You Don't Even Know

A 17 year old highschool girl is nothing but normal. Krystal Clay dreams of nothing better than to have a great future. Little does she know her haunting past awaits to be brought back up and when old and new friends come into her life she seems to only trust one person who has just recently gave her a shoulder to cry on. Though strong and independent she needs these people to help her through her life.


29. Is she really gone?

Niall's P.O.V

I couldn't believe she was gone.. 

They still rushed Krystal into the emergency room. They brought out those big metal zappers. I stood beside Krystal the whole time. "1..2..3!" the woman yelled pressing the shockers up against Krystals chest making her lifeless body bounce up. Nothing. "1..2..3" the woman yelled again. Nothing. "1..2..3" she yelled for the last time. Nothing. This couldn't be. It wasn't time for Krystal to leave this earth yet."Sorry son." the woman looked at me and began to walk out. "You can't just stop there!" I yelled. "There's no point in trying anymore." she replied. "Please.." I whispered now having extreme amounts of tears run down my face. "Please.."

Zayn's P.O.V

We finally arrived at the hospital. I rushed into the hospital with both Liam and Louis hot on my trail. I ran to the man at the front desk. Out of breath I said "I'm l-looking f-f" "We're looking for Krystal Clay!" Louis screamed behind me. The woman did some typing on the computer than looked up at us. She was quiet. "I'm so sorry sir b-but she died." the woman replied clearly sorry for our lose. I immediately dropped to my knees and cried. A lot. Pure shock was plastered on Liam and Louis' faces. Liam put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I felt dead inside. Did Brandy know? Did Harry? Where were they? Where's Niall?

Harry's P.O.V

Brandy was silent the rest of the ride to the hospital. It hurt me to see her this hurt. She couldn't stop crying. I parked the car and we walked into the hospital. I walked up to the front desk. "Hey mate!" Louis yelled across the room. "Louis! How's Krystal? Have you seen her? Is she okay?" I immediately ask. Louis' face completely changed when I asked about Krystal. "What's wrong?" I ask worried. I look to my right and see Zayn in full blown tears. All the boys have been crying I can tell. "What's wrong?!" I demand this time. "She a-a she" "Spit it out!" Brandy yells now clearly frustrated and wanting to know. "She passed." Louis blurts out showing regret on his face. I could tell her didn't want to tell. Especially not Brandy.

Brandy's P.O.V

"She passed" Louis said. The feeling in my body drained. This can't be. Maybe he's lying. Why would he lie about that? "You're a horrible person!" I yell at Louis. "That's not something you joke about!!" I continue to scream at him. Louis is shocked and regret is shown all over his face. "I'm sorry Brandy, I'm not joking this time." He replied while looking down and spilling out tears. I look at Liam. He nods. I look to my right and see Zayn. Zayn doesn't even look at me. This can't be true. It just can't be. I fall to the ground and bury my head in my knees. Harry sits next to me. "Get away from me!" I yell. I don't want to see anybody. I don't want anybody to touch me. I just want to know Krystal is alright. That's all.  "This is all my fault." I mumble. "All my fault"

Liam's P.O.V

I watched as Brandy fell to the ground and buried her head in her knees. "This is all my fault." she mumbled. "All my fault." I felt horrible for both her and Zayn. They were the closest to Krystal. Although it hurt us all it must have hurt Zayn pretty bad. He couldn't stop crying and he had just told all of us his feeling for her. He wanted to make it official. And Brandy. Oh gosh Brandy. She has known Krystal almost her whole life they were like sisters and couldn't live without each other. She must be dieing inside. This was awful. None of us could find Niall, maybe he was to hurt to face us all.

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