Girl Heart Boy - My Deleted Scene

This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy deleted scene competition ...


1. Damsel in Distress

I ran out onto the street struggling to hold back the tears.  Why did I persist with this idea of a fairy-tale romance? Or at least why did I keep trying to convince myself that Joe was the one to be my handsome prince? Maybe the guys were right.  Maybe he wasn't for me.  After all, he is that much older than me, he lives too far away, he's already at uni, he has awful friends that hate me ... and that's just a few things off the top of my head!  But he has this strange hold over me, I just can't seem to be able to let it go.

But how many chances was I going to give him?  Once again he had made me look a fool in front of his mates.  They already thought I was a silly little girl, and now this.  How embarrassing. And worse, rather than stand there and deal with it, or try and laugh it off, what did I do?  I ran away.  Like a silly little girl.  Talk about handing to them on a plate.  Yeah, well done Sarah, nice one!

By now some of the tears had broken free and were tumbling down my cheeks.  Big, fat, soggy tears that made my mascara run and my eyelashes clump together.  Great!  I turned back and stared at the front door, trying desperately to send some kind of psychic message to Ash.  Come on Ash, put Will down and come out here and rescue me.  God, I really did sound like some kind of saddo damsel in distress.  But it seemed that this damsel was going to have to sort herself out as the signal on Ash's inbuilt friend-in-need radar was obviously being interfered with.  By Will.  If you know what I mean!  

One last look at the front door.  No, nothing.  Mind you what did I expect leaving Ash with a hot guy like Will?  She was going to make the most of it, and who could blame her?  Fancy free with no ties, that was our Ashley, she did as she liked.  And tonight she was going to do as she liked with Will!

Almost managing a little smile to myself I turned left and started walking back down the road.  Almost on autopilot and not really paying any attention I managed to walk smack bang into some poor, unsuspecting passer by.

'Ooofff,' I uttered as I somehow managed to sustain what seemed to be an elbow in the stomach.

'Watch it,' the passer by complained. 'You need to look where you're going love.'

'Sorry,' I managed and looked up to see who it was that was telling me off now.


'Adam!  What are you doing here?' 

'I was just passing.'

Seemed unlikely as we were in the middle of a residential street, but I felt that I was hardly in a position to argue.

'Hey,' he continued, 'are you ok?'

'Yeah, I'm fine, just a silly misunderstanding.'

'Is it that Joe?' Adam asked. 'Has he upset you again?'

How does he know so much about it?

'Cas has been filing me in.' He seemed to read my mind.

Suddenly he was right in front of me.  Really close.  Too close.  

'Don't worry about him Sarah, there are plenty more fish in the sea.  Especially for a pretty little thing like you.'

And his arm was around me pulling me into him.  It all happened so quickly I had no time to react.  His warm body was against me, I could feel every movement that he was making.  His mouth was on mine, his tongue pushing my lips apart.  I could feel his breath coming hard and fast, he was so strong I couldn't push him away.  His hand moved from where he had been holding me behind my head, down my neck and        down the side of my body.  As his fingers ran down my breast my body tingled.  No!  This wasn't right.

His hand moved inside my top and started caressing me.  I gave into his tongue and opened my mouth to let him in.  I let out a little moan and he kissed me harder.

'Hey!' A shout from behind us.

Suddenly Joe was beside us and he tore Adam away from me.

'What the hell do you think you're doing?' he roared.

'Sorry mate, I ...'

That was as far as Adam managed to get with his explanation.  SMACK!  Joe punched him square on the jaw.  Cas's boyfriend unceremoniously laid out on the floor.  Out cold.  


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