If Only it Could Be

Selena Gomez is a 12 year old girl in a small town in New Jersey. She loves to sing and act. She feels like there's no point in loving somebody if there's nobody that will love her back.....until the new kid comes to town and changes her thoughts.


4. Walking home

I was walking home with Addie today. "So did you see the new kid?" She said. Knowing Addie, she will make fun of me if I tell her that I liked him. Honestly, she wud write me like 3 love stories, and like 2 songs! "No, who is he?" I replied. "Omg, from what I heard, his name is Jonathan Anwar. He's a rich, spoiled kid from some private school in hillsboroh. He has always lived in bound brook, just didn't go to public school until he got kicked out of private school last week for HIB." Said Addie. I wonder who told her that. "Just great, last thing we need in our school is another trouble maker that makes the school give us EVEN MORE bullying assemblies. I wonder if they know that nobody listens to those. I mean come on, Sam got in trouble for HIB on the third week of school!" I tried to make it sound like I hated him so that she wouldn't jump to any conclusions. "We'll that may be true but he's pretty cute. He's got like black hair in like the old justin bieber style. And looks like he's got swagg too." So now Addie knows about swagg? I'm just going to keep quiet and let her talk until we get to the street where we split up and go the opposite streets to our house.
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