Love Or Leave Me Alone

Niah a girl from New York keeps seeing One Directions Harry Styles everywhere she goes and she wants him to leave her alone but what she doesnt know is that Harry is in love with her and he starts stalking her and pushes her away from loving him too the finally Niah starts seeing the good in him.


3. Stalker Maybe?

Niah's POV:
I feel like Harry is stalking me now. Everywhere I go there goes Harry staring at me again. Maybe I should invite him over to see what's wrong. If Harry is so close to me why haven't I ever seen him before.

Harry's POV:
Niah is such a beautiful girl, all I want to do is see her over and over again. I think I am in love with her but I never made a move on her though but I am to afraid too. I do not want to be rejected. I think she thinks I am a creep because I keep stalking her. I ask her friends where she is gonna be everyday and I go there. Yesterday she had invited me to her house. I am scared that she will ask me about how I am everywhere she is. I am gonna go. Everytime I look at her big, blue, beautiful eyes she makes me melt.

At Niah's House!!:

Niah's POV:
I live on the top floor of a luxury building in Brooklyn, Penthouse.Today Harry is coming over I want to ask him about why I see him everywhere. I want him to ask me out already, no I need him to ask me out. I don't want to date a stalker though. Harry is so handsome.

Harry's POV:
I am walking in Niah's apartment building it is beautiful here. I knock on the door nervous as ever. She answers in a lovely dress that makes me fall more in love with her. It is short, black, strapless, and tight around her waist. She is PERFECT!!! We start off small talking the Niah mentions how we've seen each other alot since we met. My heart starts racing, I do not know what to say, I'm speechless. The whole night she necer mention anything about me stalking her surprisingly!

Niah's POV:
I couldn't do it. Harry was just to sweet for me. I couldn't ask him such a weird question "Are you stalking me?" how could I? After two days I didn't see Harry constantly for two days I thought it ended, but then it starts again and he starts calling me. Now I really think he is a creep! I answer one of his calls and he says weirdly "Hi" and hangs up. What is that??? Now I am not afraid to ask him this time. I invite him over again.

Harry POV:
Niah invited me over again probably to ask about the constant calls and such. Ofcourse I can't say no so I leave my house and walk to hers.

Niah's POV:
When Harry walks in I motion him to the couch. I start to small talk.
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