You Don't Even Know

A 17 year old highschool girl is nothing but normal. Krystal Clay dreams of nothing better than to have a great future. Little does she know her haunting past awaits to be brought back up and when old and new friends come into her life she seems to only trust one person who has just recently gave her a shoulder to cry on. Though strong and independent she needs these people to help her through her life.


22. Morning

Brandy's P.O.V

wake up the next morning to check on Krystal. When I open her room door I see both her and Zayn wrapped in each others arms. They look so cute together. I can tell Krystal has feelings for him, well she trusts him. Maybe she doesn't have feelings for him, I mean we just met the boys. I silently close her room door and lay back down in bed. The rest of the boys went home last night, well except for Harry, he insisted on cuddling with me last night. I kind of have a thing for him but I will not show my feelings for him. Not now anyways. 

Krystal's P.O.V

I wake up in Zayn's arms once again. He makes me feel so safe, I swear, it's the best feeling. I look at him and he's past out. He's so amazing, I can just lay down in silence and he won't bother me, he'll just leave me alone until I'm ready to talk. I shift my body to get up. Zayn's arms quickly tighten around me, I'm shocked at first and then turn to see him smiling up at me. "Morning." He says with a heavenly smile on his face. "Morning" I reply with a smile. We both get up and head into the kitchen. I begin to take out two bowl. "Don't" Zayn begins. I turn around looking confused. "Go get dressed, we're going out" he smirks and heads out the door back to his apartment. I go into my room and take a quick shower. I towel dry my hair letting my long brown hair natural for the day. I pick out some hot pink skinnies and a black shirt with my black bear paw boots. I never had a thing for uggs at all I always loved my bear paws. I put my makeup on and get ready to leave. I hear a knock at the door and run to go answer it. 

Zayn's P.O.V

When Krystal opened the door, she looked great. To be honest I didn't think she need any make-up because she was naturally beautiful. I decided to take her out for breakfast. After last night she needed a day out. When we arrive at the diner, not many fans are there, many 10 I say. I walked into the diner and we sat down. For some reason Krystal had the biggest smile on her face.


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