over to the shed. It took a second to unlock because the lock was rusty from the years of rain exposure. I grabbed a shot put, and javelin and a few discuses. They were awkward to carry but I was too lazy to make two trips.


After walking across the track and onto the football field I dropped the equipment onto the ground. It was freezing. I looked at my hands to see that they were wrinkly and pale white. This was going to be a fun night! (note the heavy sarcasm). I decided to do a few laps to warm up. I ended up running a mile or two and broke a slight sweat so I wasn’t too cold anymore but I had to keep moving.


I grabbed my javelin and made my way over the throwing circle. It was so peaceful. I took a deep breath and the smell of fresh cut grass filled my lungs. I brought my arm up so that the jav was at my ear and my hand was cradling it. I’ve probably made this motion thousands of times. My shoulder was in extreme pain but I tried my best to work through it like I always did. I breathed in again. I bit down my hard on my lip, which helped me forget about the pain. I began my run up  counting out my steps. I sped up as I got closer to the foul line. I brought my arm back. Pain running up and down my arm as I did so. I took my crow hop and launched the jav into the air. I felt a crack or snap in my shoulder. The pain had never been like this before it was unbearable. It brought me to my knees. Tears slowly swelled in my eyes but I fought them off. I had to keep going. I stood up ignoring my body telling me to stop and to go home.


I made my way over to were my jav landed. It was at about 120. That was close to my personal best, 124. I smiled to myself, still ignoring the pain. I just had to continue throwing like this and the state meet would be a sinch.


My thought were interrupted by someone yelling


“Excuse me Miss! You cant be here!”


I looked over to the right side of the track where the home bleachers were. There was a large man dressed in complete black with 5 teenage boys behind him who were carrying a soccer ball and joking around.


What the hell does he mean I can’t be here. Its my fucking school. I’m here practicing. It’s a fucking public place! I bent down and grabbed my jav and made my way back over to the throwing circle. “I can most certainly be here! It’s a public place and I’m the public so this is my place!” I called over my shoulder at the man.


I heard the group of boys snicker. I heard one say “she told you Paul” while another snapped his hands in a Z formation.


The man called something else but I wasn’t paying attention to him. I had already begun my run up and was making my way to the foul line. I launched the jav again even though my shoulder shot pain up and down my arm in protest. It defiantly went farther this time. My shoulder was unbearable right now. Tears started again to form at the corner of my eyes I grabbed my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. I whipped my eyes and shook my head going to grab my jav once again. I heard some cheers and hollers and even a wolf whistle come from the sideline. I looked over to see the group of boys were now standing on the field next to where the rest of my equipment was. Were they going to leave or not?


I left my jav and made my way over to them. I slowly began to realize how ridiculous I was dressed. I had on my brothers old college sweashirt. I had my pink running leggings on that I had worn when I did a walk for breast cancer with Annie. And to top it off I was wearing one Annies sock monkey hat she had left in my car ages ago. I quickly swiped it off my head and pulled my brown curly hair, that was straight at the moment, back into a pony tail. I was finished fixing my appearance by the time I made it over to the group. I was in no mood to talk.


“Can I help you?” I spat looking strait at the man dressed in black.

“As I said earlier miss…” He paused clearly wanting to know what my name was.


“Miss Lilly” he continued. “My boys and I have reserved this here field. Our time started at 8:00” he looked down at his watch “and its almost 8:30.”

Reserve? Who did this guy think he was? I looked around at the boys. I hadn’t seen them before at school and they defiantly didn’t belong to some elite soccer team. They all had smiles on their faces. And they all were gorgeous. Hair styles a little different... but nontheless these guys were hot. 

“Nice trousers” One said. I blushed a little. This outfit was so embarrassing but I looked up to see that the boy was wearing a Onesie. How odd. Wait did he say trousers? They must be British or something.

I turned back to the man “Look mister, Last time I checked you cant reserve this field unless you are the coach of a team at the high school. And by the sound of Mr. Onsies accent you aren’t from around here. I’ll be done practicing in half an hour. You can come back then.”

“Do you have any idea who you are talking to?” A curly haired boy asked. He didn’t say it in a mean way. He almost asked it curiously. He looked oddly familiar.

“Um no I don’t think I caught your names?” I said slightly annoyed they were killing my practice time. The library closes at 9:30 so that’s the time I need to be back home so my mom believes I was actually there.

The boys all continued smiling at me.

“Well I’m Harry” the curly haired one said

“I’m Niall." He gave a wave and a adorable brace face smile. I also caught that his accent was slightly different than the others. Irish maybe?

“I’m Louis.” The onesie boy said.

“I’m Zayn." 

“And I’m Liam” I looked up at him. God he was beautiful. He extended his hand out for me to shake. I didn’t know a single boy who did that but I accepted it anyways. As he began to shake it my entire arm shot with pain. I flinched a bit and bit down hard on my lip to keep from yelping. My arm had managed to get increasingly worse after one simple practice.


The boy seemed to have notice the pain in my eyes. “Oh my gosh! Are you alright!? I didn’t think I shook that hard!”


The boys looked at me with some forms of shock on their faces.


I quickly forced out a little laugh. “Oh no no you didn’t do anything wrong!” I paused thinking of a reason for my face. “I have a hang nail.” I said with a genuine smile. He was still holding my hand and turned it over to inspect my nails. I quickly pulled it back to my said causing even more pain. I smiled up at him again.


The one called Harry continued staring at me. Clearly not believing what I said.


“Well Miss Lilly we do have it reserved so your going to have to leave before I make you.”


“Excuse me? Make me leave? And how are you going to do that?” Before he could answer my phone started ringing in my pocket. Now I’m freeeee freee falling and now I’m fr-


“Where are you!?” It was my mom.

“I’m at the library I told you I was going to be there this morning.” I looked up and saw the boys giving me confused looks I turned around and faced the away bleachers.

“Do not lie to me Lilly Marie! I went to the library to drop of dinner for you and you were not there! Where are you!?" She was yelling so loudly I knew the boys could hear her. I sighed the truth was bound to come out sometime. Might as well just tell her.

“I’m…I’m... I’m at the track.” I said quietly.

“WHAT!!!” she nearly screamed through the phone. “Lilly Marie you better not be practicing! You are going to ruin your shoulder and I am not going to pay for your hospital bills when you need to have a billion surgeries to fix it! You are so irresponsible! I don’t want you to ever pick up a javelin again!” I know she wasn’t serious about not paying for the bills, but she was defiantly about javelin. I wanted to start crying. But I felt someone come up behind me and take the phone from my ear. I turned around to see Harry standing their beaming. I just stared at him, dumbfounded. What was this boy doing. I went to grab the phone but he stepped back. “Hello is this Lilly’s mom?” pause.

“This is Harry. I’m a friend of Lilly’s.” a longer pause “No she is not. She is with me at the field. We’re playing soccer with some other friends. Her shoulder is completely safe. Though she does seem to have an awful hang nail” He shot me a sly wink. 

I stared at him with disbelief. Who was this kid? He said his good byes and closed the phone “She want’s you home now. Your welcome, love” He said handing me back the phone and walking back over to his friends.

What the hell just happened? 

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