You Don't Even Know

A 17 year old highschool girl is nothing but normal. Krystal Clay dreams of nothing better than to have a great future. Little does she know her haunting past awaits to be brought back up and when old and new friends come into her life she seems to only trust one person who has just recently gave her a shoulder to cry on. Though strong and independent she needs these people to help her through her life.


33. Shopping and be mine?

I've been out of the hospital for about a two weeks now. I dreaded that damn hospital. I could barely go anywhere but stay in the room. The most boring point in my life, ever. Brandy and Harry went on a couple months of vacation. Brandy didn't want to leave at all saying 'I can't leave I have to stay and make sure Krystal is safe and okay!' every time time Harry would talk about it with her or try to convince her to go with him. Zayn kept repeatedly trying to tell Brandy that I would be safe with him Louis Liam and Niall. To be honest I could tell that Zayn wanted alone tim with me. It was cute. The only thing I was worried about was that spring break was ending soon and I'd be alone in school without Brandy. She was going to finish school online. I was excited for Brandy honestly, she needed a vacation from everything and to stop being stressed out so much. Anyways, Zayn has been staying at my place everyday and most of the time Liam Niall and Louis would stay at their own apartment. Zayn and I were doing so good so far. I trusted him with my life. I just wanted him to ask me out already!

"Morning babe!" Zayn shouted as he walked into my room waking me up. 

Usually it's the other way around and I wake him up, but today was the day I didn't give two shits.

"Ughh, go away!" I yelled as I threw a pillow at him and and took another to cover my head.

Zayn jumped al over me and attempting to get me up. I didn't move. He wasn't making me get out of my precious bed. 

"Oohh I see what you're doing here." He smiled.

He then climbed on top of me and hovered over me.

"You sure you want to stay in bed?" he asked

I ignored him.

"Okay!" he cheered, but stayed hovered over me.

He began to kiss the back of neck and move his hands down my waist. Of course. I should have seen this coming. He's such a tease I swear.

I flipped onto my back and smiled.

"Okay, okay I'm up"

"Good now get up we're going out." he said.

I got up slowly. I am not a morning person. At all. I took a show and let it air dry. I picked out  a pair of plain blue jeans and a regular beige shirt with my beige boots. I quickly took my hair began to braid it. I did a fishtail braid to the side because I loved the way It looked. I added a little make up because if I wore a lot of make up Zayn would go crazy. He thought I was 'a natural beauty' yeah my ass, but whatever I don't care what people think of me. 

When I walked out of the room Zayn was dressed in a simple grey shirt with blue jeans and simple grey nikes I bought him a little while ago. He grabbed the car keys and we were off.

"So where are we going?" I asked as I got into the car. 

"We're going shopping!" Louis exclaimed from the back seat almost scaring me half to death. 

"Whhy??" I asked confused

"I've already got things."

"Well school starts for you tomorrow and I figured you get some new things with me and the rest of us." He finished. 

"You go to school?" I asked.

"Well no." he said with a smile.

"Oh." I said.

"We're just getting you some new things" Niall said from the back.

"Okay, cool" I replied. 

We shopped for a little. I didn't need anything they just simply bought things I didn't need. 

Liam bought some notebooks, pencils, and binders and things he thought I absolutely needed. 

I didn't.

Niall bought me 'snacks' that I could have in class.

"Just hide them and eat them in the middle of class if you get hungry" he said.

I smiled and thought it was cute.

Louis got me a purse, wallet, and a striped shirt.

"You can match my shirt!" he said excitedly. 

Lastly, Zayn decided to buy me clothes, a little bit of make-up that he knew I liked, and some new shoes.

When we decided to go to Starbucks to get some drinks the boys stood up in front of me. 

"One last gift!" the all smiled down at me.

From behind their backs the four of them pulled out different colored pull over sweater, one was blue, one was purple, one was green, and one was black.

Louis' the blue one read on the back "Tomlinson girl!" it was true

Liam's the purple read on the back "Payne Property"  I laughed it was adorable

Niall's the green one read "Niall's MOFO(:" I smiled so wide gosh this was so cute.

Last was Zayn's.

Zayn's read "I belong to Malik" I was in tears by now. I stood up and hugged the boys so tight! 

"I love you!" I whispered so all of them could hear.

"We love you too!" they smiled back at me. 

"So I think you should wear mine first!" Louis yelled as we began to sit down. 

I took the sweater and pulled it over my head. 

It was so warm. 

After about 30 minutes only Louis and I were left alone with each other. The other three wanted to go to some stores before we left. 

"Lets go walk around!" I said to Louis.

We began to walk around. 

Louis had his arm around my shoulders as we walked. I didn't mind though he always did this when we walked together, sort of like he was protecting me.

I still had the seater that read "Tomlinson girl" on as we walked together. Many people looked at us, I guess recognizing Louis. After a bit Liam stole me from Louis and we walked together. 

I changed from Louis' sweater to Liam's while I was with him. I loved how it said "Payne property" I was adorable. While Liam and I walked we came up to the Disney store! We both got extremely excited and I grabbed his hand and led him into the store. We held hands all in the Disney store because I was constantly running everywhere and he held on to my hand to keep up with me. The expression on people's faces were the best.

After a little we bumped into Niall who then stole me from Liam and I put his sweater on that read "Niall's MOFO(:" it was adorable and he smiled so wide when I put it on. We walked to the nike store and we ran in. Both me and Niall loved nice shoes and we got a matching pair. As we walked out of the Nike store I jumped in his back and he raced down the mall. We eventually stopped at the food court again and decided to share a drink and food, because for once we weren't THAT hungry. We put two straws in and took a huge sip of blue icee.

"Brain freeze!" we both yelled as we flew back in our seats. 

After out lithe snack break Zayn stole me away from Niall and I stayed with him the rest of the time. I put on Zayn's sweater "I belong to Malik" and he held my waist firmly the whole time. We just simply walked around for a couple of hours. We eventually stopped at the fountain in the middle of the mall.

"There's s many coins in there!" I exclaimed as we sat on the ledge of it. 

Zayn took out two coins and gave me one. 

"Make a wish" he smiled.

I shut my eyes tightly and made a wish. We both let our coins drop in the water at the same time.

"What'd you wish for?" Zayn asked.

"I wished for a happy life.." I smiled shyly.

"What'd you wish for?" I asked curiously.

"I wished for you to be my girlfriend.." he smiled as he stared into my eyes.

"ZAYN!" I nearly yelled as I jumped into his arms.

"Will you?" he asked as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Of course!" I shouted as I kissed him passionately.


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