If Only it Could Be

Selena Gomez is a 12 year old girl in a small town in New Jersey. She loves to sing and act. She feels like there's no point in loving somebody if there's nobody that will love her back.....until the new kid comes to town and changes her thoughts.


2. At school

I hate school! My mom says that I have to do my best because she isn't going to be able to pay for college and if I don't want to be a cashier at McDonald's, then I have to get a scholarship. But I'm just going to follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs and not go to college and make history.
First period is Art and in my opinion, its more of a social period. The techer gives us really easy assignments that only should take about 2 days and give us like a week. I use most of the extra time to talk to Sam about my crazy dreams.
Sam can be oblivious sometimes but she is a pretty good listener. She's a confusing girl. She is probably one of the meanest girls in the 7th grade. Most people hate her for that but it just makes me love her even more. If some would ever dare to make fun of Sam's friends, she would practically kill them. Aside from her hate of people, she LOVES animals. She's even a vegetarian. One day, our friend Jordan wore a leather jacket to school that she got for Christmas and Sam practically flipped out over the fact that Jordan was was wearing a dead animal. And she's also a Christian. Not a fake Christian that goes to church only on holidays but a Christian that goes to church 3 times a week and even teaches little kids in their Sunday school class. Not many people know the real her because she covers up her real personality with a mean one.
Today while I was explaining my dream to her and 2 of our other friends, the art teacher, Ms. Sarnowski, interrupted our conversation to say that we were interrupting her lesson. And that some people were actually trying to learn about ancient Egyptian artwork and hieroglyphics. I wonder if she even believes what she said. If she does, than I don't even know how she is smart enough to become a teacher.
Second period, we have language with Ms. Fox. Our school isn't able to find someone to actually teach the class so we use Rosetta Stone to learn a language while she watches us. In 1st grade, they tried to give us Spanish class but our town has a big Spanish population and they changed the teacher from Spanish to a regular classroom teacher. It was pretty funny because sometimes her students had to read the answers to the class because she didn't know what that word meant in English.
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