Girl HEART Boy: Wild and Broken

This is Sarah's time to have a wild night. To let go of herself, to have a crazy and fun time. She wants to do something different to her usual lifestyle of being a hopeless romantic. The only real love she ever had was with Joe and that was back in the summer. She goes to this party to experience the enjoyment her friend Ashley has. A party ending up to develop intense and strong feelings for a guy. A party leading to a Wild and Broken night. This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy: The Deleted Scene competition. Enjoy!


1. A Crazy Night

Have you ever done something completely mental?   Something your parents would never expect from their 'well educated' girl? Well, here I am downing a huge keg of beer through a hose with 2  guys holding me upside down, surrounded by other fellow drunkards each one more blitzed than the other. This isn't usually my scene, but I felt really out of place and I just wanted to get involved, even if it means being a little wild! All the brew slapping my face, I’m hardly managing to drink any of it!

The guys spin me the right way. That beer totally consumed me, it was as if it was trying to engulf me! Standing with a slightly arched back i make the effort to raise my hand up as if to declare some sort of victory, and with that, a huge cheer rose within the circle. It's as if I’m on the podium at the Olympics and i've just won a gold medal for drinking beer. Unfortunately, the cheers die down very quickly as I slowly stagger away. I feel myself returning to that empty void where these people realise that they don't actually know me.

At least I attracted a few of the boy's attention, but all for the wrong reasons; I am not a slut! I like to know the guy first. I don't think here at a garden which smells like a pig sty, and the whole place feeling like the 'Red Light District' is the right place to meet a nice guy.   I look over to one side and see a girl against the wall of the house being felt up by some guy, both girl and guy intoxicated, I doubt that they even know each other’s names, it's all meaningless. This will probably lead to an extra tick on the guy’s scoreboard of one-night stands in the following morning. I am definitely parallel to that one-night stand scene; i think a moment with a guy, has got to be more special than that.

Despite being in a slight daze, (due to Will tempting me into chugging nearly half of that massive keg of beer earlier) I hastily glaze around at my surroundings. I don't spot Joe, whew!!!

Joe is such a sweet guy everything about him is....  amazing, I can't really find anything that's actually wrong with him. It might sound cringy and cheesy but I actually think I’m in love with him, not that I fully understand what love is yet because, well to be honest, I have never really fallen in love with anyone before, all the other guys seem like such jerks. I would be so embarrassed if he saw me like this!
Hold on, where is Joe?

'Hey, Sarah!....' I hear from a distance. That scared the life out of me. I start to feel panicked. What if it’s him! I can't let him see me like this, a wreck from the Red light District! I hide away my face, praying that it's not him.
I feel a firm hand on my arm.

'I am so so sorry I am not usually like this, it's just that....' as I say this I look up from my awkward huddled-up position and to my absolute relief notice a familiar face out of the hazy blur.
‘Rob’s been waiting for ages, I thought you were going to get him a drink!’. 

After all this crazy beer drinking madness, I had nearly forgotten that earlier at this party

I had met up with


'Robert Pattinson’. The hottest person in the flippin world! I absolutely love him!  This was totally real, it wasn't like one of those 'Madame Tussaud's dummies' (a wax figure of him), he was 100% real, in the flesh and blood.

He is unbelievably hot in person! 

I 'accidently' (maybe purposely!) danced into him. We apologised at the same time. It was so romantic; we apologised at the same time! We introduced ourselves (he hardly needed to introduce himself, I would know it was him from a mile away) and we got talking and I felt like the luckiest girl in the universe to be told that he and Kristen Stewart had broke up! He seemed to be 'into' me. He would always ask questions about me and talk about how good i looked. I offered to go get him a drink, he said he would love one, so i elegantly raced to go get him a drink!

I’m now here, not thinking about Rob, but thinking about Joe. Ashley came to remind me of the drink I am now forced to get him. Ash knows all about it, i noticed her secretely eaves-dropping at mine and Rob's conversation earlier. Ash continued ‘seems like you’ve already helped yourself to a drink or two’ she gave me one of those cheeky winks she does when she knows I’ve been an utter rebel
‘Come on go back to him, before I start trying to go for him’ Ash chuckled. Ash is well jealous of me that I somehow got a guy like,


Robert Pattinson!

She could tell I was reluctant to go see Rob. Yet she still dragged me back towards him. I felt dizzy.

‘Sarah! Snap out of it! Sober up! Take my drink, I haven’t drunk any of it yet. Now go and give this to your future boyfriend over there!’ Ash says, teasingly. She then literally heaves the drink at me. I don’t even want to see him. I feel guilty; I want to see Joe. She guides me to Rob through the swarm of people.
‘I found her Rob, sorry about that she was a little lost’ another cheeky grin Ashley passed at me, just the trick to make me feel awkward as she moonwalked back into the main dancing in the party.
‘Hi Sarah. Welcome back’. Those are words familiar to that heavenly voice I once yearned for. Robert Pattinson. I look right into his warm and divine eyes, why do I want Joe when I can have this hunk. However, I quickly break away from this hypnotic spell he cast upon me with his irresistible voice. Joe is the one for me. So,  I simply smile at him and pass him the drink.

‘Seems like you had a pretty fun time over there, you had a whole crowd cheering you on!’ I am officially an animal, I can’t believe he noticed! I can feel my cheeks turning as beet red as the red-carpet itself and a goofy smile appearing on my face. I bite my lip and tilt my head towards my left-shoulder and look to the ground, giggling a little. I lift my gaze up from the ground and my wondering eyes meets another’s  a fair distance away.  And – whoa!  He’s gazing right back at me. It’s in the form of the most beautiful person I have ever seen, more enchanting than Robert Pattinson himself!

He spots Rob opposite me. One look into his dreamy eyes and I could tell he was heart-broken and emotionally wounded by it. In turn I could feel my heart slowly splitting in two as if struck by lightning. We remain frozen a moment, frost-bitten ice between us.

He clenches his face as if in pain. 

Distraught and too upset to even look at me he slides his stare down to the ground. He then hastily turns around and violently walks away releasing a rose to mark where he had been. The rose glides down and lands delicately, silently and softly like snow falling on grass. Oblivious to everything and everyone (including the confused Rob), I set up a mental wall around me. I trance over and i tenderly pick up Joe’s fallen rose.


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