If Only it Could Be

Selena Gomez is a 12 year old girl in a small town in New Jersey. She loves to sing and act. She feels like there's no point in loving somebody if there's nobody that will love her back.....until the new kid comes to town and changes her thoughts.


7. what just happened?

that was awkward! i feel really uncomfortable right now. boys dont call me pretty every day. was he just messing with me or did he really think i was pretty? and why did he write a heart after his last message? did he like me? or did he dared to do that? probably not the second one because he has only been here one day and i doubt he already has friends that dare him to do stuff. then that means he likes me. but im not even pretty, and he doesn't know anything about me. well actually he knows everything. my entire life consists of the three thing i told him i liked to do. but maybe he was just playing around, and his favorite shape is a heart and thats why he put it after his last message. yea i think im going to stick with that one so that all of my dreams arent filled with thoughts of him. i think this is all happening way to fast, yea i like him but i didnt expect him to like me back. whatever, im just gonna go to sleep.

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