You Don't Even Know

A 17 year old highschool girl is nothing but normal. Krystal Clay dreams of nothing better than to have a great future. Little does she know her haunting past awaits to be brought back up and when old and new friends come into her life she seems to only trust one person who has just recently gave her a shoulder to cry on. Though strong and independent she needs these people to help her through her life.


26. Visiting?

Krystal's P.O.V

Brandy changed my number for me a couple if days ago. I've texted everybody I wanted to have my number. I hear a knock at the door and run to open it. Hopefully it's Zayn. I need to tell him how I feel before I get to nervous. I quickly open the door and without thinking jump into the persons arms. I hear and evil laugh and quickly jump back. I look up and see my mom...with my dad. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Making a quick visit" she smiles slowly. My whole body is shaking I'm in a panic. Brandy left with the boys earlier to do some shopping and I was to lazy to go. I should've went. I quickly step back and turn to run. My dads strong hand grabs my arm and I yelp. My mom slowly walks up to me. "And you thought I wouldn't find you?" she says in an evil voice. "Please.." I whisper now laying on the floor crying. "You well know I will never let you just go." she whispers into my ear. I try to get up but as soon as I do I'm smacked down my a powerful hand. The side of my face is throbbing and I hold my hand up to my face and flinch. "Okay lets start" my mom says laughing. "My dad takes me into my room and leans me against the wall. "It's been to long" he whispers in my ear. I'm hysterically crying now. I open my eyes to see my mom laughing in the corner, her arms crossed and watching. "Why?" I yell at her. My dad is kissing my neck and I can't get out of his grip. I'm kicking and screaming at my mom. She calmly walks to the sofa and sits down. I'm screaming and crying and no one is helping. By the time my dad is done my mom walks up to me. She grabs me by the hair and pulls it up making me scream and look up at her. "Now it's my turn" she laughs. I'm shaking and hoping everything will end soon. Hoping someone will come help me. My mom begins to beat me. She lifts her foot. Great she's wearing heels. Digging her heel into my stomach she lets out and awful laugh. I'm being beaten by the both of them now. My whole body is throbbing and I'm crying, but not screaming anymore because I realize no one is coming to help me. I weeping into the rug on the floor. Rapidly being punch and kicked and hearing their awful laughs. "You're such a dirty slut!" "Whore" "You deserve everything that's happening to you" they both yell at me while bruising my body and making me now scream in pain. All I want right now is help. I want Zayn. Brandy. Anyone. "We'll be back...eventually" is the last thing I hear.

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