You Don't Even Know

A 17 year old highschool girl is nothing but normal. Krystal Clay dreams of nothing better than to have a great future. Little does she know her haunting past awaits to be brought back up and when old and new friends come into her life she seems to only trust one person who has just recently gave her a shoulder to cry on. Though strong and independent she needs these people to help her through her life.


4. The Apartment

I guess people could say that you should never move in with a friend because you could get into fights and things don't work out, but me and Brandy are different. We fight but only like sisters and it's never something major. Ever. It was a long drive to where Brandy and I were moving, but I was actually happy that it was so far away from home. We winded up moving into another part of Jersey. Brandy and I are Jersey girls and we loved it here, we were never leaving. Brandy slowly backed up into the apartment driveway and from what I saw it looked nice. "Our neighbors will probably be so annoyed with all the parties we will throw and how loud we will be"Brandy laughed. I giggled at the thought and started to wonder who our neighbors were. "Oh well, I guess they'll have to deal with us" I say with a smirk on my face. As we walked into the apartment I couldn't believe how nice it was. It had a great big kitchen with granite counter tops. Two nice sized bathrooms and two great sized rooms. The closet space was not too big, which that's just the way I like it and the living room was a good size too. The up stairs was a chill space I guess you could say and we quickly brought our things up and unpacked, by 10 we were exhausted. We went to bed because tomorrow was a big day ahead of us.

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