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I will be posting a review of a newly released book (In the UK) every month so please enjoy! :D


1. Echo-By Alyson Noel


I must say the second book in Alyson Noel’s soul seeker series has just like her other books not failed to amaze me. As we have seen in previous series by Alyson Noel this book continues to grasp the reader’s attention, if not more so in my opinion, with fresh ideas and new discoveries for Daire.


The book had me laughing out loud at parts and at others i found tears trickling down my face. I can truly say that I could feel intensely the characters emotions and feelings. Alyson has a true talent when it comes to bringing the reader into the story with the characters and this is what makes it even more of a good read.


The development of Daire’s world and the probing of the prophecy Daire and Dace is the central driving point of the novel. This remains the same as the story takes on twists and turns.
The darker turn in Daire and Dace's characters take over the course of the novel is fantastic. Though their relationship and love for one another.

This book is told from two points of view and it is a great way of giving an insight into both Daire and Dace’s views and feelings. I simply love that in a book. A book that is so gripping simply because the author manages to create a whole host of realistic characters, and also not one but two personal connections with the reader and the characters.

I’m over the moon that there will be a third book in the series, Mystic. I can’t wait for the new plot it brings but for now, Alyson’s unique style has got me gripped and I have a hunch that her books are going to continue to excel! Well Done Alyson!


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